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Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul

~ Dorothy Day

Islamabad is a fun-filled and lively city as well as the capital of Pakistan. It’s known beyond the globe for its extensive cuisines. The reason behind this is a pre-eminent hobby of Pakistani people is cooking and eating. They love to share recipes and plan get-togethers with family and friends at a table full of yummy meals. Pakistanis define their culture, traditions, identity, and way of living by offering desi cuisines like Paaye, BBQ, Karahis, and Biryani. All these desi cuisines will take you on a delicious journey, with aromas and unique flavors you will never forget. The people of Islamabad colored everyone in their color by sprinkling love and taste in food. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, there are so many things to do. You can go to the shopping malls, historical places, local markets, and the best restaurants in Islamabad. In addition, there are many universities in Islamabad that are playing a massive role in supporting the education sector.

While we are talking about food and restaurants in Islamabad, how can we forget Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar? These cities are a huge part of the longstanding friendly food rivalry in Pakistan. Food spots or restaurants in Peshawar, Karachi, and Lahore are ideal for hangouts with friends and family.

In this blog, we are going to write down the best Chinese and Desi restaurants in Islamabad. We have listed down the top 16 restaurants in Islamabad. Please have a look!

List of Famous Restaurants in Islamabad:

RestaurantLocation Facebook Page Phone Number
1. Khoka Khola Beverly Centre, Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area (051) 8444929
2. The Monal Pir Sohawa Rd, Islamabad +92 336 8433358
3. Savour Foods Fortune Plaza, 72 E Jinnah Ave, G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad (051) 111 728 687
4. Charsi Tikka Saidpur Village, Saidpur Road, Islamabad ——— +92 51 2320071
5. Howdy Gol Market, Shop 6, F 7/3, Islamabad (051) 2611182
6. Khiva f-7 Mezzanine Floor, Khan Markaz, Block 13-J, Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz Islamabad +923377077777
7. 1969 Garden Avenue, Shakarpairan، National Park، Islamabad +92323 9691969
8. Burger Fest P3C5+P55, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad +92330 2888192
9. Kabul Restaurant Plot No. 17, F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super Market, next to Hill view, Islamabad (051) 2650953
10. Ginyaki Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad (051) 8484888
11. Haleem Ghar Jinnah Ave, Blue Area, Islamabad Haleem-Ghar-Islamabad 051 111 425 336
12. Smokey Cauldron F-6 Markaz, Islamabad thesmokeycauldron 051 8430133
13. El Momento Ground Floor, F 6/1 F-6, Beverly Centre, Islamabad 0311 1100315
14. Ox and Grill College Rd, Markaz, F-7, Islamabad OxandGrill (051) 2650792
15. Asian Wok Beverly Centre, Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad asianwokpk (051) 2206988
16. Tuscany Courtyard Kohsar market, Street 10, F-6 Islamabad TuscanyCourtyardIsb (051) 8445544

1. Khoka Khola

khokha khola - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Khoka Khola is a small eatery like a shop or a cafe with a touch of antique and old memories. Located in the basement of the Beverly Centre, it opens the doors for food enthusiasts with the representation of desi food. Your pleasure will start right after your entrance into the restaurant with famous Bollywood traditional and classical music from the 1960s to 1970s, along with dimmed lights and a homey ambiance. They are famous for being one of the best desi restaurants in Islamabad. If you are planning to visit Islamabad, you must give this fantastic place a try. Read our blog on top hospitals in Islamabad in case you need any medical assistance during your visit. They offer a delicious desi menu including, Makhni karahi, biryani, papri chaat, or chicken cheese naan with oozing blended cheese. These are just the most picked dishes of this restaurant. Besides, they have many meal options. Khoka Khola always tries to assure that the customers get the pure desi experience in a homely atmosphere with antique and modern furniture. This unique and traditional look of the restaurant pushes back old memories. If you are a true lover of desi cuisine with a piece of soft music, you must visit this restaurant at least once in your life. You can also read about shopping malls in Islamabad.

2. The Monal

the monal - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

At the feet of the verdant natural Margalla Hills, top of the Potohar, The Monal is the best restaurant for the family get-together. As it gives a stunning scenic view of lush green mountains with mesmerizing blue sky, it will take you far from this world. With the lip-smacking food and splendid ambiance, the Monal is one of the most famous restaurants in Islamabad. It offers an exceptional view of a breath-taking panorama. The restaurant offers various types of cuisines including, Italian, French, Lebanese, Thai, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, and traditional BBQ and Tikka. The cold and lavish weather of the Pir Sohawa is a plus point of this one of the best restaurants in Islamabad. It is also the top tourist attraction point in Islamabad. The best part is you can see the whole of Islamabad city from the terrace dining area. With lunch, breakfast, and dinner, the Monal also serves the two lip-smacking hi-tea platters. It’s also famous as a Chinese restaurant in Islamabad for having several Chinese dishes. Also read about shopping malls in Peshawar.

