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Are you dreaming of building your own house? Well, the first step is to estimate the construction costs accurately. But wait, there’s more! It would be best if you also had a deep understanding of construction companies in Pakistan and plot dimensions in Pakistan. And if you’re buying land or already own one, you might need to convert plot sizes from square feet to marla – a task that can be overwhelming, especially if you have little experience in engineering or architecture. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the best solution and guide you through the process of plot size conversions.

Building a home on your own is an exciting journey, but it can also be quite challenging. The plot size and the location can be a hurdle, and finding the proper labor and materials can be difficult as well. That’s why it’s essential to have a comprehensive overview of the estimated construction costs if you’re building a home on a 10, 7, or 5-marla plot, a 1 kanal area, or any other plot size.

You can find all your guidance in our blog on plot size conversions. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and read our blog to clear your doubts!

Standard Plot Sizes in Pakistan

When looking to purchase land in Pakistan, it’s important to understand the standard plot sizes and their corresponding measurement units. The following are the most commonly used units:

  • Marla: This is Pakistan’s most commonly used unit for measuring plot sizes.
  • Square Feet: This unit is used to measure the area of a plot in square feet. It is often used in conjunction with marla measurements.
  • Square Yards: This unit is also commonly used in Pakistan, especially when buying or selling land.
  • Square Meters: This unit is used to measure the area of a plot in meters. It is often used in upscale areas where larger plots are more common.
  • Square Inches: This unit is rarely used in Pakistan, but it is sometimes used for smaller plots or measuring the area of a specific section of a larger plot.
  • Acres: This unit measures larger plots of land, such as farms or estates.

Understanding Plot Sizes

When considering the property size in Pakistan, it’s crucial to consider the plot size. The most common plot size in urban areas is 5 marla plots, often preferred by middle-class families looking for an affordable home with enough space for a small garden or parking. The next size up is 10 marla, ideal for larger families or those who want more space to build a bigger home or garden. For those seeking even more space, 1 kanal plot (20 marlas) are available in upscale areas, perfect for building a luxurious home with ample outdoor space.

A clear understanding of plot size units is crucial when buying property in Pakistan. Marla is the most commonly used unit, with one Marla being equal to approximately 272.25 square feet. However, it’s important to note that the size of Marla may vary depending on the region. In Lahore, for instance, one Marla equals 225 square feet, while if we talk about real estate projects in Peshawar, the size of a marla, there equals 250 square feet.

Kanal is another commonly used unit, with one Kanal being equal to approximately 5,445 square feet. It’s essential to know these units and their variations to make informed decisions when purchasing property in Pakistan. In addition, it’s highly recommended to work with a trusted real estate agent who can guide you through the process and ensure that all legal requirements are met, providing you with peace of mind.

Property Size Conversion Chart

Looking to measure the size of your property accurately? With our plot size chart covering marla to square feet, square yards, square meters, square inches, and even acres, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and clearly understand the space you’re working with!

Marla Acre Square Inches Square Meters Square Yards Square Feet
1 0.00625001 39204.1 25.29 30.25 272.25
2 0.0125 78408.1 50.58 60.50 544.50
3 0.01875 117612 75.87 90.75 816.75
4 0.025 156816 101.17 121 816.75
5 0.0312501 196020 126.465 151.25 1361.25
6 0.0375001 235224 151.76 181.5 1633.5
7 0.0437501 274429 177.05 211.75 1905.75
8 0.0500001 313633 202.34 242 2178
9 0.0562501 352837 227.64 272.25 2450.25
10 0.0625001 392041 252.93 302.501 2722.51
11 0.0687501 431245 278.222 332.751 2994.76
12 0.0750001 470449 303.515 363.001 3267.01
13 0.081250 509653 328.808 393.251 3539.26
14 0.0875002 548857 328.81 393.25 816.75
15 0.0937502 588061 379.40 151.25 3811.51
16 0.1 235224 404.69 484.001 4356.01
17 0.10625 666469 429.98 514.25 4628.26
18 0.1125 705673 455.27 544.50 4900.51
19 0.11875 744877 480.565 574.75 5172.76
20 0.125 784081 505.86 605.001 5445.01

Plot Size Conversion Methods

There are various units used for measuring land, depending on the region. Different regions have different units of measurement for land. In Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, Marla, Yard, Square feet, Kanal, and Acre are commonly used to measure land. Marla used to be measured using Karm during British rule, which was a footstep of average length (5.5 feet). Nowadays, Marla is the most commonly used unit to measure land to standardize the units. However, It’s essential to understand the plot size conversions between different land measurement units to ensure accuracy and standardization. So, Let’s dive in,

