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مال آف ہنگو: شہر ہنگو کا سنہرا مستقبل

خیبر پختونخوا کا شہر ہنگو جہاں آج بھی پشتون روایات اپنی آب و تاب کے ساتھ زندہ ہیں۔ روایتی موسیقی، روایتی فن تعمیر اورروایتی بازار ہنگو شہر کا خاصہ ہیں تقریبا ساڑھے پانچ لاکھ...


CDWP Okays two projects worth Rs196bn

The meeting, presided over by Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission Muhammad Jehanzeb approved one project worth Rs5 billion in the health sector for Balochistan and recommended the Rs191.47bn Hyderabad-Sukkur Motorway project to the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (Ecnec) for further consideration


CPEC projects going forward at fast pace, says minister

Speaking at a ceremony held at the port in Karachi, he said that just like the PTI government worked tirelessly to curb the spread of Covid19, similarly it would strive to make every project launched under the umbrella of CPEC a success. The multi-billion-dollar project is entering its second phase and the projects are not limited to the infrastructure only.