3. Savour Foods

savour foods - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

If you are a student or an office-going person, you must be familiar with Savour Foods. It is located at 72 Fortune Plaza E Jinnah Ave, G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad. The majority of people order ‘pulao’ of Savour foods as it’s a pocket-friendly meal with a delicious taste. It is the most popular restaurant in the twin cities – Rawalpindi and Islamabad. As some time people call it the national cuisine of Pakistan. The murgh pulao is the most ordered dish of this one of the famous restaurants in Islamabad. They don’t just offer one recipe, but it is not wrong to say it is famous because of one dish called Pulao. Their menu also includes yummy burgers, ice-creams, drinks, and sweets. Also read about picnic spots in Islamabad.

Apart from restaurants in Islamabad escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Pakistan’s breathtaking hill stations. Discover the top hill stations in Pakistan, each with its own unique charm and tranquility, by exploring our dedicated blog post on Hill Stations in Pakistan.

The pulao kabab is a favorite all the time because of its unique and delicious taste. The serving area is pretty large and clean, with free refills of rice. All these are the reasons that make it one of the best restaurants in Islamabad. Curious to explore related topics? Don’t miss hotels in Peshawar.

4. Charsi Tikka

charsi tikka - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Charsi Tikka is one of the famous restaurants in Peshawar. Now they have opened a branch in Islamabad as well. Its name hints at its signature cuisine, which is Tikka. The most popular dish of the restaurant is the namkeen Tikka. In Islamabad, it is located in a tourist place called Saidpur Village. Covered in the scenic view of mountains and forest, it gives desi and eastern vibes. To please the customers and visitors, they cook BBQ Tikka with coarse salt and grill it on barbeque skewers in the open air, which creates a homely atmosphere. It is one of the most popular desi restaurants in Islamabad. The food is not heavily spiced but shines out the main ingredient by the flavor. The families and young people visit the restaurant frequently. The management has also arranged a veranda in front and a family hall in the backside, with dewans and takhts decorated with classical velvet covers. Read more about hotels in Islamabad.

5. Howdy

howdy - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

When we talk about the fast-food restaurants in Islamabad, Howdy is on the top of the list. If you are a burger lover or chicken steaks lover, this is the dream place for you. It’s famous among people for its cheesy beef and chicken burgers. They have individual deals with unique burgers. A burger lover will never want to miss their “son of a bun” beef steak burger filled with cheese, different sauces, and turkey layers. The steaks and curly fries are the famous and most ordered food of this one of the best restaurants in Islamabad f7. If you have a big tummy and a desire to have a meal that blows your mind, then head towards Howdy. It’s an American burger chain that impressed the majority of people with its cowboy hats. The signature sauces and fresh green salad in the freshly toasted buns are something that not everyone offers at such affordable and pocket-friendly prices. The menu offers charcoal-grilled burgers with a lot of options, stakes, and rotisserie chicken. When you enter the restaurant, you will experience a different setup inspired by farm life in dim lights. The staff of the restaurant is wearing cowboy clothes and things. Even the menu items are listed in a manner to match the theme of the restaurant. You can also read about historical places in Islamabad.

6. Khiva F-7 

khiva restaurant - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

It may be difficult to choose from the many selections on the menu at restaurants like Khiva, but any of the dishes on offer, which are inspired by Pakistani and other Asian cuisines, will satisfy the diner’s appetite. Choose from Pashtun specialties like grilled thin minced Peshawari beef or lamb egg chops; a variety of succulent meats barbecued the Afghan way; lamb or chicken stewed in a karahi or a handi, and a variety of other equally delicious dishes like a variety of enticing soups and salads. In Khiva’s quiet, intimate environment, savour the rich feast. Also if you are looking to explore lucrative business opportunities in Pakistan? Check out our comprehensive guide on Business Ideas in Pakistan to discover innovative ventures that can thrive in this dynamic market

Khiva has a variety of pocket friendly buffets, for lunch and dinner. You also have many options like handi, rice and soups. Read more related topics like cafes in Islamabad.

7. 1969

1969 - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Café with a 1969 theme ‘The year 1969’ transports tourists back to the magnificent 1960s, a rich era in which Islamabad and Pakistan as a whole experienced unprecedented progress. Bright colours, an intricately adorned roof from which a glass chandelier,1960s-style furnishings, and old newspaper clippings presented as prints on the walls and table mats characterise the expansive area. 1969 also has a wide outdoor area where customers may enjoy their delicious dinner while taking in the fresh air. 1969 is a cuisine hangout unlike any other in Islamabad, serving authentic Pakistani and continental food. Overall it is a great family restaurant in Islamabad. However, it is a bit on the expensive side. Check out swimming pools in Islamabad.

