Top 7 Famous Shopping Malls in Peshawar

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Shopping is a thing that is becoming a part of our lives. Whenever a celebratory event like marriage, birthday or Eid comes around, we always head to the shopping malls to buy new clothes, shoes, and jewelry. A stereotype that is famous among people is that shopping is a women’s hobby. The main reason for building shopping malls is to provide each and everything in one place. Usually, people went to local shops like the famous Bazaar of the city and wasted their whole day searching for a set of jewelry with matching dresses then went to other shops crossing the heavy traffic of the bazaar to search for the pair of shoes. Check out more related topics Real Estate Projects in Peshawar.

Shopping malls are like a city in which you are going to enter and leave the city when your shopping is over. Instead of wasting your time in the hustle and bustle of shopping and getting offended because of getting tired, shopping malls are the best option. Where you can search for all the stuff you need in just one complex.

Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is known as the most historical city of Pakistan as it has the oldest parks, mosques, and bazaars as well as known for the state-of-art infrastructure which includes modern shopping malls, international level universities in Peshawar, and high-class hospitals in Peshawar. Peshawar has almost a population of 2,273,000 and 50% of its citizens are shopaholics. There are lots of shopping malls in Peshawar. Every day thousands of people went to these shopping malls to get their shopping done.

If you are a person who loves to do the shopping from malls and forget the whole world! Then Mate! you are at the right place. We are here to help you find the best choice for you. Below we have mentioned the top 7 shopping malls in Peshawar. You can also read about best hospitals in Peshawar.

Malls Floors Facilities Location
1. 091 Mall Peshawar 8 Rooftop restaurant, Playland, Food court, Offices, Fitness centre, Shopping floors, Mosque Main University Rd, Tehkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
2. Florenza Mall & Residencia 8 Apartment, offices, food court, shopping mall, penthouse, 2-basement parking, 24/7 power supply back up, security, and privacy Main University Road, opposite Custom House, adjacent to Ali Tower
3. Central Mall Peshawar Commercial Area, Play Land For Kids, Covered Car Parking, Gymnasium, TV Cable, Advanced Intercom System UG-52 Opposite State Bank of Pakistan Deans Trade Centre Peshawar
4. Hyper Mall Peshawar 5 Food Court, Commercial Area, 24 Hours Security, Advanced Intercom System, Modern Cargo, Covered Car Parking, TV-Cable 5- KM Hayatabad, Dilawar Abad،, Peshawar Ring Rd., Pishtakhara Bala, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
5. Mall of KPK Food court, Security, 3-floor Parking, Gym, Elevators, Mosque, luxury apartments Tehkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
6. Deans Mall 6 Balcony or Terrace, Parking Spaces, Waste Disposal Sewerage, Electricity, Water Supply, Sui Gas, Kids Play Area Saddar Road Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan
7. Imtiaz Mega Mall Peshawar In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery Dean City, Peshawar Ring Rd., Garhi Sikandar Khan Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

1. 091 Mall Peshawar

091 mall - shopping malls in peshawar - ahgroup-pk
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091 shopping mall is a project by AH Group of Companies Ltd that is marketed by S2S Marketing. It is located in the middle of Main University Road Peshawar so that the mall can amaze people from all over the city. It has 8 floors with three basements and a lower and ground floor. Each floor is specialized with a specific structure plan. The first floor is named “Fashion Floor” where you can find all kinds of clothing brands. Every floor has its own purpose. Below we are going to mention the name and section of each floor.

  • Ground Floor
  • First Floor Fashion Floor
  • Second Floor Mix Commercial
  • Third Floor Gold Souk
  • Fourth Floor Playland, Gym, and Spa 
  • Fifth Floor Food Court
  • Six-Seven-Eight Floor Offices

The main focus of 091 Mall Peshawar is to offer everything in one place. The key features and amenities of this shopping mall are given below.

