Top 39 Best Business Ideas in Pakistan With Low Investment in 2024

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Imagine waking up at your desired time, have a scrumptious breakfast, have the flexibility and no boss to ask why you are late? Yes, that is possible only if you have been questioning business ideas. We have a list of the best business ideas in Pakistan pulled together that beginners could use as a jumping point. If you have been questioning yourself how to start a business in Pakistan, all you have to do is to be thorough and systematic.

People in Pakistan are willing to achieve optimum use of resources they can get their hands on and since COVID-19 sent the economy of the country into a tailspin, a large chunk opted to become entrepreneurs and are ready to invest in this sector thinking this can open many possibilities in the future. You can also read about real estate companies in Islamabad.

List of Best Business Ideas in Pakistan in 2024:

Following is a list of some profitable business ideas with amazing investment opportunities in Pakistan, which may prove to be the most profitable businesses in the long run.

Businesses Capital Experience Skills
1. Restaurants and Cafes Rs. 10 to 20 Lacs Not Needed Management
2. E-commerce Website Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 Moderate Marketing skills, technical skills
3. Agriculture and Farming Rs. 20,000 to 30,000 Needed Farming Knowledge
4. Real estate investment Rs. 4 to 5 Lacs Not Needed Properties knowledge
5. Digital Marketing Services Rs. 50,000 to 60,000 Needed Technical skills, Marketing skills
6. Photography Rs. 1 to 2 lac Needed Creativity, Technical skills
7. Event Management Business Rs. 3 to 5 lac Not Needed Organization, Management skills
8. Software Development Company Rs. 1 to 5 lac Needed Technical and Organization Management skills
9. Graphic Designing Rs. 50,000 to 70,000 Needed Technical skills
10. Blogging Rs. 50,000 to 85,000 Needed Technical skills, Writing skills
11. Travel Agency Rs. 5 lac to 10 lac No needed Management skills, Technical skills, Marketing Skills
12. Import/Export Business Rs. 5 lac to 10 lac Needed Documentation, Foreign trade, Technical skills, Marketing Skills
13. Gym & Fitness Centers Rs. 10 lac to 20 lac Needed Management Skills, Technical skills, Marketing Skills, Health knowledge
14. Stationery Rs. 5 lac to 10 lac Not Needed Management Skills, Technical skills, Marketing Skills
15. Hardware Stores Rs. 10 lac to 15 lac Not Needed Management Skills, Technical skills, Marketing Skills
16. Beauty Salon Rs. 50,000 to 1 lac Needed Management, Makeup skills
17. Boutique Rs. 2 lacs to 5 lacs Not Needed Creativity, design
18. Mobile Accessories Shop Rs. 5 lacs to 10 lacs Not Needed Business Skills
19. General Store Rs. 10 lac to 15 lac Not Needed Management, Business Skills
20. Car Rental Business Rs. 50 lac to 70 lac Not Needed Business Skills
21. Printing Business: Rs. 5 lac Not Needed Computer Skills
22. YouTube Content Creator Rs.1 lac Not Needed Computer Skills
23. Homemade Food Business Rs.10,000 Needed Cooking Skills
24. Online Virtual Assistant Not Required Needed Computer skills, online working skills
25. Solar Energy Production Company Rs.10 to 20 lac Not Needed —-
26. Online Air Mask Store Rs.10k to 20k Not Needed Online Selling
27. Bee Farming Rs. 20k Maximum Not Needed Farming
28. Fish Farming Rs. 80k Maximum Needed Fishing
29. Online Tutoring Rs. 50k Maximum Needed Teaching
30. Day Care Rs. 50k to 2 lac Moderate Management Skills
31. Coffee Shop 10-20 Lac Moderate Management, Cooking skills (preferably)
32. Gift Baskets 50 Thousand Max Moderate Creativity, social media skills
33. Soap Making 10 Thousand Minimum Moderate Creativity, arts, social media
34. Poultry Farming 50 Thousand to 2 Lacs Basic Needed Knowledge about Poultry Farming
35. Cake Business Needed Baking Skills
36. Car Wash PKR 100,000 Not Needed Management
37. Medical Store 2-5 Million PKR Needed Medicine
38. Auto Spare Parts 5-15 Lacs PKR Not Needed Management
39. Dropshipping 10k-50k PKR Needed Computer Skills

1. Restaurants and Cafes:

Restaurants and cafes - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Opening a restaurant could be appealing and interestingly it is seen as a top business idea in Pakistan, the reason why more people have nurtured a lifelong ambition of opening a restaurant. What you have to do is identify your target market, choose a service style and food concept, establish a business plan, create a catchy menu, decide location and layout, prepare funds, devise a strategy for rules and safety regulations, hire employees, advertise and enjoy food. This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan. You can visit the famous Restaurants in Islamabad.

