Top Commercial Areas to Invest in Islamabad

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It is everyone’s dream to live and set business in the federal capital of Pakistan. Luckily, there are affordable housing solutions around the city where people invest for a safer and better future. Likewise, there is a list of top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad where people can generate remarkable profits.

The city is known for many reasons, for instance, breathtaking views of Margalla Hills, nice weather, historical places, and breathtaking landscapes. Likewise, it is a city of tantalizing food, nature parks like Lake View Park, and historical places like Saidpur Village and Faisal Masjid. In addition to these, you will also find options for the best investment in Islamabad.

It is a planned city in Pakistan with excellent infrastructure and top malls; for instance, Centaurus Mall has become one of the city’s landmarks in very few years. Get to know about housing societies in Islamabad.

Top Commercial Areas to Invest in Islamabad:

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. It is a land of opportunities. The aesthetic city offers opportunities for better education, healthcare, and investment. The city is developing daily and offering numerous options for the best investment in Islamabad. With a little research, you might find the best commercial property for sale in Islamabad.

Since there are numerous investment opportunities in the city, buying commercial real estate is considered the best investment in Islamabad. Those living in the federal capital or wanting to spend their life here can buy commercial property in any of the top commercial areas to generate capital gains and high rental income. You can also read our blog on real estate companies in Pakistan.

If you are also looking for options for the best commercial property investment in the beautiful capital of Pakistan, worry not! We have a list of top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad. Let’s have a look:

  1. DHA
  2. Blue Area
  3. B17
  4. Bahria Town
  5. Gulberg Greens

1.      DHA:

DHA islamabad - top commercial areas to invest in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Defense Housing Society, popularly known as DHA, is one of the top-notch areas of Islamabad. Regardless of which city you are located in, DHA is consistently acknowledged as the most popular investment option for commercial investors and residential buyers. The luxurious housing society is near one of the prominent gated communities – Bahria Town. Get to know about Construction Companies in Pakistan.

The phases of DHA are located around GT Road; the scheme is divided into 5 phases, two extensions, and DHA Valley. People living in twin cities always seek to grab an opportunity to invest in eminent DHA Islamabad for numerous reasons, including; fast and quality development standards, state-of-the-art infrastructure, ideal location, high-tech security system, and world-class facilities.

The housing society is developing with planning and strategy; therefore, the investor can find dedicated commercial and residential areas that meet the lifestyle of its residents. The housing scheme processes, breathtaking views, beautifully played out plan, and its ability to generate noteworthy revenue on real estate investment. All of these mentioned features have made DHA a center of attraction for investors. Easy accessibility to the twin cities and many fine-dining restaurants, malls, markets, educational institutes, and modern healthcare facilities ensures a high-quality living and earning experience. DHA Valley, DHA Phase 2, and Phase 5 are the best commercial property investment in Islamabad. The commercial plots and area prices depend on size and location in DHA Islamabad. Also learn about real estate companies in Islamabad.

2.      Blue Area Islamabad:

blue area islamabad - top commercial areas to invest in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Are you looking for a commercial property for sale in Islamabad? The first option that will pop into your screen or mind will be BLUE AREA. Blue Area is not just any location in Islamabad; it is the city’s leading commercial and business hub and is known as the commercial district of the capital of Pakistan.

The business district is stretched along Jinnah Avenue and is easily accessible to everyone from the twin cities, with several metro stations within walking distance. The area is perfect for commercial activities. You will find numerous important buildings in the commercial districts, such as Islamabad Stock Exchange, Saudi Pak Tower, and the NADRA facilitation center, among other crucial government buildings. You can also read our blog on insurance companies in Pakistan.

The eminent business hub is home to Centaurus, the landmark of the beautiful city, and many renowned food chains. Furthermore, the blue area is home to established companies such as AH Group of Companies. The abundant features make Blue Area an ideal commercial area to invest in Islamabad.

However, it is one of the city’s oldest and most developed commercial hubs. You will find a few of the most expensive plots in Islamabad. Blue Area. According to the details of recent auctions held in the federal capital, a commercial plot in Blue Area was sold for around 8.54 billion rupees, which makes it one of the most expensive plots in Islamabad. You can also learn about best shopping malls in Islamabad.

3.      B-17 Islamabad:

B-17 Islamabad is developed by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). It is located in Zone 2 of the Islamabad territory. Although it is a newly developed area in the capital of Pakistan, it has become a center of attraction for investors from all over Pakistan. Also get to know about best cafes in Islamabad.

There are numerous reasons B-17 is gaining popularity, such as;

It is at the foot of Margalla Hills, surrounded by G.T Road and M1 (Motorway) to the west. Therefore, it is easy for all to access the luxurious area from the center of the twin cities or other cities. B17 is spread over approximately 16000 Kanals (approximately) of Margalla Hills.

B17 is developing very fast, and soon, it has become the commercial hub of Islamabad. The easy accessibility, picturesque views, and affordability are significant factors of B17’s popularity. Notable projects like Aimal Tower and Doha Emporium are developing in the vicinity of B17. Also get to know about real estate marketing ideas in Pakistan.

4.      Bahria Town:

bahria town islamabad - top commercial areas to invest in islamabad - ahgroup-pk

Bahria Town is not as old as Blue Area, but it has become one of the major commercial hubs of the twin cities. The name Bahria Town is a brand in Pakistan that promises a bright future and lifestyle for residential and commercial buyers. Also learn about swimming pools in Islamabad.

One of the most popular commercial areas in Bahria Town Islamabad is Civic Center, where many businesses are booming and generating remarkable revenue.

If you are looking to buy commercial property in Islamabad, you must have already considered the meticulously planned housing society of Bahria Town Islamabad as one of your top options. Bahria Town is the posh residential area on both sides of GT Road and connects through Bahria Expressway. Also check out best places to visit in Islamabad.

The renowned scheme is located near prominent areas of Islamabad, including DHA Valley, PWD Housing Society, and DHA Phase 3. Like DHA, Bahria Town is also divided into several, and it is growing rapidly; hence, up till today, there are 9 Phases of Bahria Town and Bahria Enclave. Every phase is designed marvelously to offer all high-quality commercial and residential facilities.

Due to numerous features, Bahria Town has become one of the top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad, attracting numerous foreign and domestic investors. One of the eminent projects, Pearl Mall & Residencia, is also located in Bahria Town Islamabad. Also get to know about construction companies in Peshawar.

5.      Gulberg Greens:


Gulberg Islamabad needs no introduction to investors and buyers in twin cities. The area was developed by IBECHS in 2005, and it is now known as a ‘city within a city’ for many reasons. Gulberg is located in Zone IV of Islamabad on the main Islamabad Expressway. It has the honor of being the first mixed-development area in Islamabad. You can also learn about real estate projects in Peshawar.

Gulberg is divided into two parts Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens. Residencia mainly has houses and residential plots, whereas Gulberg Greens has become one of the top areas for commercial investment in Islamabad.

The facilities and amenities in Gulberg Green are unparalleled. The area boasts a lush green landscape, international standard healthcare facilities, top-notch educational institutes, malls, restaurants, etc. Therefore, it offers many commercial investment opportunities for investors, including office spaces, shops, and commercial plots for sale. Looking for more fascinating content? Check out shopping malls in Peshawar.

Let’s conclude:

That’s all for now! We hope you now find top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad and begin the journey of success. Remember that while investing in commercial properties, the best investment in Islamabad is only the one that fulfills your requirements from investment. Good Luck!

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