  • Food Court
  • Gold Souk
  • Parking place in a three-level basement
  • Fashion Floor
  • Fitness Center
  • Offices
  • Rooftop Restaurants
  • Escalators
  • Mosque
  • Playland
  • Spa
  • HVAC systems

Investing in this amazing project is a great opportunity for Real Estate Investors. Investment in 091 Mall starts from 30lacs up to 2.5 Crore. 091 Mall Peshawar aims to provide all under one roof. Not only can visitors shop under one roof, but two floors are dedicated to offices. The office floors will flourish all businesses in the city. Due to affordability and modern amenities, you can successfully run digital marketing or tourism companies in Pakistan. 091 mall has made the shopping in Peshawar easier so that the residents of the city don’t need to go to Islamabad or Lahore for the shopping. Get to know about Insurance Companies in Pakistan.

2. Florenza Mall & Residencia

florenza mall and residencia peshawar - Shopping malls in peshawar - ahgroup-pk
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Florenza Mall & Residencia is a project by AH Group that is located at Main University Road, opposite Customs House, Adjacent to Ali Tower. It’s a commercial and residential mall with all luxury facilities. The investment opportunities in Florenza start from Rs. 39 Lacs up to Rs. 6.1 Crore. The mall consists of 8 floors with 3 basements. This mall is the first complex that earned the title of “Peshawar’s fastest-selling project” as its apartments were sold out before even the launch of the mall. In just a few months, Florenza Mall & Residencia has become well-known in the city. It is one of the best shopping malls in Peshawar that has modern architecture and luxurious apartments. Below, we are going to write down the key features and amenities of  Florenza Mall-Peshawar.

  • University of Peshawar
  • Ultra-high-speed elevators  
  • Apartment, offices, food court, shopping mall
  • Penthouse all under one roof
  • Sleek and modern architecture
  • 24/7 power supply back up, security, and privacy
  • 3-basement parking

Each floor of the mall is divided into different sections.

  • Ground Floor
  • First Floor-Commercial Floor
  • Second Floor-Food Court
  • Third and Fourth Floor-Offices
  • Fifth and Sixth Floor-Apartments

Light-filled Penthouses are the main attractive point of the whole project as they give a stunning view of the city from the top level. Already Florenza Mall & Residencia has become one of the top leading malls in Peshawar.

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3. Central Mall Peshawar

central mall peshawar - shopping malls in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Central Mall Peshawar is a project by Star Marketing Pvt. Ltd comes with high-class offices, showrooms, and shops. The offices are designed to offer modern features and amenities to the corporate sector of the city. It has separate showrooms and shops with modern commercial spaces to attract people. The central mall is one of the most visited malls for shopping in Peshawar. As the location of the mall is ideal for the investors considering the high traffic of the city. This Mall is located at UG-52 Opposite State Bank of Pakistan Deans Trade Centre Peshawar. Some main features of the mall are mentioned below.

  • Commercial Area
  • Playland For Kids
  • Gymnasium
  • Gas And Water Availability
  • TV-Cable
  • Advanced Intercom System
  • Passenger Lift
  • 24 Hours security
  • Covered Car Parking
  • Stand By Generators

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4. Hyper Mall Peshawar

hyper mall peshawar - shopping malls in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Hyper Mall is yet another project by Star Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Located in the heart of Peshawar Hayatabad, the Hyper Mall is one of the best malls in Peshawar that parallels international standards. This mall is specialized in different sections including food courts, Shops, offices, and play areas for children. The mall offers a vast range of products to its customers. This is the reason why the hyper mall is famous among the residents of Peshawar. It has various features including:

  • Food Court
  • Commercial Area
  • Stand By Generators
  • Solar Energy
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Advanced Intercom System
  • Modern Cargo
  • Gas And Water Availability
  • Covered Car Parking
  • Passenger Lift
  • TV-Cable

The largest mall in the KPK region is Hyper Mall Peshawar. It meets international standards and is Pakistan’s second-largest supermarket. This mall is conveniently placed and features stores, offices, a food court, and a children’s play area. The properties in Hyper Mall Peshawar, one of Peshawar shopping malls, may be purchased in three-year payments. Booking has already begun. Also check out historical places in Peshawar.

Hyper Mall is a fantastic concept that will soon become the largest shopping destination in the world. It will offer/meet all of the groceries and shopping demands of loyal clients once it is open. Hyper Mall has branches in many cities of Pakistan. It is located ideally near renowned housing societies in Islamabad. Everything from everyday products to wedding décor and other special events will be accessible. In other words, it is a one-stop-shop for all of Peshawar’s purchasing requirements. Hyper Mall is the only mall in Peshawar with many amenities under one roof.