Estimated Investment: 10 to 20 lacs

2. E-Commerce Website:

E-commerce website - Business Ideas In Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

5G is almost here in Pakistan and since the emergence of wireless mobile telecommunications technology, a major surge was seen in the e-commerce industry. This year learn how to start an e-commerce business from the scratch. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) claims that after COVID19, the shift to electronic payments would stimulate consumption and trade that will help the country’s economy by as much as 7%, reported The Express Tribune. First, decide your business niche, set up products, shipping, regions, and payments. Then, choose your website creation approach, publish your site, and go live. Ensure you have an office, mobile number, business email, and staff to manage the website and handle calls.

You can visit the best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan.

Estimated Investment: Rs10,000 to 15,000

3. Agriculture and Farming:

Agriculture and Farming - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

According to Pakistan Economy Survey, the Agriculture sector has a vital role in the country’s economy by contributing 19.3 % to the Gross Domestic Product. There is a high demand for fresh food and originally grown farm products so this is seen as a top and profitable business in Pakistan. Over the past few years, we have seen a radical shift in organic agriculture. A report says that almost 33% of the farmers have already adapted to organic agriculture across the country. To start the journey of farming, you need to have practice farming tricks and a little bit of experience. In order to pursue that, you need land, a business plan that will generate great revenue, determine goals and objectives, seek the right form of financing, create a production and marketing plan, hire 3 to 5 employees and you’re good. This is one of the profitable business ideas in Pakistan. Checkout some of the best Historical Places in Pakistan to visit.

Estimated Investment: Minimum 20,000 to 30,000

4. Real Estate Investment:

Real Estate Investment - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Real estate is a business entity that deals with the buying, selling, management, operation, or investment of land and buildings. Real Estate is enormous and has been widely seen as the most profitable business in Pakistan. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you have a lot to consider comprehensively before starting off.

Think through your goal, Pick up a name & set the seal, do extensive market research, list down names of the relevant property dealers, craft your business strategy, compare rates of real estate holders with those offering real estate services at cheaper rates. Create an eye-catchy portfolio and additional information about the history of your business and experience, launch campaigns and you are set to go. The real estate business idea is the most profitable business idea in Pakistan due to its higher returns. You can also learn about best real estate companies in pakistan.

There are many reasons real estate investment is considered the best profit-generating idea. It is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan with low investment. Moreover, you can generate guaranteed RoI in the long and short term. Most importantly, you can invest in different properties where you find yourself comfortable. Typically, there are two types of properties in which investors can invest.

  • Commercial properties
  • Residential & Mixed-used Properties

You can also invest in agricultural or industrial land; with time, the land prices increase, and according to an estimate, 12 to 13 % RoI on commercial and residential real estate. However, make sure you invest according to a strategy after some market research. A good strategy can generate more revenue than you have ever expected.

With complete ownership of land, shop, or house, investment in real estate is considered the safest investment solution for all. Many students doing part-time jobs or earning with tier skills along with study also prefer investment in real estate. Therefore, it is also among the popular, unique business ideas in Pakistan for students.

Let’s have a look at popular investment options in real estate:

Commercial Properties:

If you have sound capital, investing in commercial properties can be your top choice as a business idea in Pakistan. Invest in office space shops or rent the place for retail businesses for passive and active income. In Pakistan, investment in commercial properties can generate over 5% RoI. However, investing with strategy and in projects with ideal locations is important. For instance, in Peshawar, you can invest in the following;

  • 091 Mall Peshawar with a one-year installment plan and a 25 % down payment.
real estate investment - 091 mall peshawar - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk
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  • Florenza Mall and Residencia Peshawar with a 25% down payment and buy-back guarantee.
real estate investment - florenza mall and residencia peshawar - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk
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Both projects are ideally located and offer promising RoI in the future.

Likewise, invest in

  • Mall of Hangu in district Hangu, KPK: It is the first-ever mall in the district and aims to revolutionize the retail and commercial experience of the people.
real estate investment - Mall of Hangu - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk
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Residential & Mixed-use Properties:

Another popular investment type in real estate is investment in residential and mixed-use properties. An investment with a strategy in a residential project or scheme can generate 8 to 10 % revenue for the investors. In KPK, you can invest in residential and commercial high-rises in Peshawar;

  • AH Tower Peshawar – where you can invest 20% and book your commercial or luxurious apartment.
real estate investment - AH Tower peshawar - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk
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Likewise, if you are looking for business ideas in Pakistan with low investment, choose

  • AH City D.I. Khan with only a 10 % down payment.
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AH City is the first-ever gated community in the region with futuristic facilities and amenities.

Estimated Investment: minimum 15 lacs

5. Digital Marketing Services:

Digital Marketing services - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

In Pakistan, digital marketing, particularly real estate marketing ideas, has transitioned a lot in the last few years taking us into the age of online content, social media, and Google and this shift has enormously affected how people purchase, buy and sell.

All you have to do is define your brand (promote yourself), create detailed buyer personas (recreate your work from the customer’s perspective), choose your digital marketing strategy, set your budget, brainstorm strategy, embark on a campaign, track your results, hire 1 or 2 employees, get a laptop and internet connection, and all settled. It is a top business idea in Pakistan for students.

