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Pakistan is the land of many renowned companies; few originated from the beloved homeland, and few were foreigners. The land has attracted many multinational companies worldwide due to its strategic location. It gradually has made a strong position in the country’s market. The multinational companies in Pakistan have brought substantial foreign investment and created numerous job opportunities for locals.

International investments have always been encouraged in the country for being welcoming in nature. Foreign investment through top multinational companies in Pakistan has significantly boosted the country’s economy and development. These Multinational companies in Pakistan have brought significant changes and improvements in various sectors, including technology. A few multinational companies are also major job providers on online earning websites.

List of Top Multinational Companies in Pakistan:

The international Companies in Pakistan have a significant impact on the growth of the country. Numerous multinational companies in Pakistan are boosting the economy and overall status of Pakistanis by providing job opportunities to all. There are multiple industries in Pakistan adding to the country’s GDP; apart from multinational ventures, real estate companies in Pakistan are also great contributors to the economy.

Here, we have mentioned the top multinational companies in Pakistan that are improving lifestyle standards of living and boosting the growth of the country overall.

  1. Toyota Pakistan
  2. Microsoft
  3. Samsung
  4. Nestle
  5. Coca-Cola
  6. Unilever
  7. Philips
  8. Shell
  9. Engro
  10. PepsiCo
  11. Pizza Hut
  12. KFC

So, let’s get started:

1. Toyota Pakistan

toyota - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Toyota Pakistan is considered the best company in Pakistan for vehicle manufacturing. The company has overall assets of over 300 million USD and equity of around 150 million USD, meeting the central part of Pakistan’s transport needs. Therefore, when it comes to the best Multinational Companies in Pakistan list, Toyota always stands at the top. Many insurance companies in Pakistan provide flexible insurance plans for Toyota Vehicles because of their reputation and popularity.

The vehicle manufacturing company is a Japanese multinational company in Pakistan that has been working for decades and has faced several issues like economic fluctuation and inflation. However, it survived and emerged at the top of the list of multinational companies in Pakistan.

Apart from manufacturing the best vehicles and their parts, people also search Toyota for jobs in multinational companies in Pakistan. The company is also one of the most prominent tax payer International companies in Pakistan.

Few of the popular products of Toyota Pakistan are:

  • Prado
  • Fortuner
  • Corolla
  • Prius
  • Camry

2. Microsoft

microsoft - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Microsoft is America’s most famous multinational technology company, successfully operating in Pakistan and almost all countries worldwide. The company has been operational for decades in Pakistan. It offers various tech products and services, including hardware, cloud computing, software, user-popular electronics, PCs, etc.

The company and its products are part of almost every household in the country as it is dedicated to technological advancement and organizational achievement. Microsoft is known as a software giant and is getting stronger every day. The technology multinational company reported over 300 million users of Windows 10 in 2020.

The company’s software also spiked over the COVID period and crossed a 44% increase compared to the previous year. The company’s many features make it the best Company in Pakistan for the provision of smooth tech facilities.

Apart from providing excellent tech support, services and products, the company is a significant contributor to the country’s education sector. It is working closely with Pakistan’s government to achieve its Millennium Development Goals. Therefore, it is working actively to improve living standards with various strategies.

Microsoft is also one of the job provider multinational companies in Pakistan list. You can search on web engines for top jobs in multinational companies in Pakistan, and Microsoft will be one of them. To educate the children of Pakistan, Microsoft has also set up IT labs in educational institutes across the country. Apart from technology, one of the significant provider companies is the construction companies in Pakistan. Among various services and software products Microsoft Pakistan few are:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Development Tools
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Management System
  • Microsoft Team Collaboration Tools

3. Samsung

samsung - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Talking about giant tech multinational companies and forgetting Samsung? Impossible. Samsung is one of the top companies on our list of multinational companies in Pakistan. It is a South Korean multinational company operating in the country successfully since the 1990s. It provides many gadgets & products, including LET TVs, Home Appliances, Smartphones, etc.

Apart from manufacturing and selling numerous high-tech products, Samsung is also investing a massive amount in developing and researching tech products to fulfil the needs of Pakistani customers. Moreover, it is also one of the job providers to the country’s youth. Therefore, if you are a tech gig or an excellent software engineer, you can search for multinational companies in Pakistan jobs 2024 and Samsung Pakistan’s name will appear from time to time.