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5. Mall of KPK

mall of kpk - shopping malls in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Mall of KPK is a project by Vairt and provides both residential and commercial options. The first floor has the shops that are best in retail brands option, where the second floor is consists of offices to offers a luxury environment to the corporate sector of the city. On the third to the fifth floor, are the main attractive points of the mall as these three floors offer a wide range of 1, 2 & 3 luxury apartments with all facilities. You can also read about best construction companies in Pakistan.

The people who will buy the apartments can take advantage of having the shopping malls near me. As the Mall of KPK will be the most nearby shopping mall for the residents of Peshawar. It is located at Main University Road, Peshawar. Around the mall, you can also find the famous restaurants of Peshawar that are offering delicious foods to make your shopping and living experience memorable. Besides that, the main amenities of the mall include:

  • 1 KM from Peshawar University
  • 50 meters from Peshawar Metro
  • 12 KM from Peshawar-Islamabad (M-1) Motorway

Facilities that Mall of KPK offers:

  • Food court
  • Security
  • 3-floor Parking
  • Gym
  • Elevators
  • Mosque

The mall of KPK is located ideally near many educational and healthcare centers that are branches of renowned hospitals in Islamabad, including Combined Military Hospital (CMH). The hospital is run under Military administration and has branches throughout the country. Mall of KPK is an innovative development that can attract investors to invest and get good in return.

6. Deans Mall Peshawar

deans mall peshawar - shopping malls in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Deans Peshawar is one of the magnificent shopping malls in Peshawar. The commercial high rise boosts to be one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia. The shopping center has all one can imagine for shopping. There is a huge floor for top-notch brands and a floor dedicated to elegant offices. There are mix-commercial floors where you can find jewelry shops, apparel for all, child care shops, etc.

The shopping mall is located in one of the busiest areas of the city, i.e., Saddar Road, opposite the renowned State Bank of Pakistan building. Dean Mall Peshawar is located at a few of the city’s busiest locations. The road is home to renowned eateries, businesses, and hotels that are part of national and international chains. For instance, Serena Hotel is one of the famous hotels in Islamabad, and one of its branches is also located near the renowned Deans’ Mall Peshawar. Dean’s Peshawar is considered one of the best shopping malls in Peshawar for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities and amenities. It is built on a huge area of 18thousand square feet. The building has dedicated space for parking in the basement.

There are four commercial floors, and all of them are centrally air-conditioned; one floor has offices, and there is a powerhouse on the rooftop to ensure a 24/7 electricity supply.

7. Imtiaz Mega Mall Peshawar

imtiaz mega mall peshawar - shopping malls in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Imtiaz Mega Mall Peshawar is one of the mega shopping malls in Peshawar. It is part of one of the biggest retail chains in the country. Imtiaz store has over 27 stores throughout the country in metro cities of Pakistan.

Imtiaz Mall is considered one of the best shopping malls in Peshawar as it helps deliver everything under one roof with a variety of over 5 thousand items and products. Moreover, it is famous for its excellent customer service. The store is ideally located at Dean City, Peshawar Ring Road, also a hub of famous construction companies in Peshawar.

The location also plays an essential role in any business’s success and growth as it gives customers easy access. Real estate companies in Islamabad always recommend investing in commercial projects at prime locations that are easily accessible.

The mega commercial mall has a fantastic success story. It started as a small corner store in Peshawar in 1955. In 68 years, it has become a substantial retail giant in Pakistan. Numerous businesses like eateries, apparel, and real estate companies in Pakistan are inspired by the dedication and persistence of the retail chain.  

The Imtiaz mall in Peshawar has become a legacy in the retail industry, and it has services to over 85 thousand customers. It is growing in different parts of Pakistan every day.

Above we have mentioned the top 7 shopping malls in Peshawar with quality products, luxury style, air-conditioned, and outstanding environment. These all Peshawar shopping malls are developed by the top construction companies and take place as the best places to visit in Peshawar.


Which is the largest mall in KPK?

Hyper mall is the largest mall in KPK.

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