Estimated Investment: Rs. 50,000 to 60,000

6. Photography:

Photography - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Before you ready to put in work and jump in, research and plan your strategy as it will save you time. It is possible to earn a good living from your passion. Write down your startup cost and decide what types of photography services you can offer, establish your branding reputation, develop a business plan, structure, and a name, gather needed equipment, create a marketing strategy, and you are psyched up.  All you need is a DSLR camera, its equipment, and a professional photographer. Photography is a common business idea in Pakistan. There are a lot of beautiful places like the deserts of Pakistan, historical places, hill stations in Pakistan, and mountain ranges in Pakistan where you can travel easily and take photos.

Estimated Investment: Rs1 to 2 lacs.

7. Event Management Business:

Event Management Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Have you ever worked as a volunteer in an event or helped organize a few events and thought this could be your ardor? Most youngsters in Pakistan are hitting the trail and investing in the event management business and taking it as a top business idea in the country. To maximize productivity they opt to gain a larger audience. Build a plan, do market research, develop gain event planning skills, set a budget, develop a business plan, develop your networks of supplies and staffing resources, define your services, devise a marketing strategy, and ta-da!. This is the most successful small business idea in Pakistan. You can also read our blog Shopping Malls in Islamabad.

Estimated Cost: Rs3 to 5 lacs

8 . Software Development Company:

Software Development Company - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

To get a deeper understanding of software development companies let’s start our talk about what a software development company does? A software company develops software, Frameworks, Develop & Maintain Mobile Applications, Specifying, Designing.

Maintaining Websites & many more components related to software for businesses & consumers. In this pandemic situation of Covid-19 software development is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan because this is the running business nowadays that can be managed remotely by home. Many software companies have switched their firms to work from home. In this era, our businesses are linked with the internet. This is the plus point of this business that a company may not get a loss. You can also read our blog on beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Investment in Developing a software company minimum: 1 lac to 5 lacs.

9 . Graphic Designing:

Graphic Designing - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

When we talk about the top business ideas in Pakistan we found graphic designing one of the top leading businesses. What do graphic designers do? In an understandable phrase, it is a process of craft where graphic designers create visuals, images & content to convey their message to people. Designers use different typography, the picture’s to create an attractive view of their product. To start a graphic designing business you just need to have high-quality internet systems & knowledge of designing on different software (Corel, Adobe, etc.). Graphic Designing includes pamphlets, brochures, logos, Publications, Magazines, Catalogs, Newsletter’s vice versa. Companies always need letterhead, brochures, Business Cards & these are the things that can be made by graphic designing it is easy to learn. Learning graphic design through online websites or YouTube is a popular choice. Graphic design ranks high among emerging business ideas, with its significant impact on various businesses. There is no such big investment, you just need an internet connection & a system, & here you are ready to start. You can also checkout best Shopping Malls in Peshawar.

10 . Blogging:

Blogging - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Blogging has been trending a bit lately. hence it is proved blogging is an effective & profitable & low investment business in Pakistan. Blogging refers to content, writing, photography, and other self-made media that is published online. Blogging is a way to share your opinion online with others to get to know their thoughts. You can start blogging for personal use or a business. In a business, you depend on the customers to buy your product or services. Via Blogging, you can rank your website on google & make it visible to the concerned audience & sell your product or services. You can earn easily via sponsored google ads & affiliated marketing. Blogging will pay you very well in return. Blogging also helps to generate organic traffic on your website & to get quality leads on the website. More user-friendly content, more audience, and more leads. That means blogging is an effective tool for lead generation. Blogging is also a way to show your niche & create a new brand. When you share your business niche information with others that build up trust & belief in your audience. Frequent & better blogging make your business more reliable, detailed & credible for the user which is important for your business or brand to seem long-lasting. Bloggers recommend blogging in the best business ideas in Pakistan. You can also learn about Provinces of Pakistan.

11. Travel Agency:

Travel Agency means a company or an agency that offers tourism or travel services. Services that a travel agency provides include organizing a business trip, ticket bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, tour packages, guide books, and tourist guides. This is one of the New Business ideas in Pakistan but the development of this sector is growing fast. A travel agent is a person that knows the destination, climate, routes for traveling, and accommodation. He represents the travel agency and gets a good commission in return. Travel Agency business is the most profitable business in Pakistan nowadays. Travel Agency plays a massive role in the private tourism sector to promote tourism in the country. A Travel agency gathered all luxury services, accesses, guides, and other services and represented them to the tourist. This is the reason why Travel Agencies are considered to be the “image builder” of a country. Travel Agency is responsible for all the arrangements like tickets, rail, travel documents (passport, ID Card, Visa), and different travel-related services. Also checkout the best Tourism Companies in Pakistan.