Many companies, like tourism companies in Pakistan, recommend and use Samsung products for user-friendly features and affordable rates. The company is a manufacturer and seller of various products in the country. For instance;

  • Home appliances including Refrigerators, ACS, washing machines
  • Smartphones with a range of excellent features and economical rates
  • Gadgets and wear-able items such as smart watches
  • Tablets in various sizes and specs and price range
  • LED TV with best quality and latest features

4. Nestle

nestle - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Nestle is one of the oldest multinational food and beverage companies in Pakistan. It has been operating in the subcontinent region for over 100 years. It has been operational successfully since the country’s independence.

Nestlé’s headquarters is in Vevey, Switzerland, and works successfully in many countries worldwide. The company employs over thirty lac people worldwide, is the largest food company in the world, 4th largest company in Pakistan and ranked 73rd in Fortune Global 500 List.

The company is also one of the primary job providers in Pakistan. It invests massively in local items that add to the growth of Pakistan’s agricultural industry. Some of the popular products of Nestle Pakistan are:

  • Everyday Whitener for tea
  • Milk Pak
  • Pure Life Water
  • Kit Kat Chocolate
  • Milo Chocolate Malt Beverage

5. Coca-Cola

coca cola - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Coca-Cola is the most popular and prominent beverage multinational company in Pakistan and worldwide. The company originated in 1886 and soon became a household name in the world. The Company has seen its share of ups and downs in the market but still stands as the top soft drink company around the globe.

Coca-Cola has successfully operated in Pakistan for over two decades and has positively impacted the country’s economy. The products by Coca-Cola are used in almost every restaurants in Peshawar and cities of Pakistan.

The company significantly contributes to providing jobs, adding revenue with taxes and infrastructure development. The beverage company has invested a considerable amount in Pakistan since 1960. It is known for having a strong distribution network with 2 million outlets.

Therefore, Coca-Cola beverages are the most difficult and far hill stations in Pakistan. A few of the selling products of Coca-Cola in Pakistan are:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Sprite
  • Fanta
  • Purified drinking water – Kinley
  • Iced tea beverages – Nestea
  • Range of fruit drinks – Minute Maid

6. Unilever

unilever - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Almost every product we buy in grocery is manufactured or provided by the most renowned multinational company in Pakistan – Unilever. The company has worked in Pakistan for over 70 years and has become a household name.

Since the start, the company has played a crucial role in the economic growth of Pakistan. The country has numerous supply chains and strong distribution networks of Unilever. Apart from providing the best quality products in all price ranges, the company is also one of the major job providers in the country.

The company has faced challenges and tough competition in the market. Yet, it survived with the vision of providing the best with transparency to all. Unilever has invested a considerable amount in the economy’s growth and employed thousands of employees over the years from all parts of the country, including northern areas of Pakistan.  Few of the popular products by Unilever are

  • Lux Soap and body wash
  • Knorr noodles
  • Glow and Lovely Skin care products
  • Closeup toothpaste
  • Sunsilk Shampoo

7. Philips

philips - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Philips Pakistan is one of the largest multinational electronics companies in the world. It is a subsidiary of a Dutch company, Koninklijke Philips N.V., with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Norway. The top multinational company has been manufacturing top-notch electric products in Pakistan since 1947, making it one of the oldest international companies in the country.

The company has invested in numerous healthcare products in Pakistan and contributed to upgrading people’s lifestyles by providing multiple job opportunities. Among various famous electric products of Philips Pakistan, a few are:

  • Electric Shavers and Trimmers
  • LED Lights and lamps
  • DVD Players
  • Iron and streamers for apparel
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Healthcare Products

8. Shell Pakistan

shell - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Living in Pakistan and have yet to hear of Shell? Not possible! The company has been a significant name in Pakistan and worldwide oil and petroleum multinational companies. Shell has been operating with success for 75-plus years. With its top-notch products and services, the company is playing a vital role in the country’s energy sector.  

The Company keeps the country running with super-grade fuels and lubricants while introducing high-tech sustainable energy solutions for the betterment of the country. Undoubtedly, the company has had a tremendous positive impact on Pakistan’s industrial development. Shell products are used in almost every field and industry in Pakistan. The construction companies in Peshawar and other cities also prefer Shell products while commuting construction materials from one place to another.

