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Peshwar, a historical city in Pakistan is the main hub for business, politics, and education in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The towering buildings, historical places, and architecture testify to the historical journey of the city and connect its past with the present in an aesthetic way. Furthermore, the city hosts multiple tourist spots for visitors with its picturesque and colorful views.

In addition, the city of flowers facilitates visitors with many beautiful parks in Peshawar to bestow them with the gifts of nature and spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here in the blog, we have mentioned some famous parks located in Peshawar.

11 Beautiful Parks in Peshawar

Each park is a representative of the city of Flowers. The parks mentioned here are located in easy-to-access areas. Moreover, there is no entry fee to the parks.

1. Wazir Bagh

Wazir Bagh - Parks in Peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Wazir Bagh is one of the famous family parks in Peshawar known for its historical background. The Park is Located in Peshawar on Wazir Bagh near Yakatoth Police station. It was established in 1810 during Shah Mahmood Durrani’s regime. In addition, Sardar Fateh Mohammad Khan laid the foundation of the park after defeating Shah Shuja in Peshawar.

Apart from its historical legacy, the park is known for its matchless facilities for visitors. People from Peshawar and other areas come to the family park and spend their leisure moments auspiciously. The Park has no entry fee and is open for visitors 24 hours.  Here are some of the interesting facilities in the parks which enthusiast people to visit the park.

Facilities in the Wazir Bagh Park

  • Historical Sites in the Garden
  • Mosque
  • Football Stadium
  • Pond with Fountains
  • Spacious lawns
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Ancient Trees
  • Variety of Fruit Trees

2. Jinnah Park

jinnah park - best parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Jinnah Park is a famous recreational area in Peshawar home to lush green trees covering almost an area of 10 acres. The park was established in 1976 and was named after the founder and first Governor General of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  It is located on the GT Road (Grand Trunk Road), opposite the Balahisar Fort in Peshawar city.

The Park is open for a visitor throughout the year, but the best experience is to visit the park in the spring season to enjoy the calm and peaceful environment and chirping of birds in the evergreen trees.

Facilities in the Park

  • Walking Track
  • Picnic Spots
  • Well Maintained Lawn
  • Plenty of Trees
  • Kids Play Areas

Apart from these facilities, the park is also the best place for vendors to open small businesses in Pakistan and facilitates visitors with necessary items i.e. cold drinks, tea, etc.

3. Shahi Bagh

shahi bagh - best parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Shahi Bagh is another from the lsit of top parks in Peshwar facilitating visitors with exceptional facilities to spend their moments. In addition, the park is the best place for official gathering and events. The park cover an area of almost 100 acre located near Abab Niaz Stadium in Faqirabad. It is one of the oldest parks dates back to the Mughal era, later the park was overseen by Duranis. In addition, the park is an ideal place for nature lover as there are lush green tree, and adorned with colorful flowers.

Facilities at Shahi Bagh Park

  • Functional Library
  • Museum
  • Serene Picnic Site
  • Study Places

4. Army Stadium Peshawar

army stadium peshawar - best parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Army Stadium Peshawar is open for entertainment and recreation. Now, the stadium is known as Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed Stadium. The stadium is not only a center for spending leisure moments but also a community hub hosting restaurants, retail stalls, takeaways, music shops, etc. The stadium is a premium destination for dining. Visitors can enjoy a variety of foods there.

Apart from a relaxing place for visitors, the army stadium is surrounded by historical and newly developing buildings witnessing the infrastructural growth of the city.

Facilities in the Park

  • Serene Environment
  • Shopping avenues
  • Fun Areas for Kids
  • A perfect place for event organizing

5. Tatara Park

tatara park - best parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

The Tatara Park was established in 1983, and now has become one of the best parks in Peshawar city inviting visitors to spend relaxing moments with their friends and families. It is located in Phase-4 Phase 4 Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Park covers a wide area of 6 hectares featuring a playground, swimming pool, and basketball court. 

In the park, there are several historical places including the Memorial to the Martyrs of the Pakistan Movement. Due to its perfect maintenance, the park has become increasingly popular for tourists who love to enjoy scenic beauty. Also, there are many famous restaurants in Peshawar open in the park for visitors refreshments.