Travel Agency - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

You don’t need to get a degree related to the traveling field, any degree is acceptable. Although having a study related to travel, tourism, languages, and business study can be a plus point in this sector. If you are planning to start a travel agency then this article might be helpful for you. First, you just need to have a niche to start. Niche will help you to decide your agency name and establish your brand. We are going to mention a 7 step-by-step guide to start your business.

  1. Find Agency Niche
  2. Named your agency
  3. Choose a business structure for your agency
  4. Create business plan
  5. Get Registered by State
  6. Get FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) Optional
  7. Set your Agency Financials

If the development of the travel sector will become faster in upcoming years, there are chances to become a Best business in Pakistan. Also if you want to explore Pakistan you can read our blog on beautiful hill stations in Pakistan.

Estimated Investment required: 5 lac to 10 lac

12. Import/Export Business:

To get a deeper understanding of import-export let’s have a brief discussion. Firstly you need to know what import-export means?

“Import is a method where you need to buy products from other countries and export is a method where you need to sell your product to other countries”.

Import Export Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Nowadays import-export business is growing fast and is known as one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. To gain profit in the import/export business you have to note down. We can only import or export with those countries that have diplomatic relationships with Pakistan. There are a lot of people who need to have New Business ideas. We are here to help you out.

When it comes to discussing the most lucrative businesses in Pakistan, the import/export sector emerges as the top choice. This realm of import/export entails a sophisticated system that addresses the nation’s economic requirements. If you are contemplating launching an import/export venture in Pakistan, you’ve landed in the right spot.Below we are going to mention the 4 major things you need to have before starting import/export the Best business in Pakistan.

  • NTN (National Tax Number)
  • Sales Tax Registration (in import business)
  • Chamber of Commerce membership
  • Current Bank Account  

In Pakistan, the import/export industry is becoming one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. The majority of people are adopting this business to earn money. Also checkout best Travel Agencies in Peshawar.

Estimated Investment required: 8 lac to 10 lac

13. Gym & Fitness Centers:

Gym and Fitness Centers - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Pakistan is a country where people are crazy about their fitness. They join gyms and fitness centers to lose their gained weight and look slim and smart. This is the reason the market for gym and fitness centers is developing fast. It’s proven by science to exercise and stay healthy. Still, our people prefer to join the gym as compared to exercising daily. That is a big reason for the gym and fitness market to become the Best business in Pakistan. The main purpose of gyms is to provide a secure and healthy life to people. Gyms will provide all indoor facilities and exercise halls to males and females via a professional and qualified gym instructor. The increasing population of Pakistan in major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta offers very luxurious and lucrative opportunities to open up a well-planned gym or a fitness health club. To open a gym or fitness center you have to keep an eye on the below mentioned factors.

  • Select an appropriate location 
  • Select quality types of machinery    
  • Hired a technical person or proprietor should have the knowledge for services being offered
  • Hired a qualified instructor or a physician   
  • Maintain hygienic and cleaned environment  
  • Provide quality of products

Nowadays the market of fitness and health is becoming popular. In coming years if the development remains the same. This sector of fitness will become one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. You can also read our blog on famous Places to visit in Peshawar.

Estimated Investment required: 10 lac to 20 lac

14. Stationery:

Stationery - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

If the question is How to start a business in Pakistan? And become a successful business owner?

Stationery items are highly in demand in schools and colleges for study purposes. This is the most profitable business in Pakistan if the shop is at a perfect location. Many kid’s items are also offered in stationery which gives a high profit in return. But before you use this one of the best business ideas in Pakistan you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Plan your business     
  • Select perfect location 
  • Find out targeted market     
  • Find out startup cost and ongoing cost    
  • Decide the name

Stationery is becoming a well-known business in Pakistan due to the high demand for school items. Also checkout best Picnic Spots in Islamabad.

Estimated Investment required: 5 lac to 10 lac

15. Hardware Stores:

Hardware Stores - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

In the retail industry, there is a big demand for hardware parts. Therefore in Pakistan opening, a hardware store is also listed as one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. Before starting, you need to follow a few steps. We are going to mention below the necessary steps to take.

  • Find out the lucrative place      
  • Make a business plan   
  • Find out the market price of products    
  • Hired a staff

This is all you need to keep in your mind before you start. You can also read our blog on Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan.
Estimated Investment required: 10 lac to 15 lac

16. Beauty Salon:

Beauty Salon - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Pakistan is a country where from the last few years, the fashion industry has gained popularity. Several beauty salons have initiated to offer beauty and cosmetic services to ladies and gents. These services enhance physical appearance and mental relaxation. The majority of Pakistani women consider makeup as an essential part of life to look more beautiful. The best part about this one of the best business ideas is, it can be performed at home. A person doesn’t need to have a specific place. This one of the top-rated business ideas in Pakistan requires a few things for startups. The first is selecting the right location, the second is skilled workers, and the third is proper sales promotional activity. Using quality products is always good that will allow your clients to give positive feedback. You can also read our blog on best Housing Societies in Islamabad.