1- Marla

To calculate the measurement of 1 marla to square feet in Punjab, Pakistan, 5 marla plot size in square feet or into square yards, or any other village or in any housing societies in Islamabad, there is a helpful method to follow:

To measure Marla without a standard tape, walk three steps along the length and three steps across the plot’s width. Calculate the area using the plot size calculator formula: 1 Marla Area = 3 (5.5) x 3 (5.5) or 272.25 square feet. You can also use a measuring tape to measure Marla. For other measurements, multiply the length and width values.

2- Square Feet

If you want to convert one marla to square feet, one marla is equivalent to 272.25 square feet, a one-foot-by-one-foot unit of measurement that resembles a square. Knowing these conversions when purchasing land is crucial, mainly when dealing with smaller plots in cities such as Lahore or Islamabad.

If you’re considering investing in Islamabad’s real estate market, research the best areas for investment before making any decisions. While many land measurement calculators are available in Pakistan, it’s important to note that they may vary over time. Thankfully, with this knowledge, you can easily convert your 5-marla plot size into feet as needed.

3- Square Yards

Keeping the correct information about plot size conversions in mind is crucial when purchasing a plot. If you’re looking for construction companies in Peshawar to build your dream home, it’s essential to know the size of the plot you’re purchasing. Are you aware that 1 Marla is equivalent to 30.25 square yards? A square yard is a unit of measure used for land that measures yards, representing a square that covers one yard on each side. An intriguing fact is that one yard is equal to 0.8361 square meters. If you’re wondering about the number of square yards in one foot, it’s 0.111111. If you need to convert Marla to a square yard, you can quickly multiply the area value by 30.25.

4- Square Meter

A square meter is a helpful unit of measure when determining the size of land in the shape of a square. Understanding the conversion factor is crucial if you own a land of 5 marlas and need to calculate five marlas into square yards. To convert Marla to square meters, multiply the area value by 25.293. Additionally, the symbol ‘m²’ represents a square meter.

5- Square Inches

In terms of square inches, 1 Marla is equal to 39204. A square inch is a commonly used unit of measurement, typically used to measure small areas. Like you went to shop for fabrics and overheard the shopkeeper using this unit to measure cloth. Measuring in square inches can be done in no time with a measuring tape or ruler. If you ever need to convert Marla to square inches, you just have to multiply the area value by 39204.

6- Acres

The conversion factor for Marla to acres is 0.00625001. In the United States, acres are commonly used and can be converted to other units such as hectares or square yards. It’s important to note that one square mile is made up of 640 acres. When converting between units, divide the area value by the appropriate conversion factor for an approximate result.


Building your own house in Pakistan can be an exciting yet challenging journey. Accurately estimating construction costs and understanding plot sizes and real estate companies in Pakistan are essential steps in this process. Converting plot sizes from square feet to marla can be overwhelming, but ensuring you make informed decisions when buying land is crucial.

Our blog provides a comprehensive guide to plot size conversions, making it easier for you to navigate through this process. Remember to work with a trusted real estate agent for a smooth and secure experience. With the proper knowledge and resources, you can confidently embark on your journey to build your dream home in Pakistan. You can also navigate through a comprehensive list of reliable insurance companies in Pakistan, ensuring your peace of mind and protection in every aspect of life’s journey.


1. How is plot size calculated in Pakistan?

Plot size in Pakistan is typically measured in square feet or marlas. One marla is equal to 272.25 square feet. To calculate the plot size, you need to measure the length and width of the plot in feet and then multiply these dimensions to get the total square footage.

2. How many marlas are 30*60?

If you have a plot measuring 30 feet by 60 feet in Pakistan, it would be roughly equal to 6.62 marlas in size. To find this out, you divide the total area (1800 square feet) by the size of 1 marla (272.25 square feet).

3. What is the standard plot size in Pakistan?

The standard plot size in Pakistan can vary depending on the location and city. However, plots of 5 marlas, ten marlas, 1 Kanal (20 marlas), and 2 Kanal (40 marlas) are commonly available in many urban areas.

4. What is the size of 1 marla plot?

In Pakistan, one marla is equal to 272.25 square feet. So, the size of a 1-marla plot would be 272.25 square feet.

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