8. Burger Fest

burger fest - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

A burger spot launched a few years ago in the heart of Islamabad F-7, with the best, most juiciest and fresh burgers in town. It has a wide range of burgers to savour from chicken to beef. The burgers are served with fresh fries. Some of their burgers have white mushroom sauce and jalapenos. You can get burgers in the range of Rs. 400-600. Get to know about tourism companies in Pakistan.

Their open kitchen comes with  burgers freshly grilled on a charcoal grill right in front of you. You can also get to learn about lakes in Pakistan.

9. Kabul Restaurant

kabul restaurant - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

When Afghans began to relocate to Pakistan in the aftermath of the Soviet invasion of their nation, they brought with them wonderful food, which is still renowned in Islamabad’s F-7 neighbourhood. Even though the capital today has a broad range of cuisines to offer, Kabul Restaurant, which debuted in 1989, continues to attract foodies. Get to know about historical Museums in Pakistan.

It is one of the most reasonable restaurants in Islamabad.

It’s a meat-lover’s dream; the menu is dominated by beef and lamb dishes, with little white meat on offer. 

One of our favourite aspects of Afghan cuisine is how flavorful it is without being overly spicy. The salty Afghani tikkas, pieces of beef fat skewered and cooked to perfection, are impossible to stop devouring. get to know about best schools in Islamabad.

The Kabuli pulao is a whole dinner in itself, consisting of a rice dish garnished with carrots and raisins and accompanied with a ration of beef. Looking for more fascinating content? Check out Provinces of Pakistan.

10. Ginyaki

ginyaki islamabad - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Ginyaki is a restaurant that has quickly gained momentum and popularity in Islamabad. With its unique and first in Pakistan bowl style, it is winning over hearts. Ginyaki has a wide range of menu where you can choose appetizers from spring rolls, BBQ wings, dynamite prawns to stuffed chillies. Now let’s talk about the main menu, they are an economy bowl where you can choose any chicken, beef or fish side with rice or chow mein. You can also choose half rice and half chow mein. The dishes are served piping hot. There is another option of a deluxe bowl, where along with the economy bowl, another add-on bowl is served. It is not only located in F-7 but also Bahria Town Islamabad and now has opened its doors in Peshawar. You can also read our blog on Housing societies in Islamabad.

11. Haleem Ghar

haleem ghar islamabad - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Love with desi cuisines? Check out the hefty desi menu at Haleem ghar Islamabad. The place is the hub of desi and continental food, with Chinese food and a fast food section. Hence, it is a place that is a food heaven for all.

The signature dish is Haleem (of course)! You will fall in love again with desi foods with one sight of piping hot haleem garnished with onions, coriander, green chillis, and a pinch of chat masala. The famous eatery started its journey from a small shop in Rawalpindi, and over decades, the taste has mesmerized everyone; you can enjoy their hefty menu in different branches located in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Apart from the spicy food range, you can also enjoy Falooda, a sweet dish loaded with jellies, nuts and a huge collection of ice creams to satisfy your sweet tooth. The sophisticated sitting environment, quality service and economical rates are the cherry on top for visitors. All these never-ending features make Haleem ghar one of the top restaurants in Islamabad.

12. Smokey Cauldron

smokey cauldron islamabad - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Harry Potter! A story collection that becomes a classic tale, a legend, and much more! It is hard that 90s kids, especially, have not watched or read any Harry Potter movies or novels.

Smokey Cauldron was a famous place in Harry Potter stories and one of the most visited places.

Those who want to get mesmerized by Harry Potter movies can visit a famous themed restaurant, Smokey Cauldron, in Islamabad. Visiting the café is like entering the majestic wizard world and magical era. The magical décor and pops make you feel like you are witnessing one of the Harry Potter movie scenes live.

The visitors can pose in front of props and imagine themselves as part of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can check out the merchandise and props near the main counter and take pictures to make your visit memorable. The restaurant in Islamabad is not just an ideal place to eat and spend time with friends. It is the perfect spot to take pictures and have fun with friends and family.

Smokey Cauldron is one of the best Instagrammable eateries in Islamabad. For people with families, the location is pretty ideal as few of the parks in Islamabad are located near the restaurant.

Enough of the theme and its Potter elegance, the Islamabad restaurant has an unmatchable menu list designed to go with the Harry Potter theme. The dishes are Dragonfire Burger, Shrieking Steak, and Devil’s Snare Pasta. The drinks are listed under the name of potions and inspired by magic words like Goblet of Fire, Butterbeer, and Unicorn’s Blood. The restaurant stays open around the week from 11:30 am to 12 am.

