10 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2023

Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Shopping is something we need to do at every event or for our daily usage. In our busy routine, it’s hard to go shopping and spend 2-3 hours searching for the thing we are looking to buy. To make our life easy and increase the selling, a lot of the retailers from clothing brands to mobile phones and home appliances turned their business to the internet. There are a lot of Online shopping websites in Pakistan. In this blog, we bring you the top 10 online shopping websites list in Pakistan. Also, check out our blog on the amazing Deserts of Pakistan.

People often ask the question which is the best website for online shopping in Pakistan? Afterall, we do not want to spend our hard-earned money on spam or defective products. If you want to earn more, you should read our blog on online earning websites in Pakistan.

Daraz, Telemart, Home Shopping, Vmart, Goto and Ali Express etc are one of the best websites for online shopping in Pakistan there are more in the list.

List of 10 best online shopping websites in Pakistan

Store Name Year Founded Website
1. Daraz 2012daraz.pk
2. Telemart 2014telemart.pk
3. Home Shopping 2008homeshopping.pk
4. Vmart 2007vmart.pk
5. Goto 2015goto.com.pk
6. Ali Express 2009aliexpress.com
7. Shophive 2005shophive.com
8. Shopon.pk 2013shopon.pk
9. iShopping.pk 2011ishopping.pk
10. BestBuyMall.pk 2018bestbuymall.pk

1. Daraz

daraz - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Daraz is one of the best online shopping sites in Pakistan. It was founded in 2012. It’s an online store where you can buy a lot of things like clothes, home appliances, mobile phones, electronics, and much more. It offers the best online clothing brands in Pakistan for women, men, and kids.

You can find countless items of kitchen and home décor. If you are a history buff, you can find historical art, vintage wall hangings, and other decoration items on Daraz. History lovers! You should read our blog on museums in Pakistan before planning your next trip.

Daraz is one of the most popular online shopping websites because of its discounts and delivery on time quality. Many leading brands had their online stores in Daraz that allows users to buy directly from the concerned brand via an online store. If the sales and popularity of the website increase in the coming years, It will become one of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan. Check out our blog Shopping Malls in Peshawar.

2. Telemart

telemart - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Telemart is listed in the best online shopping sites in Pakistan. It was started as a mobile phone online store but later on, it involved itself in home appliances, clothing brands, kids mart, and healthcare products. It aims to provide its customers the quality of service. Telemart is the one online store that owns the title of providing premium gold plated products. They also introduced their app to make it more convenient for their customers. Telemart is one of the oldest online shopping websites in Pakistan as it was founded in 2014. Get a read out our blog Picnic Spots in Islamabad 

3. Home Shopping

home shopping - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Home Shopping. pk is owned by Amazon as it’s the third-party client of it. We all know how cool Amazon is because it has everything. Home shopping started as an online mobile phone store where you can buy any mobile from home later on it includes the best online clothing brands in Pakistan, home appliances, kid’s wear, kid’s toys, and much more. Home Shopping .pk was founded in 2008 and till now it has developed itself as one of the leading platforms. Check out our blog Forex Trading in Pakistan.

4. Vmart

vmart - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Vmart is an electronic product online store where you can start buying from mobile phones to all types of mobile gadgets, computer gadgets, gaming gears, and laptops. It was founded in 2007 and has grown into a premium e-commerce website in Pakistan. It provides the fastest delivery time and the best quality services to its customers. This is the reason why Vmart is considered to be the top leading online shopping website list in Pakistan. Get to know about Housing Societies in Islamabad.

5. Goto

goto - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Goto.com is a unique platform in the field of fashion, electronics, technology, health products, and home decors. The best thing about Goto is they provide 100% original products to improve their services. They provide the most reliable hassle-free shopping experience at your fingertips. If the development of Goto.com remains the same, it will not be wrong saying in the upcoming years it will become one of the best online shopping sites. Also, check out real estate marketing ideas.

