CDWP Okays two projects worth Rs196bn

CDWP Okays two projects worth Rs196bn

The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) cleared two new development projects worth Rs196.5 billion including the Hyderabad-Sukkur motorway at a cost of Rs191.5 billion in order to complete a major missing link of the eastern corridor that connects Gwadar and Karachi Ports. The meeting, presided over by Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission Muhammad Jehanzeb approved one project worth Rs5 billion in the health sector for Balochistan and recommended the Rs191.47bn Hyderabad-Sukkur Motorway project to the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (Ecnec) for further consideration. The CDWP has the authority to approve projects costing no more than Rs10 billion and recommend schemes of higher increase to Rs191.5 billion. It is pertinent to mention that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route that traverses Islamabad-Lahore motorway (M2) Pindi Bhattian-Faisalabad-Multan motorway (M4), Lahore-Abdul-Hakeem-Multan-Sukkur-Hyderabad-Karachi motorway network also known as the eastern corridor connects the ports of Karachi and Gwadar.

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