17. Boutique:

Boutique - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

If you are a person that enjoys designing trendy and unique designs of clothes, then you must be a good designer by using your skills. Your sense of style and love towards fashion can give you a good amount in return that will benefit you to earn and transform your passion into a brand. There is no doubt the fashion industry is the most prosperous and profitable business globally because the cost of materials is not very expensive. The best part is you can even hire a tailor for stitching and designing, and the sale and marketing of clothes will be yours. For the last few years, the fashion industry has gained popularity. This is due to the modest capital investment and the level of experience it demands. Consequently, establishing a boutique is evolving into a novel entrepreneurial concept. Being a fashion designer is not a prerequisite for this endeavor. Hence, there is an option to import clothes from other countries at a low price and sell them at double or triple price. It will give you a good margin. You can also read about famous deserts of Pakistan.

18. Mobile Accessories Shop:

Mobile Accessories Shop - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

In this era, can you find a person who doesn’t use mobile phones? It will be hard to find. Every second person has a mobile phone. It has taken over the times of landlines and become a necessary part of life. Every mobile gets charged, needs a cover and headphones. For that purpose, people visit mobile accessories shops to buy these mandatory items. If we estimate roughly, simple headphones may cost you Rs. 300 to 450. It will show you how this can be one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. You can even hire people as salesmen to sell your products. The reason for becoming the best business in Pakistan is, you don’t need to have specific skills to start mobile accessories shops. Buying these accessories like covers, headphones, chargers, protectors, and cables at wholesale price and selling them at double or triple rate will give you a good margin. You can also read about museums in Pakistan.

19. General Store:

General Store - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

In our daily routine, we went to a corner shop on the street to buy the required things. That corner shop is called the general store. All everyday life things are available here. But it’s not an effortless business, it requires your full attention and time. All essential items must be in the store, for example, soap, shampoo, rice, oil, sugar, flour, and milk. If you had a good interaction with the people nearby your general store, it could be a plus point for your business to be more successful. It is becoming one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. The reason behind this is a good return on investment. For example, you have purchased a carton of milk from a wholesale shop for 500. You can sell it in your general store at a double rate. If you are a person that can invest money and give his time to this business, then the reward will be in your hands. It doesn’t need any experience, but yeah! It needs your attention. Once people start loving the items, your business will be on the stairs of success. Also read our blog on best online earning websites in Pakistan.

20. Car Rental Business:

Car rental business - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

One of the top business ideas in Pakistan is the car rental business. It is a profitable business but high-priced to set up. In Pakistan, the majority of people buy second-hand cars because the new ones are much more costly to afford, and some people rent a car when they need it. They can’t even afford a second-hand car. So, they give half of the amount to the person who owns the vehicle. But here the thing is, to afford a car for rent, you must need to buy a car. To make this a bit easier on the pocket, you can purchase second-hand vehicles and maintain them. For the maintenance, you require to hire proficient mechanics and car washers to manage your car fleet. A clean and smooth car is always the first choice to rent. Most of the people rent a car for their weddings or if they are going on a trip. So, it’s the best business in Pakistan but with a high amount to set up. At the start, you may feel it’s not very beneficial but trust us, it is a business that will never give you loss. Check out best swimming pools in Islamabad.

21. Printing Business:

Printing Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

A very popular  and best business idea in Pakistan, for people with low investments is the printing company. For giveaways, gifts, university projects or merchandise, for offices or projects, printing t-shirts, mugs, pens and such customizable material is very popular. The popularity of such customizable material is unimaginable. Nowadays people want something that is more unique, personal and has an emotional appeal to it. This is a relatively new business idea. 

In comparison to other types of manufacturing, opening a T-shirt printing shop is a simple process. It is also inexpensive. To do so from home, you must first clear out a space in your home that will serve as your workspace. Then you’ll need your printing supplies and equipment, and you’re ready to go. You can also learn about online vehicle verification and registration in Pakistan.

22. YouTube Content Creator:

Youtube Content Creator - Business Ideas In Pakistan - Ahgroup-pk

Do you want to earn in dollars? The increasing dollar rate in Pakistan will not affect you anymore ,if you are a YouTube content creator. YouTube Content creator is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. This business has grown so much that it is considered the best business ideas in Pakistan. With vloggers like Irfan Junejo, Morroo, Arsalan Naseer and Anushae Khan, the Pakistani YouTube industry is growing day by day. 

Many people can now earn a living from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to YouTube. As a YouTuber, you create videos and then monetize them. All you need is a one-of-a-kind idea or skill to share with the world, a proper setup, and video production and editing skills.

Being a YouTuber allows you to have fun while earning money. However, in order to achieve the status of household name, you must be dedicated and hardworking. 

Do you want to show your confidence and build an online community of fans? You can have a huge amount of people admiring your work. Makeup tutorials, Crocheting, cooking, lifestyle, and travel-related YouTube channels are very popular. Also check out best cafes in Islamabad.