Facilities in the Park

  • Well Maintained Green Lawns
  • Tall Trees
  • Beautiful City View
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Picnic Spots
  • Mosques
  • Shops and restaurants
  • Swings and Rides

6. Peshawar Zoo

peshawar zoo - best parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Peshawar Zoo is another interesting and famous place in Peshawar for families to visit and see amazing and dangerous animals. It is located on Palosi Rd, Qadir Abad, Peshawar. In the zoo, the visitors can enthusiast from the sights of various animals including, tigers, lions, monkeys, different kinds of birds, and reptiles. Peshawar Zoo is the perfect option for families with kids to learn about the habits of different animals. Administration of schools and colleges prefer touring the zoo for educational purposes.

Usually, the zoo is a fun place for kids, but adults can also visit to see museums in the zoo with the collection of artifacts related to the history of Peshawar and KPK.

Facilities in the Park

  • Playground
  • Restaurants
  • Gardens

7. Phase-3 Ladies Park

phase 3 ladies park - best parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Pahse-3 Ladies Park in Peshawar is particularly structured for ladies with strict restrictions on male visitors. Females can visit there and spend their leisure moments while enjoying the picturesque scenes of nature. The park is located in Phase-3 Phase 3 Hayatabad, Peshawar covering an area of 16 acres. Women and children can enjoy various recreational activities in the Park.

Facilities in the Park

  • Children Play Areas
  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Shops
  • Cafes

8. PAFWA Children Park

pafwa park - best parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

PAFWA Children’s Park is one of the most famous family parks located in Peshawar Cantonment. If you want to visit with your kids, the park is the best attraction for you hosting multiple facilities and activities for children. Also, there is a small zoo where different animals are kept. Furthermore, the park also has some recreational areas for adults. It is recommended to visit the PAFWA park to feel the beauty of nature. The park is also the best place for small businesses to start i.e. shop, café, car service, etc. as there are thousands of people visiting the parks in a day.

Facilities in the Park

  • Playgrounds
  • Swings
  • Rides
  • Shops

9. Garrison Park Peshawar

garrison park peshawar - parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Garrison is a famous park in Peshawar located at Col Sher Khan Shaheed, Stadium Rd, Peshawar. The park is the best place for you if you want to spend some moments in a tranquil environment. First, it was known as Queen Park built by the British Government in 1892. Later it was named Garrison Park in 1928.

In addition, the Park is an attraction point for local tourists and tourists from other cities. The peaceful and calm environment of the park adds more to the beauty of the Garrison Park. There are many facilities for visitors in the park.

Facilities in the Park

  • Lawns
  • Rose Garden
  • Children play area
  • Super Car
  • Ferries Wheel
  • Small pond

10. Bagh e Naran Peshawar

bagh e naran - parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Bagh e Naran is one of the top 10 family parks in Peshawar. The park is an amazing place for picnics as it is one of the oldest parks. If you love to spend some time in nature and pond of visiting historical sites, the park is the perfect option for you.

The history of the park dates back to the Mughal Era. It was built for the pleasure of the Royal family, letter it was opened to the public. The timing of the park is 9 am to 7 pm. There are many attraction points and facilities in the park.

Facilities in the Park

  • Comfortable Seating
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Kids Play Stations
  • Artificial Waterfall
  • Mini Zoo
  • Lavish Garden
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Food Court
  • Parking Area

11. Khalid Bin Waleed Park Peshawar

khalid bin waleed park - parks in peshawar - ahgroup-pk

Khalib Bin Waleed park is one of the best parks in Peshwar located at Mall Rd, Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar. The park is a quiet place for recreation. Spending some time there in the park make you relaxed.

The park was built in 1775 to honour Mughal Empire Architect Ali Mardan Khan. Many facilities in the park make it an excellent option for refreshment. There are many facilities in the park.

Facilities in the Park

  • Swings
  • Kids Play Area
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Slides
  • Plenty of Old Trees


Visiting parks and spending some moments in recreational places enrich the mind with energy. We have discussed a few parks in Peshwar facilitating visitors with the opportunity to visit with families and refresh there. While visiting the city of flowers, you can go to any of the parks and make your visit memorable.


Why Peshawar is called the City of flowers?

Peshwar is historically known as the city of flowers due to its rich history when traders used to sell flowers roadside and in the market.

What is the geographic location of Peshawar?

Peshawar is the capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located in the northwest region of Pakistan connected with the neighbor country Afghanistan via the Torham Border.

What are the interesting facts about Peshawar?

Interesting facts about Peshawar:

  • Once it was the capital city of the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Gandhara
  • Major Educational, Political, and business hub of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Peshawar’s recorded history dates back to 539 BC
  • It is one of the oldest living areas in the Asia

What is the oldest name of Peshawar?

The oldest name of the Peshawar city was Purushpura, the capital city of the Kushan Empire under the rule of Kanishka.

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