Shell Petroleum Limited is the country’s second-largest multinational oil marketing company, with over 800 outlets. A few of the famous products by Shell Pakistan are:

  • Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
  • Shell Argina & Gadinia – Power Engine Oils
  • Shell Omala Gearbox Oils

9. Engro Corporation

engro - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Engro Corporation is one of the top multinational companies in Pakistan, manufacturing top-notch products and helping the economy’s growth. The company mainly works in agriculture by manufacturing the best fertilizers and farming products for better crops and outstanding results. The company also works in the food, plastic, and textiles industry.

Engro Corporation is also known for power plants that produce electricity to empower our business and convenience in homes. The company’s petrochemicals and power generation initiatives contribute to economic growth and provide job opportunities to all.

Engro Corporation products are actively used in various industries; for instance, energy and technology solutions are used to construct huge buildings and dams in Pakistan. A few of the popular products by Engro Corporation are:

  • Engro Fertilizers
  • Engro Chemicals
  • Engro Technology Solutions
  • Engro Food Products such as Olpers Milk
  • Engro Energy Products

10. PepsiCo

pepsico - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

PepsiCo, like other companies in our list of multinational companies in Pakistan, is a popular name in the country. The company originated in America in 1898 and has become a famous name for snacks, beverages and food products worldwide.

The company is dedicated to manufacturing and selling products in Pakistan with innovation and unique marketing strategies, contributing to the country’s success for decades. The company has a strong distribution network in Pakistan. It has become one of the leading providers of jobs in multinational companies in Pakistan while offering lucrative investment opportunities to all.

A few of the popular products by PepsiCo are:

  • Aquafina – Purified drinking water
  • Lays Chips
  • Tropicana Juices
  • Diet Soft Drinks

11. Pizaa Hut

pizza hut - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Pizza Hut is a multinational food chain international franchise launched on May 31, 1958, in Wichita USA by Dan and Frank Carney. Currently, it has more than 19,000 branches in almost 100 different countries in the world. The food chain has employed more than 35,000 individuals worldwide. In 1993, Pizza Hut launched its franchise in Karachi, Pakistan, and currently operates more than 100 outlets in 23 cities in the region. Moreover, the Pizza Hut also opened its branches in airports in Pakistan to facilitate passengers with delicious food items.

In addition, Pizza Hut is one of the top multinational companies in Pakistan.  Pizza Hut impresses its clients with various delicious pizzas and foods. Here is the list of pizza and food varieties that you can taste in all branches of Pizza Hut in Pakistan.

Popular food items at Pizza Hut:

  • Tuscani Pasta
  • Stuffed Crust Pizza
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Chicken Wings
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Supreme Pizza

12. KFC

KFC - multinational companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

KFC is another multinational fast-food chain operating in Pakistan since 1997. It has more than 128 outlets in the country in various cities. Furthermore, housing societies in Islamabad take pride to open KFC outlets for its residents. KFC is one of the most famous multinational companies as it has expanded its 25,000 branches to 147 countries in the world.

Furthermore, KFC contributes a substantial part to the economic growth of Pakistan. The net revenue of KFC is ranging from 25 Million to 100 million annually. It has employed more than 10,000 employees in the country.

KFC is known for its delicious food products. Here are some of the famous food items of KFC.

Popular Food Products:

  • Zinger Burger
  • Hot & Crispy Chicken
  • Rice & Spice
  • Bucket Meals
  • Crunch Burger
  • Fries and Sides
  • Drinks
  • Desserts
  • Mighty Zinger
  • Twister
  • Chicken Popcorn

Summing Up:

That’s all for now! All of these multinational companies in Pakistan list are adding positively to the growth of the country. The companies provide job opportunities, investing in projects to upgrade lifestyle and make Pakistan’s future brighter and more successful.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s:

How many multinational companies are there in Pakistan?

Around thirty thousand plus multinational companies are operational in Pakistan, of which 600 have foreign capital.

Which is the biggest international company in Pakistan?

There are numerous big international companies in Pakistan, including Unilever, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Engro Corporation.

What are the top US companies in Pakistan?

Microsoft and PepsiCo are among the top US Companies in Pakistan

Which is the top multinational company?

Microsoft is the top multinational company in the World.

Which companies are called multinational?

Multinational Companies have headquarters in the homeland and secondary factories, offices, industries, etc., in various countries worldwide. These companies are also called MNCs and global enterprises.

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