23. Homemade Food Business:

Homemade Food Business - Business Ideas In Pakistan-Ahgroup-pk

Are you tired of cooking at home? Homemade clean and fresh food without any preservatives is always preferred in Pakistan. The multiple variety of dishes available by food bloggers and homemade food businesses has everyone ordering home made food. The food is not only made from basic ingredients but is also easily accessible and relatively cheaper for office going, university going people and even those who just do not want to cook at home. It is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. It is also the best business idea in Pakistan for women. You can also learn about best Restaurants in Peshawar.

24. Online Virtual Assistant

online virtual assistant - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Starting an online virtual assistant is considered the best business in Pakistan. The business involves remote support to companies and entrepreneurs for tasks ranging from social media management to data entry. The flexible nature of the profession suits the challenges of the Pakistani context, where transportation obstacles are prevalent. With minimal startup costs—primarily a computer, reliable internet, and basic software tools—this avenue is accessible to those seeking entrepreneurial opportunities.

A key advantage lies in specialization, allowing virtual assistants to stand out by focusing on specific skills like graphic design or content creation. For example, if you are interested in Healthcare, you can be an online VA and help your clients find the best healthcare services and hospitals in Islamabad. The internet’s global reach enables them to tap into local and international markets. As businesses increasingly seek such services, there is a growing demand for virtual assistants. This trend, combined with the potential for self-employment in a job-scarce environment, renders virtual assistantship a promising and lucrative avenue for enterprising individuals in Pakistan.

25. Solar Energy Production Company

Solar Energy Production Company - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

A solar energy production company is one of the most promising businesses in Pakistan that requires an investment of 20 lakhs or more. Recent analysis shows that the solar industry in Pakistan is poised for growth. As a first step, you may consider installing a few panels to generate solar energy for your local community or neighborhood.

If you want to keep your expenses low, consider purchasing a few solar panels and finding cheaper options for the rest.As you accumulate sufficient energy and generate some revenue, you can then reinvest in additional land and panels to grow your solar production enterprise. Solar companies focus on individuals and businesses keen on integrating solar panels into their residences and establishments. Given the elevated electricity costs and the prevalence of power shortages in Pakistan, numerous businesses and educational institutions are turning to solar energy.. Several renowned colleges in Islamabad have shifted to renewable energy resources. The increased demand depicts the bright future of this business in Pakistan.

26. Online Air Mask Store

Online Air Mask Store - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

In countries like Pakistan, where air pollution is a concern, starting an online store that sells air masks could be a smart online business in Pakistan. These masks can help people breathe better by protecting them from dust and pollution, which can be especially important for those living near construction sites. The real estate sector in Pakistan is booming, and several construction companies are providing services in major cities of Pakistan. Read our blog on the construction companies in Peshawar.

The online store would offer different types of masks, some with cool designs or made for specific groups. To spread the word about the masks, the business could work with local influencers or use the internet to reach people. This kind of business not only helps people stay healthier but also meets the community’s needs, making it a promising opportunity.

27. Bee Farming

bee farming - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Bee farming, also known as apiculture, is a captivating and ecologically significant practice that involves nurturing and cultivating honey bee colonies for their invaluable contributions to nature and commerce. Bee farming is a lucrative opportunity for those seeking small business ideas in Pakistan. This age-old practice aids in pollinating plants, promoting agricultural diversity, and offers valuable products like honey, royal jelly, and beeswax. Bee farming’s allure lies in its accessibility; with a modest investment and minimal space requirements, individuals can embark on this journey in their own backyards. Beyond its economic benefits, bee farming underscores the importance of environmental stewardship, providing a harmonious synergy between human endeavor and the natural world.

28. Fish Farming

fish farming - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Fish farming is one of the great small business ideas in Pakistan that can be started with a relatively low budget and grown gradually over time. The key to success is finding a suitable location for a pond or using large containers and tubes if a pond is unavailable. Having the necessary equipment for handling and breeding fish is also important. Basic knowledge about fish farming can be gained through books and free online courses, making it accessible for those interested in pursuing this venture. Fish farming can be a profitable and rewarding business opportunity in Pakistan.

Starting a fish farming business can be done with a budget of 100,000 to 150,000 rupees, and it can be grown gradually over time. To start, you will need a suitable location for a pond. You can use large containers and tubes if you can’t access one. It’s essential to have the necessary equipment for handling and breeding fish in addition to the pond or containers. You can gain basic knowledge about fish farming through books and free online courses, which can be helpful for those interested in this small business idea in Pakistan.

29. Online Tutoring

online tutoring - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Online tutoring has gained popularity among students seeking academic improvement. Students can conveniently attend classes and receive personalized tutoring from home through video calling apps and stable internet. This approach offers flexible scheduling, individualized attention, and a more comprehensive selection of tutors. Additionally, online tutoring often costs less than in-person classes, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious students. Several students studying in universities in Islamabad are currently providing services to make some extra pocket money.

