5 Marla House Design Ideas in Pakistan

5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

“Home is shelter from storms, – all sorts of storms.” By William J. Bennett

The quote by William J. Bennett is accurate in all senses. A home is a place that provides us shelter both physically and emotionally. Everyone dreams of living in a house where every corner is built according to their desires and needs.

The construction of a house gives you the freedom to design and decorate the home. Due to affordability and the increasing trend of nuclear families, most people construct 3 Marla or 5 Marla houses. However, to utilize the land wisely, the constructor should spend time on the 5 Marla house design in Pakistan.

Many construction companies in Pakistan are offering services for 5 Marla house design. The house can be designed better if you have a few house designs or construction plans in mind.

List of Top 5 Marla House Designs:

Small and medium-sized houses are an economical choice in Pakistan. Many people focus on the 5 Marla house plan with more indoor space to rent the house in the future. At the same time, others prefer open areas like gardens and lawns. Some prefer rooms and houses with multiple floors, while other single-story homes fit all needs.

Many real estate companies in Pakistan offer investment advisers on utilizing the land. You can show them the 5 Marla house map for better guidance. If you have some house plans in your mind, the companies can guide you better.

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive 5 Marla house designs commonly constructed in Pakistan. But before we get started, here is an idea of how big the space is occupied in the Floor Plan for 5 Marla House. 

The size of the plot in urban areas, the major housing societies in Pakistan is 1 Marla + 225 square feet, and in rural areas, it is 272 square feet. Therefore, the 5 Marla house map occupies 1125 sq. ft. of land. If you have any confusion, please read our blog on plot size conversion in Pakistan.

Now let’s get started with a list of 5 Marla house plans:

Design A:

Our list’s first 5 Marla house plan is spread over 1,926 square feet. It has two floors, and the covered area on both floors is 963 sq. ft. Many construction companies in Peshawar and other cities of KPK and Punjab prefer it. Let’s have a look at the 5 Marla house map ground floor design:

Design A ground floor - 5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

It starts with a 9 x 15 garage area for open living space. The 5 Marla House Floor Plan then has a drawing room & entertainment area of 14 x 11. Then it has a 17 x 14 lounge and an 11 x 9 kitchen in one corner. It is a trending idealistic modern 5 Marla House Design in Pakistan for those who want minimalist interiors and architecture. Real estate companies in Islamabad and other cities also recommend the design.

Right to the lounge, a bedroom, and stairs go up to the first floor. Next to the bedroom is a 9 x 9 washroom. The bedroom has access to the backyard area.

Let’s have a look at the 5 Marla house map first floor design:

Design A first floor - 5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The stairs to the upper floor lead directly to the sitting area of 17 x 14. On both corners of the sitting area are 14 x 11 & 14 x 15 bedrooms and attached 9 x 9 bathrooms. A storage room of 9 x 5 is located right next to the stairs.  

There is no terrace in this house design 5 Marla, but you can enjoy the air and light by installing floor-to-ceiling windows in the master bedroom.

Design B:

The second 5 Marla house map double story design in our list has a total area of 1,946 sq. ft. The ground floor covers 1,082 sq. ft., while the first floor covers 864 sq. ft. The design is used in houses now considered top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad. The design is smart and suitable for those who want to rent out the house in the future.

The house map 5 Marla’s ground floor starts with an 11 x 15 garage with two entrances. One entrance leads to the 12 x 12 drawing room to entertain guests, especially unexpected visitors, without worrying about the mess in the living room or lounge.

A door from the drawing room leads to the house entrance and connects it to the 20 x 11 lounge area. The lounge has stairs on the left side leading to the first floor. To better understand the map, check the 5 Marla house plan images. The top real estate companies in Peshawar stress to view the images before finalizing the idea.

Design B ground floor - 5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The map is a 5-Marla house plan with 3 bedrooms, one bedroom on the ground floor and two on the first floor. On the ground floor, the first 11 14 bedroom is at the left of the living room with 5 x 8 bathrooms. On the right, there is a 7 x 14 kitchen. The kitchen has an entrance to the backyard of the house. The area is used for the garden and small cleaning or laundry area.

Design B first floor - 5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The first floor of this 5 Marla house design is as beautiful as the ground floor—the stairs from the ground floor lead to the 14 x 9 sitting room. The design has an uncovered area from both sides, and the covered area is in its center. The front of the floor has a 12 x 14 main bedroom and an attached 6 x 9 bathroom with a balcony overlooking the garage.

The third 11 x 14 bedroom is at the back of the house on the first floor, with a 5 x 8 bathroom and a huge patio. The balcony is accessible from the sitting area easily.

Design C:

The third design on our list is also of 5 Marla house map double story. Many construction companies prefer to design standard plans for 5 and 7 Marla houses as people want to use most of the space in small areas.

If you are also planning to start a construction company, it is necessary to consider these tips. Most importantly, register your company before working on the projects. Check out how to register Construction Company in Pakistan before applying for registration to save time and energy.

Design C ground floor - 5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Returning to our third house design, the plan has an overall 2,000 sq. ft. area. The ground floor covers 1100 sq. ft., and the first floor covers 900 sq. ft. The house starts with an 11 x 13 garage and a 9 x 19 lawn. Both have the entrance to the central area of the house 13 x 11 lounge. It has an 11 x 12 drawing room on the right side, a 6 x 11 kitchen on the left, and stairs adjacent to the first floor.