6. Ali Express

ali express - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Aliexpress offers unique and high-quality products, including mobile accessories, apparel, footwear, self-care, home décor, and kitchenware. There are some stores selling very classy and elegant crockery sets. You can even find dining sets similar to the sets used in top hotels in Islamabad. It was founded in 2009 and owned by the Alibaba group. It’s an international online store but due to its free shipping option to Pakistan, it has gained popularity. It is difficult to get an exact number of active users of Aliexpress in Pakistan. The procedure of Aliexpress is first the parcel went to the IMO (International Mailing Office). The mail agent departs the latter from the parcel. And then passed the parcel to the FBR custom house. The customs officer does his inspection whether the thing in the parcel is relatable to the customs duty or not. Aliexpress is becoming one of the best choices to buy from an online store. Most of brand in Shopping Malls in Islamabad are provide online services as well.

7. Shophive

shophive - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Shophive is the very first e.commerce store in Pakistan that was established in 2005. It provides a broad range of electronics products, mobile phones, daily care products, health products, and home appliances. They have separated the option of the corporate sector where they engage with the business owners for the acquisition needs. For sure you will get a discount for buying from them. So, If you are searching for the best online shopping website in Pakistan, Shophive must be on top of the list. Read more about Restaurants in Islamabad

The online shopping website in Pakistan is also well-known for its excellent customer and after-sale support. The pricing is nearly identical to those on the market. It provides quick delivery to Pakistan’s major cities. In addition, it has a large shopping volume and has been in business for a long time. That is to say, it may easily be ranked among Pakistan’s top ten e-commerce websites.

Shophive.com sells a variety of electrical products. Laptops, mobile phones, televisions, printers, scanners, video games, appliances, fashion, health and beauty, and other things are examples. It is one of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan. 

If you are unable to go to the market to purchase products, this website can provide you with some amazing offers that you can purchase from the comfort of your own home. The rates are nearly identical, and the shipping is prompt. Get to know about Universities in Islamabad

8. Shopon

shopon - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Here we have another emerging online shopping website that has taken the place for being the best website for trendy apparel, gadgets such as cameras, lenses, mobile phones, gaming consoles, fashion-related stuff, earbuds, and smartwatches. Shopon.pk brings you the products with amazing discounts and a vision to make Pakistan’s name bright for having the best e-commerce industry. Shopon was founded in 2013 by Usman Sheikh. The best thing about this one of the leading online shopping websites in Pakistan is, whopping discounts on quality products and the 24/7 services they offer are just unbeatable. Read more about Historical Places in Pakistan

9. IShopping

ishopping - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

iShopping.pk deals with clothing brands, mobile phones, tablets, beauty and cosmetics, home accessories, appliances, kitchen appliances, daily use products, laptops, TVs and DVDs, baby care products, home decor, furniture, gaming consoles, games, books, sports, fashion accessories, jewelry, footwear and much more. They are dedicated to offering quality products at affordable prices with a good experience. It was founded in 2011 and within a year they have taken place to be one of the leading best online shopping sites in Pakistan. The best part of this home shopping site is they have all the world’s leading brands. They aim to offer an extensive line of all category products in one place. If this aim remains the same, then no one can stop ishopping.pk to become one of the top leading online shopping websites in Pakistan. Read more about Things to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

10. Best Buy Mall

best buy mall - online shopping websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Best Buy Mall is in the fourth position when we see the online shopping websites list. It’s a rapidly growing online shopping website in Pakistan that offers all category stuff. Some of the products that BBM offers include fashion apparel, electronics, groceries, books, pharmacies, TVs and DVDs, baby care products, home decor, furniture, mobile phones, and much more. The reason for being the famous hassle-free online shopping mall is, you can buy all necessities instantly from home with quality services based on local transportation capacities. As a hyper-local mall, BMM connects with local businesses including retailers and sellers. Since 2018 BBM is a hyperlocal e-commerce platform that allows sellers to connect globally with millions of customers on one platform called BestBuyMall. On other hand, it has become a leading platform and listed as to be one of the best business ideas in Pakistan with a low investment. Get to know about Lakes in Pakistan

All the above-mentioned websites are known for being trusted and providing quality services to their clients. This is the reason why they are listed as the top 10 best Online shopping websites in Pakistan. Do you want to know How you can earn from Small investments? Then must read about business ideas in Pakistan.

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