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Pakistan is a country rich in traditions, culture, and history. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is playing a massive role in developing the real estate industry. It will not be wrong to say it’s several beautiful places to visit, top universities, elite class shopping malls, and famous restaurants are the reasons that make Islamabad be the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is meant to be the City of Islam and is situated on the Pothohar Plateau on the northern side of the Punjab region.

Many of us prefer to live in Islamabad because of its green, planned, and well-facilitated bounds. Recently several Housing Societies have in Islamabad are launched to offer luxury, low cost, and provisioning to the housing requirements of buyers and investors on a budget. In this blog, we will talk about the top five list of housing societies in Islamabad.
So, let’s start before further delay!

List of Housing Societies in Islamabad:

Societies Location Launch Date Website
1. DHA Islamabad Defence Housing Authority Islamabad-Rawalpindi 18th, August 2008
2. Capital Smart City Islamabad Near to new Islamabad International Airport on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 2nd May 2019
3. Gulberg Green Main Islamabad Expressway 2007
4. Park View City Park View City, Malot Road, Islamabad 22, June 2020
5. Bahria town Islamabad Near Jinnah Avenue in zone IV of Islamabad 14th, January 1997
6. Top City Islamabad Near New International Airport Islamabad 2012
7. PWD Housing Society Near Koral Chowk, Expressway, Islamabad

1. DHA Islamabad

DHA Islamabad - housing societies in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

We are sure you must be familiar with DHA Islamabad. There is no need for introduction as it has a well-recognized and reputed name in the real estate industry. It is the most trusted and famous housing society in Islamabad. DHA – Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad is a remarkable real estate Islamabad project that was launched on 18th August 2008. It is known as the best place to spend in Pakistan because of the property value in the real estate market. If you aim to see the most luxuries and advanced dwelling settings, step into the DHA Islamabad, your dream will come true. The reasons for being the leading housing societies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are its modern infrastructure, driving facilities, and, of course, the prime location. They offer you the best facilities that can lead you towards a unique and new destination of dwelling. Some of its facilities are mentioned below:


  • Golf Course
  • Wide Road Network and green belts
  • Imported Accessories & Fitting
  • 24-hour support facility
  • Round the clock security
  • Gated Community
  • Themed Park
  • Premium Finishes
  • Commercial Area and shopping Malls
  • Capacious Bedrooms with Attached Bath
  • Equipped Hospital
  • International Standard School
  • Beautiful Lake

DHA offers different Schemes including, Residential, Commercial avenues, Overseas blocks, and DHA homes, and offers several houses for sale in Islamabad. These all are the reasons that make DHA Islamabad the best housing society in Islamabad. Also read our blog on Historical Places in Islamabad.

2. Capital Smart City Islamabad

capital smart city Islamabad - housing societies in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Capital Smart City Islamabad comes with a unique and lavish lifestyle in Pakistan. It is the very first Smart City in Pakistan with state-of-the-art residential and commercial projects in Pakistan. Additionally, it has become an easy way for those who are looking to have a house for rent in Islamabad. It is at a prime location near the new Islamabad International Airport, on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2. Future Holdings Developments and Habib Rafiq(Pvt) are the collaborators of Capital Smart City. These both are well-reputed construction companies in Pakistan also the developers of Bahria and DHA Islamabad. The master plan was assigned to a Singapore-based consultancy firm called Surbana Jurong (SJ) and designed by Norman Foster. It covers a total area of 55,000 Kanals. Later on, more land will be added over time to offer well-settled and managed CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad. It is gaining popularity as many people prefer to have a house for rent in Islamabad and Capital Smart City is the best option for them. They offer you the best living style with all the luxury facilities, including:


  • The designated road from M-2
  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Mosques, Parks, lakes
  • Underground Electricity
  • 24/7 Water, gas & electricity
  • Proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  • Metro bus system
  • Advanced Security
  • Smart apps (traffic, weather, electricity, internet)
  • The Smart and modern Housing plan
  • Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs
  • World Class infrastructure
  • Overseas block
  • Green and Clean environment
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Recreational Activities
  • Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

3. Gulberg Green

gulberg green Islamabad - housing societies in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Next on our list is Gulberg Green, the most distinctive housing society in Islamabad. As the name suggests, it claims to offer a green and peaceful environment. It’s an Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan, so the security standards are beyond the limits. IBECHS is the alternative name of this real estate Islamabad project. The idea of the project development was to provide full-fledged security with all luxury and elite class facilities to the residents. It is located at an ideal location of the main Islamabad Expressway and is connected to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. That is the reason which makes it one of the best housing societies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It covers total land of 15000 Kanals, which includes over 10000 residential plots and farmhouses. The best part is it’s about 12 km or 10 minutes away from Zero Point and 14 minutes from the famous Aabpara Market. It’s a housing society in Islamabad approved by CDA in 2011, whereas NOC was provided in 2012. Some of the facilities of Gulberg Green are written below:


  • State-of-art Infrastructure
  • All plots located on 50ft to 160ft wide roads
  • Gated community
  • Resources
  • 220ft wide main boulevard
  • Friendly Environment
  • Underpass access to Islamabad Expressway
  • Excellent development
  • Underground electricity, gas, and water supply

4. Park View City

park view city Islamabad - housing societies in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

If you are looking for a house for sale in Islamabad or a house for rent in Islamabad, Park view city is the best option. This stunning housing society in Islamabad is at an ideal location of Bani Gala Suburbs. If you are a person that loves lush green plains with peaceful and soulful silence, this might be the best place for you. It was launched on 22, June 2020 and it’s one of the new housing societies in Islamabad. Society is full of natural water, natural scenes, and the beauty of hill stations. It’s spread in a total area of 7000 Kanal including several residential and commercial blocks. Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan is the owner of it, who is also a member of a popular ruling party of Pakistan, PTI. With a title of downtown, the industrial marketplace has separate space allocated. It offers all luxury facilities to its residents. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Imax Cinemas
  • Commercial Walk
  • Zoo And Parks
  • Club & Community Center
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Mosque
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 Electricity, Gas and Water
  • Load Shedding Free Zone
  • Underground Supply of Electricity
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Modern Infrastructure And Elegant Housing Plan
  • State-Of-Art Development
  • Park View City Apartments Botanical Garden

5. Bahria Town Islamabad

bahria town Islamabad - housing societies in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

We all have heard the name Bahria Town. In fact, some of us might be working or living in Bahria Town. It is one of the most famous housing societies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It’s known for offering a luxurious lifestyle and modern infrastructure. It also holds the title of one of the oldest CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad. Bahria Town Islamabad is situated at the heart of Islamabad near Jinnah Avenue in zone IV with extraordinary modern architecture. If you ask any investor which is the best option to spend their money in, they will say the name of Bahria Town without a blink of an eye. Because of its reliable and proficient work in the past, it has the freehand NOC. It has been divided into subdivisions Phase-II, III, V, VI, VII, and VII. With all the memorable spots, inspirational landscapes, old statues, buildings, and skyscrapers, Bahria Town has it all. Some of the facilities of Bahria Town Islamabad include:


  • Health clubs /gyms
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Beautiful parks and gardens
  • Sports club
  • Friendly neighborhood
  • Car parking
  • Shopping malls
  • Patrol pumps and CNG stations
  • Security system
  • Public transportation
  • Underground gas supply
  • Restaurants
  • Walking tracks
  • Hospitals
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Load Shedding free zone
  • Water
  • Wi-Fi
  • Underground electricity
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Solid footpaths and green belts with 100 feet road
  • School /Colleges
  • Commercial areas
  • Fun land for kids
  • Zoo and safari park
  • Gorgeous entry gate

6. Top City Islamabad

top city islamabad - housing societies in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Established in 2012, Top City Islamabad is recognized as the best housing society in Islamabad. The society is listed among CDA approved societies and has witnessed rapid construction, offering a blend of modernity and environmental sustainability. It stands out as one of the best societies in Islamabad, providing a trustworthy, luxurious, and cost-effective living experience. Alongside other housing societies in Islamabad, Top City offers a range of amenities, including a lavish commercial district with grand retail malls, upscale arcades, renowned hotels and resorts, and prestigious international brands. Residents and clients can indulge in various leisure activities like swimming pools, Lake View Park, a gymnasium, mini golf, and more. With its exceptional offerings, the housing scheme in Islamabad continues to be a top choice for residents and investors. Explore the list of housing societies in Islamabad and consider Top City your ideal housing scheme in the capital city. Check out Picnic spots in Islamabad.

7. PWD Housing Society

PWD housing society islamabad - housing societies in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

PWD housing society, being one of the best housing societies in Islamabad, has established itself as a premier residential destination in the twin cities. It attracts residents from Islamabad and beyond, as it is a highly sought-after Islamabad housing society. PWD stands out among the top societies in Islamabad, being on the list of approved societies by CDA (Capital Development Authority). Unlike many other housing schemes in the area, the PWD housing society allows homeowners to build their dream homes according to their preferences. The society offers an array of amenities, including healthcare institutions, recreational areas, trade and business facilities, and educational centers. With 24/7 resource availability and a secure gated neighborhood, the PWD housing society remains an excellent choice for those seeking the best housing societies in Islamabad. You can also read about Best swimming pools in Islamabad.


So, these were the top 5 Housing Societies in Islamabad that are playing a prominent role in the development of the real estate sector of Pakistan and are known for offering all elite facilities and amenities. We hope this article was helpful to you. You can also read our blog about the Provinces of Pakistan.

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