There are two 13 x 11 bedrooms at the corner of the house with attached 7 x 6 and 6 x 5 bathrooms. The 13 x 11 bedroom on the front hub has access to a 4 ft. backyard.

Design C first floor - 5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The 5 Marla house map first Floor design leads straight to the 11 x 12 sitting room with a terrace, an 11 x 9 kitchen, and three bedrooms. It is also a 5-Marla house plan with 3 bedrooms. One of the 11 x 13 bedrooms has an attached bathroom, while the other 11 x 12 and 11 x 13 bedrooms share a 7 x 6 bathroom.

The house plan has no store room, so you can convert the kitchen upstairs to the one. The 5 Marla house floor plan suits joint or average-size families.

Design D:

Design D - 5 marla house design ideas in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The fourth in our list is a common 5 Marla house design in Pakistan. It has only one floor and a covered area of 1, 082 sq. ft. The design is ideal for small size families in Pakistan. The floor plan for the 5 Marla house consists of two spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms with one kitchen and a lounge and sitting area.

The front of the house is open, and then there is a 13 x 15 garage and entrance to the right for an 11 x 12 drawing room. The garage and drawing room have entrances connecting with a 16 x 11 lounge. The bedrooms of 12 x 11 and 12 x 13 are at the back of the house with attached 7 x 5 bathrooms.

Bedrooms can access the 10 x 8 and 23 x 3 open back areas. Many real estate projects in Peshawar also offer to build and elaborate this design with 5 Marla house plan images. The design allows you to construct and add more cover areas in the future.

Essential Tips to consider before finalizing 5 Marla House design in Pakistan:

While planning to construct and design your house, it is important to consider a few things. The house design varies from city to city in different provinces of Pakistan. For instance, in Sindh, the temperature stays warm and hot most of the year, so the houses are designed accordingly.

On the contrary, in northern areas of Pakistan, the weather is frosting, and it rains typically. Therefore, the house designs are entirely different from other parts. The diversity of real estate designs and interiors can be seen at historical places in Islamabad. With time and the change of civilization, the art of construction has also changed a lot.

However, a few things should be considered apart from the difference of regions to avoid any discomfort in the future. Here is a list of things that you should be considering:


The first thing that matters is location. Things that need to be considered are:

  • Evaluate soil condition for strong foundations. It is the first thing to do even before buying a plot. If the soil condition is not good, it is better to refrain from investing.
  • Ensure there are no restrictions on building bylaws in the area. Housing societies in Islamabad have some set rules of construction that are different from other housing schemes. Likewise, in Cantt areas or locations near airports, there is a restriction on the number of floors. Additionally, you might have to follow a few protocols on land near educational institutes or hospitals in Islamabad and other cities.
  • Secondly, consider whether the land is suitable for construction and the area’s weather conditions. A plot near water bodies receives more moisture than other areas, so the design should be planned accordingly.


Sometimes, the plan in our head must be put in the budget. Make sure you are finalizing the budget for 5 Marla house design 3d only when you have an idea of the budget for it. Things to consider while budgeting are:

  • Before finalizing the design, get an idea of the estimated budget by visiting the market or consulting with construction companies.
  • Set a budget for materials, labor, and interior services
  • Save or keep some cash aside for any unseen expenses during construction. One way to save money is through investing in cryptocurrency. However, there are a few things to know about cryptocurrency for maximum revenue.

Layout and Size:

A house design should be practical and optimistic. Therefore, consider the size and layout of the house.

  • Here, once again, the location matters. A house near waterfalls in Pakistan means you will enjoy the view from home, so the layout should be planned accordingly.
  • Moreover, if your house is near some famous places to visit in Peshawar or any other city central area, the layout should be set accordingly.
  • Prioritize the size and layout of important rooms of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Interiors of the house:

Interior designing is one of the crucial parts of 5 Marla house design. Interiors ensure the house’s aesthetic and add to the property’s value. The interior decoration often depicts our style and culture. In various museums in Pakistan, we all have seen the relics from the house’s interiors and temples that represent a lot about their culture and civilization. Here, you have to take care of a few things:

  • Plan for windy and airy houses for proper cross ventilation. A closed home with minimum light and air source becomes a place for seeping and many other issues that can damage the house.
  • Consider your family’s needs when finalizing the design, especially if any old people are in the house; plan washrooms and bedroom settings accordingly.
  • Consider having a safe play area or activity room for children.
  • Go for flexible house designs to add or remove things later.
  • Set a place for wardrobes and store areas.

These things can be added to the house plan, and you can also choose some DIY ideas according to your needs and requirements. A flexible house design can be helpful for changes in the future.

You can also watch and read tutorials and tips for renovation Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value. From design to interiors, every step is important in house construction. Consider the steps to enjoy long-term comfort and avoid any discomfort.


That’s all for now! These house design 5 Marla are prevalent in Pakistan. However, there is always room for the constructor and owner’s suggestions. You can add, modify, or change the design to your needs and preferences.

However, it is important to consider the building and construction bylaws of the area. Moreover, constructing a house is the first step; it is crucial to maintain your home from time to time to ensure its life and the residents’ comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

· How much will a 5 Marla house cost in Pakistan 2024?
40 Lacs to 80 Lacs PKR is estimated 5 Marla construction cost in 2024

· How many rooms can be built on 5 Marla?
On a 5 Marla house 3 to 4 rooms can be built.

· How big is a 5 Marla corner plot?
It is around 1125 in square feet and 104.52 in square meters

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