17 Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas in 2024

Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

If you have a real estate business and you think your business can’t afford marketing, then you may be wrong. There are some tips & tactics to follow if you want to promote your real estate business in Pakistan; or if you are searching for Real Estate Marketing, then you are in the right place. For that, you must know “what is real estate”,  “what is a marketing strategy” & “why a marketing strategy is important”. Get to know about Insurance Companies in Pakistan.

What is real estate?

A property that consists of land or a building is called real estate. Property rights give a name of ownership to the house, land, or building.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

In simple words creating a single comprehensive plan to achieve the company’s goals & objectives is called a marketing strategy. Well-reputed companies always create marketing strategies by researching new trends.

Why is Marketing Strategy important?

Having a marketing strategy is a beneficial point to promote your business. A marketing strategy can be called a “road map” It will guide you in each step that you are taking. Marketing is essential because without marketing your business will not go anywhere no one will see your product or services. Read about Business Ideas in Pakistan.

What are the 4 P’s of marketing in real estate?
Do you have an idea of 4 P’s of marketing here are they People, Price, Promotion, and Product.

How do you attract people in real estate?

There are different types of marketing strategies. But each of the strategies depends on how it is useful for your business & what kind of strategy suits your business & why is it good for your business?

Ok then! Let’s make a list of marketing strategies to follow. We are going to talk about the most effective marketing strategies to grow your business. For that, you have to create a marketing plan for the real estate projects. In this blog, we list down top marketing ideas on creating a real estate marketing plan for sellers. Get to know about best real estate companies in Pakistan.

List of Unique Real Estate Business Marketing Ideas:

  1. Create a Professional Website
  2. Build a Blog
  3. Run Google Ad Campaigns
  4. Impress the Audience with Drone Photography
  5. Implement SEO strategy for Real Estate Website
  6. Email Marketing
  7. SMS Marketing
  8. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  9. Local Magazines or Newspapers
  10. Influencer to Promote your Company
  11. Share Guest Post Articles
  12. Publish Press Releasese
  13. Get Registered in Online Business Directories
  14. Keep an Eye on Brand Awareness
  15. Start Outsource Marketing When Needed
  16. IGTV Videos
  17. Optimize Content for Search Engines

1. Create A Professional Website

professional website - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Well! Whenever we think about any kind of design or home or some other thing, what comes to mind first is ‘A Website’. We directly put the website name in google & search about the brand or property & when we talk about Real Estate Business, of course, it becomes more important to have a professional website to represent your Real Estate Projects. If your website is well-designed, looks professional, and full of content, we don’t think a visitor will leave your website without reading its details. According to Google, it is said that 80% of renters and investors use the internet to buy and lease a property. Also read about best cafes in Islamabad.

Maintain your website and generate the lead!. It is essential to give an impressive impression to your client through a professionally designed website. Make sure the design is clean & user-friendly, try to use the navigation that includes the search tool which links the website to your blogs & social media channels. Try to use mix & visible content on the Real Estate Website. You can also create write high-quality articles, HD Videos, Write Informative PDFs showing valuable data & Many more educational data that can attract your visitors to the prospectus they are visiting your website. High-quality content helps you to create a trustworthy relationship between you & your visitor. Find out the best Universities in Peshawar 

2. Build a Blog

blog - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Blogging is one of the best way for brands & businesses & when it comes to Real Estate Marketing it becomes more necessary. One simple reason behind blogging is the marketers who blog get 70% more leads as compared to those who don’t write blogs. A company blog also plays a massive role in Search Engine & Social Media appearance, & also a great way to have a conversation with your potential client base. You can deal with your clients and can advise them, give them some tips, updates about the company, Highlight the record sales & talk about relevant industry’s local & commercial news. Get to know about Private and Government Hospitals in Peshawar

If you haven’t written any blog yet for your website then hurry up! Write it down now…

3. Run Google Ad Campaigns

google ads - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

When it comes to lead generation google can be the best place if you succeed in landing on the first page of google. You might know you cannot rely on SEO to get the position that you want for the website. If you want to generate leads and don’t have much time to wait and generate organic leads then you must need to Run Paid Google Ad Campaigns. Google AdWords offers efficient, fast & reliable renters or investors online. It allows you to run your ads and provide your services on a specific location in the search. This is one of the fastest ways to get in front of your most likely recruits. Read more about Shopping Malls in Peshawar

