Top 5 Real Estate Companies in Peshawar

real estate companies in Peshawar

Real Estate is a business where people earn good returns on investment and create their platform or a sphere to make themselves visible to others and offer them opportunities for investment in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities of Pakistan. Real estate is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. It is not that easy to become one of the well-known and reputed real estate companies in Peshawar or Pakistan. But still, there are a lot of real estate companies that are operating in several cities of Pakistan. They are a great source to support the industry. Also, these companies are playing a massive role in the development of the country.

So, today we are going to talk about these unique real estate companies in Peshawar.

List of Best Real Estate Companies in Peshawar:

Name Location Contact Projects Website
1. Khyber Realtors Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (+92)3135524758 ———
2. 5G Properties Office No. B-504, 4th Floor, JB Tower, Main University Road Peshawar (091)5854084 Lakeway Cottages, 5G Emporium
3. White House Property Center Office, 433 Saddar Road, Peshawar (+92)3340800303 ———
4. AH Group Office #01, 5th floor, JB Tower, Main University Road, Peshawar (051)111678678 Florenza Mall – Peshawar, 091 Mall – Peshawar, North Hills – Murree, and Mall of Hangu – District Hangu
5. 20Acres Pvt Ltd Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (+92)3179992220 Himalaya City Apartments

1. Khyber Realtors

Khyber Realtors is a new but innovative real estate company in Peshawar. The company is located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They hold all of the attention of the city because of unique strategies and new ideas. They have hired highly skilled, experienced, and adequate experts in their departments and are always ready to perform their duties. They are known for showing 100% fulfillment and results that are not beatable. The company always focuses on their vision and mission to fulfill and aim to become the only sphere that works uniquely to offer the best opportunities for Real Estate in Peshawar. It will be not wrong to say soon they will combat and provide the best property dealers in Peshawar with the best possibilities and investment ideas in Peshawar.

2. 5G Properties

As a leading real estate company, 5G Properties offers the best and most reliable real estate investment ideas in Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan with innovative ideas. They have hired skilled staff and workers not only to build houses and malls but also, to make them visible and make them stand out. The company is famous for offering development, construction, and sales services. It is located at Office No. B-504, 4th Floor, JB Tower, Main University Road Peshawar. The company always focuses on achieving and giving the most precise to its customers so that they can also rely on them next time. They have several property dealers in Peshawar and other cities that offer enormous and prestigious residential and commercial projects to clients in a professional manner. These all are the reasons that make 5G Properties the best opportunity for real estate investment in Peshawar. We have listed down the real estate projects by 5G Properties, have a look:

Real Estate Projects:

  • Lakeway Cottages
  • 5G Emporium

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3. White House Property Center

White House Property Center is one of the top listed real estate companies in Peshawar. They are located in the office, 433 Saddar Road, Peshawar. The company is focused and has hired workers to redefine the art of living and make it luxurious and proficient. The company has now spread its network to the capital of Pakistan – Islamabad. It works for both domestic and international Real est

ate projects. They always try to put their best efforts into providing smooth customer care services to their clients. Customers can approach the White House property Center with confidence and ease because of their long-term customer relationships and investor-friendly approach. The company aims and works to offer the most leading ethical standards and the circumstances in which the company operates. So, choosing them will not be a wrong decision.

4. AH Group

AH Group is a well-known name in the real estate industry. They have been working in the market for more than 1.5 years. In such a short time, the company has grown and developed. It has several ongoing and upcoming real estate projects. Which will be absolutely remarkable and become recognized because of their unique architecture merge with the old and modern era. They are located in office #01, 5th floor, JB Tower, Main University Road, Peshawar. The rest of the offices are in Hangu, Kohat, and Murree, and the head office is in the capital of Pakistan – Islamabad. In this short period, they have taken a role in building three shopping malls and a residencia. It is not wrong to say that this real estate company in Peshawar has its own way, unique style, qualified and skilled workers, who are highly passionate about their duties and always ready to face the new trends and market challenges. We have listed down the real estate projects by AH Group, have a look into them:

Real Estate Projects:

  • 091 Mall – Peshawar
  • Florenza Mall and Residencia – Peshawar
  • North Hills- Murree
  • Mall of Hangu – MOH – Hangu

AH Group has created a new pitch that has given a unique essence to the industry and offered several investment ideas in Peshawar.

5. 20Acres Pvt Ltd

If we talk about a new, fresh and unique real estate company in Peshawar, then 20 acres Pvt Ltd should stand top of the list. Here it’s on the last, the reason is, yet it’s not a much-known company. But because of its project and working style, it competes with others. The company is located at Bab e Peshawar, Phase III Chowk, University Road, Peshawar, but runs offices in all major cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, and Murree. They have a bit of a different niche to work with, as they operate to offer installment payment structures. It will not just attract the locals of Pakistan but also the foreign investors, which boosts their business.

Real Estate Projects:

  • Himalaya City Apartments


So, these were the top 5 real estate companies in Peshawar that operate and work to serve their best in the real estate industry. You can also read our blog on construction companies in Peshawar.

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