13. El Momento

El momento - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

The best thing about Asia food is that you can never have them enough! There is so much variety; every item has a different taste, aroma, and presentation. EL Momento is a renowned restaurant in Beverly Centre Islamabad, offering a huge range of authentic Asian foods and steaks to food lovers. El Momento is a must-visit eatery for Asian cuisine lovers.

The elegant and luxurious ambience, ideal location, exceptional taste, and perfect sitting environment have made it among the best Islamabad restaurants. You will only enjoy an extraordinary dining experience with magnificent embellishments and tasty food at El Momento.

Additionally, the staff is very professional and welcoming, increasing the visitors’ eatery experience and making it memorable. The restaurant is spread over two floors; you can enjoy food with large groups for special events and occasions.

14. Ox and Grill

Ox and grill - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Ox and Grill is one of the top restaurants in Islamabad famous due to its extraordinary food. It is a luxury American-style restaurant located at 13-S First Floor Showroom Plaza College Rd F 7 Markaz Islamabad. Moreover, it is a renowned entity in the list of F7 restaurants.

For the last 18 years, the steak house has been working on refining the taste making it exactly according to the desire of its clients. Ox and Grill, beyond its other features, works on a triple H strategy to satisfy its guests with the efforts of Head, Heart, and Hand, to bring the best form of the taste, and feature to be one of the best restaurants in Islamabad.  You can visit with your families, and celebrate your moments. However, the restaurant also allows you to order online and have your meal.

What are the opening and closing times of Ox & Grill?

If you want to visit Ox & Grill Steak House, visit on Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM, and Friday to Saturday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Also, you can visit its other branches located in Bahria Town, and at Murree Road Rawalpindi to experience eating desi and western foods. Islamabad restaurants are famous for desi foods, however, if you want to try fast food, Ox & Grill can satisfy your taste with its delicious burgers and steaks. The restaurant is known for providing its customers with tasty foods having varieties of Pakistani, Mexican, Chinese, and Thai Foods. Due to its variety of cuisines, Ox & Grill has become one of the most famous restaurants in Islamabad.

15. Asian Wok

Asian wok - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

If you want to celebrate your moments with your families in fancy restaurants in Islamabad, you can opt for the Asian Wok Beverly Centre. With its delicious feasts, customers can also enjoy other facilities including spacious car parking, Free WiFi, Wheelchair access, a Praying area for men and women, and a nursing room. The Asia Work restaurant is located at Beverly Centre, Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad. Moreover, the branches of Asian Work Restaurants Islamabad also have their branches in Peshawar and Rawalpindi.

What are the opening and closing times of Asian Work?

You can visit to satisfy your appetite by eating the best food in Islamabad at Asian Work between 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Monday to Saturday. Asian Work Beverly Center attracts its customers due to its variety of food items including Sushi, Sashimi, and Teppanyaki for all your Japanese tastes. The restaurant also provides its customers with the tastes of Thai and Chinese foods.  The picturesque environment of the restaurant adds more to the finery of the restaurant and becomes one of the best restaurants in Islamabad for families. You can book your reservation after visiting their official website.

16. Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard - restaurants in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

The list of Islamabad’s best restaurants is incomplete without Tuscany Courtyard. It is located in Kohsar market, Street 10, F-6 Islamabad. The restaurant is known for its best hi-tea services. After visiting it, you can quench your appetite with multiple delicious foods. Furthermore, the Tuscany Courtyard is one of Islamabad’s famous restaurants as it serves its guests various Italian foods with alluring tastes. Some of the foods are Thai Spicy Chicken, Avoca, and shrimp Salad, Hot fudge skillet brownie, butter brownie, and Wild Shiitake Mushroom Steak.

What are the dining times in Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad?

The restaurant’s timing differs according to the packages. Tuscany Courtyard offers Sunday Breakfast from 11: AM to 3:00 PM. Similarly, Hi-Tea Buffet is open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 3:00 PM to 6:45 PM. 

Moreover, the restaurants allow to get entertained from indoor and outdoor dining. Some of its features including scientific views, quality foods, and the best customer service count it in the list of good restaurants in Islamabad.


What is the famous food in Islamabad?

The famous foods in Islamabad are a variety of burgers, pizza, rice, chicken, meat, and other Eastern and Western cuisines. 

Why Islamabad is famous?

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is famous for being the most beautiful city in Pakistan host to national and multinational companies, hotels and restaurants, business centers, etc.

Where can we go at night in Islamabad?

It depends upon your preferences. But if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Islamabad, The Monal Restaurant is the best place to go at night in Islamabad.

Summing Up:

So these were the top 16 famous restaurants in Islamabad that are visited by thousands of people with their families daily. Apart from these restaurants, you can also explore the city as there are many places to visit in Islamabad.

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