The trend has shifted due to IT advancements and the post-pandemic era, where teachers have transitioned to virtual platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This shift has simplified both teachers’ and students’ lives, enabling classes from the comfort of their surroundings. Learning various subjects, from languages to finance, is now accessible from home without hefty investments. Establishing an online tutoring business in Pakistan is feasible without high costs; a laptop/PC and internet setup costing around 50k to 60k can suffice to start teaching.

30. Day Care

day care - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Are you looking for small business ideas in Pakistan to run from home? Do you love children and spend time with toddlers? If yes, then the daycare services business can be an ideal small business ideas in Pakistan from home for you.

With changing times, society in Pakistan is also reshaping. Many women work in corporate sectors or educational and healthcare institutes after marriage and having a baby. The trend has increased the need for nannies and babysitters in houses. However, hiring a nanny in a single-unit family house is sometimes challenging. Eventually, daycare centers have emerged as an ideal solution.

Daycare centers are considered one of the popular ideas to generate revenue. They are listed among 100 small business ideas in Pakistan. So it’s a great chance to grab the opportunity. The best thing about the daycare center business in Pakistan is that it needs very little capital to start your earning journey.

Daycare business requires less investment but more dedication, devotion, and interest. Therefore, it is considered the most successful small business idea in Pakistan that can grow to a huge level.

To start your business venture Day Care, it is important to start with market research and look out for things like how many children you can handle as a startup, how small or big children you can take, duration of keeping them, fee, staff, location, and necessities.

Once you have a framework in your mind, the next step is to come up with a business plan. Plan your budget, finalize the location, hire staff, and equip with necessary items. As daycare can be started from home, you can dedicate a specific room with safety equipment and prepare it accordingly.

Promoting business is one of the crucial parts of starting a business. The promotion can be done through word of mouth, traditional pamphlet distributions, and trendy digital marketing strategies. According to your business plan, daycare can be one of the best under 1 lakh rupees investment business in Pakistan.

31. Coffee Shop

coffee shop - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The name or aroma of coffee is enough to invoke a desire to drink it for all of us! According to a report published in Business Recorder, coffee is the most-in-demand item worldwide after crude oil. The number of coffee lovers is increasing every day, and the business has seen massive growth in Pakistan, making it one of the top businesses in Pakistan.

 In just one decade, coffee consumption in the country has tripled, and now it is no longer just a drink of the elite. It might not be a unique business idea in Pakistan. Still, it has proved to be one of the best businesses in Pakistan, with an investment of 10 to 20 Lacs.

Before starting your coffee shop, it is important to develop a strong business plan as it is a competitive yet top profitable business in Pakistan. The business plan must include your budget, workforce requirement, space, equipment, furniture requirement, staff, and other misc., expenses like interiors and a qualified chef/ coffee maker.

Therefore, it is important you should conduct precise market research. Your research considers things like the demand and taste requirements of the customers in the locality, the ideal location, how you can attract customers to your coffee shop in tough competition, and what marketing strategy can make your business a successful revenue-generating idea.

As it is a top business idea in Pakistan, you can follow strong marketing strategies. For instance, focus on takeaway customers, offer loyalty cards or discounts on deals, and attract them with quality and attractive packaging.

Likewise, make your service good and fast, maintain quality, promote your shop as a brand, and ensure a strong social media presence. Moreover, ask your customers to give you reviews and register with FoodPanda. These strategies can help to boost your business, and if everything goes right, your business can reach the skies of popularity and fame.

Remember that the food industry in Pakistan is constantly evolving, and you have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and preferences of the customers. Stylish interiors can attract people for one time. Still, taste, quality, and service make them visit again and again.

32. Gift Baskets

gift baskets - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Are you into DIY? Do you love to make decorating stuff at home? If yes, then creating and selling gift baskets is one of the best business in Pakistan for you. Exchanging gifts is one of the oldest traditions worldwide. We exchange gifts on special occasions with friends, family colleagues, and business partners.

Gift packaging says a lot about goodwill and warm wishes from the giver; therefore, gift wrappers and packaging are as important as the gift item itself. Gift baskets and packaging boxes are the trendiest small business ideas in Pakistan, ensuring remarkable profit.  

A gift basket is a treat in itself, and if you are creative enough to create beautiful gift baskets, the job can earn you a lot online and offline. You can design and create gift baskets for snacks, fruit, chocolates, sweets, tea, coffee, personal care and much more.

You can start this attractive online business in Pakistan with small capital and a smart online marketing strategy. Create your social media platforms, build strong visibility on Instagram, and offer customers services like subscriptions for exclusive discounts when the company starts running well. At the same time, they send out toke of love to their friends and family.

33. Soap Making

soap making - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Soap-making business in Pakistan has gained quite a popularity in the past decade. People are now more interested in herbal, natural, and handmade soaps than industries that make chemical soaps available on the market. Homemade soaps are available in need from 400 to 100, and sometimes the prices are much higher due to their quality results, unique aroma and decorative shapes.