4. Impress the Audience with Drone Photography

Drone Photography - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

This is the most commonly used gadget nowadays for sports, films & events & of course Real Estate Projects. If you are not going to compete with your competitors you may put your business at risk. See if a client cannot visit the property as he is somewhere outside he will ask you to send him the visual images or HD videos. Homes with proper images & a well-designed portfolio sell 70% faster than those who don’t have any photography portfolio. So, instead of photography that takes many hours, panoramas, and lighting, A Drone with a few fly-bys can capture the complete vision of a plot or home in a few minutes, this kind of marketing speaks for itself. The reason behind that 70% of people who buy the property is its support’s slow-motion, slow-zoom & capturing the entire plot or home with different angles just using one tool named Drone. Take out a time and read our blog Hotels in Peshawar

5. Implement SEO strategy for Real Estate Website

SEO strategy - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

There are 2 types of Search Engine Optimization for a website: one is called On-Page SEO & the second one is off-page SEO. Both are important for a website to rank on google. Make sure your Real Estate Website is on the right boxes in terms of SEO. An efficient SEO Strategy helps you to generate free & organic traffic on your website from google & other search engines as well, it is also beneficial to view the targeted keywords of your website on google. A lot of Potential Renter & Investors use to research on google for properties. Get to know about Shopping Malls in Islamabad

6. Email Marketing

Email Marketing - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Email marketing is used to connect with the audience to present your brand & increase your sales rate. It is the highly recommended strategy of digital marketing to send emails to customers & prospects. Via Email marketing, you can convince the prospects to be your last long customers. It is also helpful to turn out your one-time buyer into your long-lasting fans. Make sure you are sending a newsletter round-up of your blog on monthly basis to reach out to your customers when there is some new property. In the real estate business, you have to be more professional. By using popular email marketing like lead pages you can create a way to collect email addresses & send them to your concerned customers. Use email marketing campaigns to add a lot of value & wait for some time that results will be reaching out soon. You can sell products, share new information, or share news about the business via email marketing. Read about Famous Deserts of Pakistan if you love to travel.

7. SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

We all know what is SMS (Short Message Service)?

SMS is the easiest, comfortable & less expensive way of marketing. Using SMS Marketing you can communicate with the prospects or homeowners with an open opinion, open rate & high engagement rate. None of the other channels generates the highest engagement rates rather than text messages. 90% of the realtors agree to communicate with their clients using SMS Marketing. The real estate business is all about making a relationship & the key to a good relationship is good communication. In the real estate field, SMS Marketing allows you to generate leads & promote the listing. Most of the customers turned their Facebook leads ad or website forms into texting so that will be easy for them to send text messages to new leads. In the real estate business, SMS Marketing is listed as the most effective & cheap way of marketing. Have a read out blog Hill Stations in Pakistan to knew about amazing places in Pakistan

8. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Social media marketing, also known as SMM is a big source to promote your real estate business. In the last few years, social media marketing has become one of the top authentic ways of branding for real estate companies. For a lot of real estate companies, SMM has turned out to be the best way to get interacted with potential buyers. In other words, SMM is a goldmine for the real estate business. There are millions of users active on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & vice versa. You can use Facebook and LinkedIn ads to boost your content, brand, posts, and viewers. There are a lot of strategies that are impacting real estate businesses. But as the need of this era, developers are implementing new marketing strategies to boost their emphasis on SMM. When it comes to the Real estate marketing strategy in Pakistan, social media marketing has the top position for being the top marketing ideas. Get to know about Mountain Ranges in Pakistan

9. Local Magazines or Newspapers

Local Magazines or Newspaper - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

By getting a team up with a local magazine or newspaper of your area is one of the top marketing ideas to promote your real estate business. Always try to write quality content that inspires your readers. For writing an article on magazines you have to make sure about a few things that can make your article impressive.

  • Try to choose a topic on which you are interested to write
  • Choose interesting angles of the topic
  • Do proper research on the topic
  • Create an outline to follow   
  • Check out the styles and guideline of the magazine and decide where to upload you article

In the real estate business, it’s important to be well known in public. People should know about your company about your ongoing projects and upcoming projects. For this purpose, writing articles in a magazine or newspaper is the best marketing plan for real estate projects to be promoted in the market. Read more about Things to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

10. Influencer to Promote your Company

Influencer marketing - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Collaborating with an influencer is a quite new way of marketing to promote your real estate business. The reason behind that, is normally influencers have millions of followers on their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or youtube who are engaged with the person every single day. Just like how an influencer promotes a product, he can also promote real estate projects or a real estate company. So the people who follow that person will more get to know about the business or brand. An influencer’s majority public followed his/her style or the brands he/she uses. Because the majority of followers are inspired by that person and they want social proof and recommendations by a public figure. An influencer can be a big source for converting his followers to become your loyal customers. There are different kinds of content that you can ask an influencer to create and promote your real estate business. We are going to write down the types of content:

  • Ask to sponsor your social media content
  • Gifting
  • Sponsor blog posts
  • Guest blogging
  • Make him/her Brand Ambassador

This way of marketing will give a boost to your social media accounts engagement. And this will definitely make your business more visible to the audience. Have a look our blog Things To Know About Cryptocurrency

11. Share Guest Post Articles

Guest Posting - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

There are several online websites, trade journals, and blogs where you can share your articles and present your company’s expertise. It’s beneficial in two ways. The first one is you will get a valid and active link to your website, which is also helpful to increase SEO value and grow your real estate business ranking in search engines. The second is your real estate projects get exposure on quality websites. Which your concern market believes that you may not be able to achieve on your website. Sharing guest post articles on quality websites is one of the Real estate marketing ideas. Read about Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan.

12. Publish Press Releases

Press Release - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

One of the most efficient ways to build a relationship with an audience is to share information or knowledge. This knowledge can be market analysis, news, guide, or an ebook. The majority of people get engaged with the news. If they find your news or information helpful, get attracted to your website and wait for your upcoming news. Create a news segment on your website to highlight company updates, related events, and new press. It will give your customers an impression that your real estate business is active and growing. Read about Forex Trading in Pakistan.

13. Get Registered in Online Business Directories

Online Business Directories - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Whenever we hear about a company or organization, we go to Google and search it. Same as that, buyers often find suggested companies via local business listings. So, make sure your Real estate business website appears in that suggested list. You can start listing your business with important ones like Bing Places for Business, Google My Business, LinkedIn Company Directory, Facebook, etc. There is a long list of real estate business listing websites online. Select which one is relatable to your business and start registering your company on them. It will also help you to improve your website’s latter authority for search engines. Also read our blog on online earning websites in Pakistan.

14. Keep an Eye on Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Every reputed company or business must have its logo, website, or way of presentation. It is essential to know the visual touchpoints that your customers have with your real estate business that are aligned with your criteria or not. In real estate, these touchpoints are represented by posting photos on MLS – multiple listing services, infographics, social media posts, banners, flyers, brochures, email campaigns, PPT presentations, etc. The way you brand your property is the way you create an impact on buyer’s minds. Engaging them in your brand is one of the most effective ways to make your audience feel interested in your company or property. Get to know about Tourism Companies in Pakistan

15. Start Outsource Marketing When Needed

Outsource Marketing - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

There are a lot of marketing activities that can serve your company better by an outside associate. From more comprehensive expertise to decreasing the cost of hiring and leading additional team members, outsource marketing is the best option for many real estate companies. It’s beneficial in several ways to brand your business. Firstly, it will increase your company’s access to hiring expertise. Secondly, hiring people to outsource marketing will offload your work. Thirdly, it reduces the HR cost, which means if you hire a whole team, it costs you more because you have to pay them individually. Whereas, if you reach an outsource company, you only have to pay the specified amount to the concerned partner or company. Read more about Provinces of Pakistan

16. IGTV Videos

IGTV - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

You can generate traffic through multiple platforms for your real estate business. Instagram , launched in 2018, has been a great platform for boosting businesses all around the world. From influencers  to bloggers, everyone uses Instagram to grow their profiles and businesses. The real estate projects can gain a lot of through IGTV videos. IGTV is one of the most inventive real estate marketing concepts and a fantastic method to popularize your listed homes, with video lengths ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. You may utilize these films to take consumers on a virtual neighbourhood tour in addition to exhibiting the interiors and giving customer testimonials. Get to know about Northern Areas of Pakistan.

17. Optimize Content for Search Engines

Optimize Content - real estate marketing ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

How can you get your thorough guides, articles, and blogs in front of the appropriate audience at the right moment now that you’ve written them? The solution is straightforward. Through a process known as search engine optimization, you must optimize your content for search engines (SEO). Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great approach to get free/organic traffic. To gain regular traffic, though, you must stay at the top of the search results pages. This is because the average click rate lowers as you travel down the ranks. It is best for your real estate marketing ideas. Read more about Lakes in Pakistan

As a result, while considering real estate marketing concepts, you should prioritise SEO and assess several KPIs. Look for relevant keywords, use them consistently throughout your material, write Google-friendly meta descriptions, and include alt tags for images.


After writing this article, I get to the conclusion that the reason behind every successful business is a professional website & SEO-optimized content. Because most of the potential clients always research on google about what they are going to buy and what kind of benefits they will get after buying it. So for that purpose, a website must have user-friendly content so that a visitor cannot go back from your website without reading the details or left out without giving any reviews. My second opinion is that PPC Campaigns give a website extra coverage & the lead generation process becomes faster. Always maintain the company’s social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn this will get your clients engaged on every single update about the company. Read more about Historical Places in Pakistan

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