FM Aurangzeb Holds Talks with Donald Lu on Pak-US Economic Cooperation

FM Aurangzeb Donald Lu Discuss Pak-US Economic Ties-AH Group

Islamabad: At the World Bank headquarters, Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb, Donald Lu, Assistant Secretary, and Elizabeth Horst, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US State Department, discussed strengthening economic collaboration. 

The Ministry of Finance has released a press statement stating that Donald Lu and Elizabeth Horst, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US State Department, met with the finance minister at the World Bank headquarters. The objective of the meeting was to highlight Washington’s political commitment to strengthening the economic ties between Pakistan and the United States.

“The emphasis during the meeting was on upgrading economic partnerships, with special emphasis on alternate energy, agriculture, climate resilience, and tech industry,” read the statement.

During the meeting, Aurangzeb briefed the US officials on Pakistan’s reform agenda, which includes broadening the tax base, streamlining the energy sector, and fast-tracking the privatization process of state-owned enterprises.

“He identified emerging opportunities for American investments in IT, renewables, agriculture, and minerals extraction,” read the statement.

The Finance Minister announced that Pakistan will closely collaborate with the US International Development Finance Corporation and Exim Bank. 

In another meeting, Aurangzeb discussed this with the Pakistan Staff Association of World Bank-IMF. “The minister briefed them on the government’s reform agenda focused on the expansion of tax base, energy sector reforms, digitalization, privatization, promotion of public-private partnerships, and strict adherence to fiscal discipline to revive Pakistan’s economy and drive sustainable growth,” read the ministry’s statement. For more news visit AH BLOG.

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