To start one of the ideal businesses in Pakistan, you are required to have minimum equipment and money and creative skills to play with natural ingredients, flavor and scents. To start your soap-making business, the basic things that are required are essential oils, distilled water, lye (sodium hydroxide), different jars, various scents, soap molds, dried herbs, and glycerin.

You can start the business with little capital, pack them in attractive packaging and gift them to friends and family for promotion. Make your social media presence strong and promote the business. Things turn out to be in favor quickly if you have skills and a good social media strategy.

34. Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Poultry farming is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan as compared to other businesses. Because its growth rate is 10 to 12% in Pakistan. You can also promote local people by poultry farming as it can generate employment opportunities for more than 1.5 million people.

Furthermore, poultry farming also affects other businesses as people with land and buildings where farms can be established, small restaurants and cafes in villages, egg production, poultry feed production businesses, and hotels in Islamabad which are also the best small business ideas in the country.

Not only in Pakistan, but the poultry industry also exports broiler meat to other countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. So, it can also play a vital role in getting foreign currency to the country in the form of Riyal, Dong, and Dollar, and after the legalization of digital currency, our region will be able to receive payment in cryptocurrency in Pakistan.

35. Cake Business

Cake Business - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

In Pakistan, every small business grows easily but the cake business has a prominent growth ratio as most of the Pakistani citizens are food lovers. In addition, the cake business is commonly popular among women. Women can satisfy their enthusiasm for baking and also earn a handsome amount of profit.

After starting a cake business, you can easily get orders for baking cakes for birthday events, weddings, anniversaries, and other special days. The best thing about this business is that you can start it even in a small portion of your home. Apart from individual birthdays, many multinational companies in Pakistan celebrate birthdays, joining and farewells of employees. So, you can also get orders from there as well.

36. Car Wash

Car wash - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Opening a car wash services shop is another from the list of the best business ideas that require no experience and less investment. It can be started with an initial investment of only PKR 100,000. The scope of the car wash business is increasing day by day with the growing number of vehicles. You can start the business with a little investment to buy some equipment i.e. electric water pump, pipe, detergents, etc.

The car wash business requires very basic experience. However, if you even don’t have that basic experience, you can hire labor to operate for you but that will cost you a small amount. The important tips to follow for a successful business are to open it at a convenient location, use quality material for washing, satisfactory services.

37. Medical Store

Medical Store - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The medical store business is rapidly growing business in Pakistan. However, opening a medical store requires less space i.e. a small shop, but you have to arrange a huge investment for it. Furthermore, to start a medical store, you must have experience in the medical field and medicines. If you don’t have one, you should appoint expert persons to run your medical store. Also, a license from the government of Pakistan is required to open a pharmacy, and the person who runs it should have a degree in medicine from a recognized institution.

In addition, by opening a medical store, you can earn as well as help local people to buy medicine easily. For opening a medical store, it is also important to find a suitable location for it. Opening it near hospitals is the best location to choose.

38. Auto Spare Parts

Auto spare Parts - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

If you are looking to start a small business in Pakistan, you can consider opening an Auto Spare Parts shop. Vehicle owner keeps their vehicles in optimal condition by repairing them on time. The best feature of the auto spare parts business is that it requires only a small shop to start. By this business, you can also employ a mechanic to support local talent.

In addition, the mechanic can increase the flow of customers to your shop by suggesting vehicle owners buy parts from your shop. It is recommended to keep quality spare parts and provide dependable service to widen your business.

39. Dropshipping

Dropshipping - business ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

If you want to start a business but don’t have enough capital to invest, start Dropshipping. Dropshipping is a form of online business in Pakistan. You can operate it from your home using a laptop or PC. It is a mode of business in which you buy products online and sell them online. So, the business does not bother you to find a physical store or shop for your products.

Furthermore, you will need to invest with the minimum amount of PKR 10,000. The first thing you have to do is to open a seller account on any e-commerce store like Daraz, eBay, Amazon, etc. The best business model is Amazon dropshipping.


What is the most profitable business in Pakistan?
Real estate investment is considered as most profitable business in Pakistan.

What are the best business to start in Pakistan?
Real estate investment, eatery business, and digital marketing are few of the best business to start in Pakistan.

Which business is best in 2024?
Digital marketing, event planning, virtual assistant and real estate investment are few of the best business in 2023.

What business can I start with 20 lakh in Pakistan?
Coffee shop, eatery business, and real estate investment businesses can be started with 20 lacs in Pakistan.

Concluding Note:

While jumping on the bandwagon could be perilous, it can also turn out to be highly gratifying. Before working on any of above mention business ideas you have to make sure that you prepare thoroughly before starting a business. Take one step at a time. All you need is a bit of inspiration, a little stamina, and positivity. Always remember that research and marketing are the key elements to get going and you will be on your way to successful ownership.   

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