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Some moments in our lives become immortal and impart a lasting impact on our minds due to adherence to people, places, and auspicious events. These special moments can be birthdays, weddings, meetings, annual functions, etc. and the places for which they are worth to be memorized i.e. cafes in Islamabad, marquees, and wedding halls. In the blog, we will mention top marquees in Islamabad where you can also make your special occasion memorable.

Now, the top and the best wedding halls in Islamabad are just a click away from you. You can book the space for your birthday event, marriage party or marriage anniversary easily. However, you can choose the marquee according to your budget. The enlisted marquees in Islamabad are different from each other in terms of location, facilities, cost, and guest capacity. However, as for the standard, all the wedding halls and Marquees we have mentioned facilitate the guest with quality services.

Name Location Halls Capacity Website
1. Empire Marquee Near PSO Pump, Islamabad Expressway 3 200-5000
2. Islamabad Serena Hotel G-5/1 G-5, Islamabad 2 5000+
3. Monal Marquee Margalla Road, E-11, Islamabad 2 1000+
4. Aura Grande Margalla Road, E-11, Islamabad 4 800+
5. AL-Zawaj Marquee & Wedding Hall Islamabad Expressway 3 1000+
6. The Royal Executive Marquee H-13, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad 2 1500+
7. Imperial Marquee H-13, Main Kashmir Highway, Islamabad 1 900+
8. Taj Marquee Islamabad Opp. Main Margalla Road, Express Highway, Islamabad 1 800+
9. The Paragon Marquee E-11/4 Islamabad 4 2200+
10. Fortress Marquee Islamabad Expressway, near Madina Town 2 3000+
11. Ramada Hotels Rawal Lake, Shakar Parian, Islamabad 2 600+

1. Empire Marquee

Empire Marquee - Marquees in Islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Empire Marquee is one of the best Marquees in Islamabad located near PSO Pump, Islamabad Expressway. The Marquee is a palace for those who are looking for a luxurious venue for events i.e. weddings, conferences, indoor sports festivals, annual meet-ups, etc. It allows its customers to book the marquee at affordable prices.

In addition, the Empire Marquee have hired a professional team for events planning. You can contact them to prepare the hall according to your requirements in cost-effective budget. Furthermore, there is are capacity of approximately 5000 guests in the Marquee. Arranging your events at the Marquee can turn them into an amazing memory for you.

  • Guest Capacity 200-5000 guests
  • No of Event Halls: 3
  • Location: Near PSO Pump, Islamabad Expressway

2. Islamabad Serena Hotel

Islamabad Serena Hotel - Marquees in Islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Serena Hotel is a well-reputed hotel in Islamabad located at Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy, opposite Convention Centre، G-5/1 G-5, Islamabad. It has the status of a 5-star hotel offering clients luxurious and elite-class services including all-season swimming pools. The hotel hosts various event halls where different events can be arranged simultaneously. There is no doubt about the hotel’s popularity as it is located among picturesque sceneries. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Rawal Lake and Margalla Hills.

Furthermore, the hotel facilitates visitors with a range of venues for wedding halls i.e. indoor and outdoor halls. Besides these, there is an accommodation facility for hundreds of guests.

  • Guest Capacity: 5000 plus
  • Location: G-5/1 G-5, Islamabad
  • Event Halls: 2

3. Monal Marquee

Monal Marquee - Marquees in Islamabad - ahgroup-pk

The Monal Marquee has marked itself on the list of wedding halls in Islamabad. However, the Marquee is not only for weddings, it hosts multiple events like annual meetings of national and multinational companies, functions, expos, and music nights. The Marquee is located on the beautiful Margalla Road E-11 Islamabad.

In addition, the excellent decoration and the finest architecture of the Marquee set it apart from other Marquees in Islamabad.

  • Guests Capacity: 1000 Plus
  • Location: Margalla Road, E-11, Islamabad
  • Events Halls: 2

4. Aura Grande

Aura Grande - Marquees in Islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Aura Grande is another from the list of famous marquee and marriage halls in Islamabad. The marquee is located at Margalla Road E-11. Aura Grande Marquee has been the primary focus of clients due to its eye-catching decor.

In addition, to its facilities, the Marquee has a total of 4 halls facilitating more than 800 guest in a hall at a time. With its extensive services and impressive interior, the Aura Grande has a signifact position on the list of the best marriage halls in Islamabad.

  • Guests Capacity: 800 Plus
  • Location: Margalla Road, E-11, Islamabad
  • Events Halls: 4

5. AL-Zawaj Marquee & Wedding Hall

AL-Zawaj Marquee and Wedding Hall - marquees in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Are you looking to make your events memorable? AL-Zawaj Marquee is one of the famous Marquees located at Islamabad Expressway. The Marquee has many features including spacious halls having enough capacity to accommodate more than 1000 guests. In addition to the features of the Marquee, it facilitates the guests with a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Furthermore, due to its finest services, the Marquee has earned a reputed name in the industry. In Islamabad, the Al-Zawaj Marquee is the best option for events like weddings, birthdays, annual meetings, etc.

