Top 5 Famous Deserts of Pakistan

Famous deserts in Pakistan

When it comes to scenic, breathtaking and natural views, Pakistan is on the top list. Pakistan is rich in mountain ranges, amazing hill stations, and tourism gems. Recently Pakistan is credited with the World’s top Tourism Place in 2020.  From the total land of Pakistan, 10% of the land is covered with drylands that are usually called deserts. Deserts are spread all around the country region with different features. Deserts in Pakistan are known for their uniqueness and different features from each other. You can also read about famous dams in Pakistan. If you love tourism read our blogs on beautiful hill stations in Pakistan and mountain ranges in Pakistan, and if you are looking to read about deserts in Pakistan, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will examine the mysterious deserts of Pakistan and talk about how many deserts in Pakistan?

Pakistan has four major deserts with a historical background. The names of deserts in Pakistan are listed below.

List of 5 Famous Deserts of Pakistan:

Name Total Area Location Highest Temperature
1. Thar Desert 30,000 km sq Sindh Province of Pakistan 45-50°C
2. Kharan Desert 20,000 km sq Washuk Tehsil, Balochistan 42°C
3. Thal Desert 20000 km sq Jhelum city of Punjab 44°C
4. Cholistan Desert 25,800 km sq Bahawalpur 50°C
5. Katpana Desert (Cold Desert) ————— District Skardu, Gilgit−Baltistan 27 °C (81 °F)

1. The Thar Desert

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The Thar Desert is one of the largest desert of Pakistan. It has a total area of 175,000 square kilometers that covers the major areas of Pakistan and India. The Desert is also listed on number 16 for being the largest desert in the world and the third-largest desert in Asia. The desert covers 15% area in Pakistan and the rest of the 85% area in India. In Pakistan, it covers a total area of 30,000 km2 (12,000 sq mi) of the desert. And in India, it covers 170,000 km2 (66,000 sq mi) of the desert.

In Pakistan, the desert is spread in a province of Pakistan named “Sindh”. The desert had almost 30 million population which makes the desert the most populated desert. These are the reasons why it is also known as the “Friday Desert”. The inhabitants of the deserts mostly belong to rural areas and follow Hinduism and Islam. Most of the population adopt the occupation of mushroom farming and agriculture. The people of the desert celebrate different festivals that are organized by the locals of the desert. At the festival, there are also snake charmers, puppeteers, and acrobat performances. The Thar Desert is considered to be one of the largest desert on Pakistan map.

2. Kharan Desert

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The Kharan Desert of Pakistan is a sandy and mountainous desert that is located in the southwest of the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The desert is famous among people because of its arid climate. The desert serves as a section of Pakistan’s second nuclear test on 30 May 1998. The occupation adopted by the people of the desert is agriculture and farming. The Kharan Desert of Pakistan contains a total area of 20,000 sq km with a population of 0.23 million. The Desert is encircled by 3000 meter high mountains and hills. It is said the famous Alexander crossed this desert by entering the region from Khyber Pass after defeating the kings of the Porus. This is the reason why the Kharan Desert of Pakistan is known as one of the most largest desert in Pakistan.

3. The Thal Desert

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The Thal Desert is the third-largest desert of Pakistan. It is located in Punjab, the province of Pakistan. In Punjab, it is situated between Jhelum and Sindh rivers. The Desert had a total area of 20000 km square. The major area of the Thal desert is covered with dunes. Due to the hot and dry climate, the process of plantation is not possible in the desert of thal. The locals of the desert use Thal Chanal to get water. In June maximum temperature gets high as 44°C and as low as 0°C.

The Thal desert is not like other largest desert in Pakistan, it’s all covered with green grass, shrubs, and trees in February and March. The local farmers of the desert use the land of the desert for the farming of green chickpeas also named hara choliyan in the local language. One of the major highlighted factors of the thal desert is the Greater Thal Canal. This Canal contains a worth of multi million-rupee. This Canal was inaugurated for the distribution of water, farming, and agriculture in the rural areas of the Thal desert. Also, visit our blog on the best insurance companies in Pakistan.

4. The Cholistan Desert

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The Cholistan desert of Pakistan is located in Bahawalpur one of the large cities of Punjab the province of Pakistan. It has a total area of 25,800 km2 (10,000 sq mi). In the past, the desert was a resourceful region because it was getting water from the Himalayan range. But later on, the desert converted itself as a hub of semi-nomadic people that became a way of establishment of forts. The Cholistan desert of Pakistan covers three districts of Punjab in its area including Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Rahim Yar Khan.

Cholistan desert is well known because of its local and handmade products including wool, cotton, silver, and gold produced jewelry items, and handwoven blankets. Cholistani Khussas is one of the most famous handcrafted items of this desert. The majority of the semi-nomadic people gain resources from livestock by breeding animals to sell. The Cholistan desert of Pakistan had a lot of unique birds and animals including wolves (rare), Red fox, Peregrine falcon, cobra, Saw viper, Russell’s viper, Jackal, Indian mongoose, and Forest cat. Derawar fort gives a presence of history to the Cholistan desert.

5. Katpana Desert (Cold Desert)

katpana desert - famous deserts of pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Katpana Desert also named “Cold Desert” is situated in Skardu District northern side of Gilgit Baltistan. It’s a high-altitude desert that contains a large number of dunes of sand, covered with snow in winter. Globally, katpana deserts take a place to be one of the highest deserts, with an unbelievable elevation of 2,226 meters (7,303 ft) above sea level. At night, this desert gives a mesmerizing, stunning, and magnificent sandy view that converts it into a majestic place to visit.

Katpana Desert’s large area is observed in Skardu and Shigar Valley. A large number of tourists visit this desert every year. The specific area of desert which is most of the time visited by the tourists is located near the Skardu, airport. Its temperature ranges from minimum 8 °C (46 °F), and a maximum of 27 °C (81 °F). Furthermore, in December and January, it can drop to below −17 °C (1 °F).


Pakistan is rich in natural and scenic views and is known for its history and natural beauty. Largest Desert in Pakistan take a major part to enhance the beauty of Pakistan. In this article, we have mentioned above the most famous names of deserts in Pakistan. The summer season of the holidays is coming to your door. Here we have a guide for some historical and Famous Places to visit in Peshawar.

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