  • Guests Capacity: 1000 Plus
  • Location: Islamabad Expressway
  • Events Halls: 3

6. The Royal Executive Marquee

The Royal Executive Marquee - marquees in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Located in the E-11 sector of Islamabad, The Royals Marquee, one of the top Marquees in Islamabad, stands out with its classy and unique interior, creative decor, and exceptional seating arrangements, making it the top choice for the guests. With the capacity to accommodate more than 1000 guests, its selection of themes attracts numerous customers. The Royals Marquee ensures to make your day even more special with its beautiful decor, delectable food menu, and top-notch sound system, adding an extra flavor to your wedding day.

  • Guests Capacity: Approximately 1500
  • Location: H-13, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad
  • Events Halls: 2 Marquees, 2 Banquet Halls

7. Imperial Marquee

Imperial Marquee - marquees in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Situated in the H-13 sector, this elegant and sophisticated marquee boasts a spacious capacity, perfect for hosting events of any kind. It offers very reasonable rates and a wide range of services and is the ideal choice for nearby residents. For your upcoming events, contact them today for booking and ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests.

  • Guests Capacity: Approximately 900
  • Location: H-13, Main Kashmir Highway, Islamabad
  • Events Halls: 1

8. Taj Marquee Islamabad

taj marquee islamabad - marquees in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Inspired by the majestic historical place, Taj Mahal, and the Mughal era, this marquee shows a touch of history and tradition in every aspect, from the food to the environment. With its beautiful and classy interior and decor, you’ll feel transported to another time. Offering customizable event options to suit your taste and requirements, this marquee is perfect for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

  • Guests Capacity: Approximately 800
  • Location: Opp. Main Margalla Road, Express Highway, Islamabad.
  • Events Halls: 1

9. The Paragon Marquee

the paragon marquee islamabad - marquees in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

The Paragon Marquee, located in the E-11 sector of Islamabad, is renowned as one of the city’s premier event venues. With its spacious event spaces and capacity to host a large number of guests, this beautiful marquee ensures that your event is memorable and enjoyable. Hire the Paragon Marquee for your upcoming event and make the most of your special day. Apart from weddings and birthdays, many colleges in Islamabad book halls for annual functions in the Paragon Marquee.

  • Guests Capacity: Approximately 2200
  • Location: E-11/4 Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
  • Events Halls: 4

10. Fortress Marquee

Fortress marquee islamabad - marquees in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Are you planning an upcoming event and searching for an affordable marquee in Islamabad? Look no further than Fortress Marquee, conveniently located at the Islamabad Expressway. With a professional staff dedicated to providing excellent service, Fortress Marquee offers catering and exceptional event management services to ensure your event is a success.

  • Guests Capacity: Approximately 3000
  • Location: Islamabad Expressway, near Madina Town, Islamabad.
  • Events Halls: 2

11. Ramada Hotels

Ramada Hotel islamabad - marquees in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Ramada, a 4-star deluxe hotel located on Rawal Lake in Islamabad, stands out as both a hotel and a marriage hall. Also, it is one of the restaurants in Islamabad. Offering a range of wedding packages, the hotel provides in-house services such as make-up artists, florists, and wedding planners for added convenience. What distinguishes Ramada from other wedding venues in Islamabad is its exceptional food options, spanning from local to international cuisines. Additionally, the hotel provides accommodation for guests, making it highly convenient for those travelling from far to attend the wedding.

  • Guests Capacity: Approximately 600
  • Location: Rawal Lake, Shakar Parian, Islamabad
  • Events Halls: 2


We have discussed in detail how to make your events memorable. For this purpose, we highlighted various Marquees in Islamabad. You can choose from them according to your budget, number of guests, and features you want to benefit from. In addition, all the enlisted marquees and wedding halls are conveniently located allowing you and your guest to attend any event hassle-free. Apart from the exclusive services of the marquees, they are also the best options for investment in businesses in Pakistan.


Why is event in marquee so expensive?

After reading about the facilities and features of a marquee, you may change your perspective that marquees are expensive. However, arranging an event in a marquee allows you to enjoy your moments and leave the rest to the organizers at the Marquee or wedding hall.

How do I choose a marquee?

Simply, visit the official website of any marquee you want to book, or you can visit there for hall booking etc.

What are the disadvantages of marquee?

There are not much disadvantages of a marquee as compared to its advantages.

How does marquee work?

A wedding hall or marquee provides a customizable space for weddings and events, offering flexibility in layout, décor, and capacity.

How much is a marquee for 100 guests?

It depends on the services and features you want to avail. However, the average cost per guest is PKR 1500. So, the cost for 100 people or guests is PKR 150000.

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