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Are you waiting anxiously for the results of the General Elections 2024? The wait is over. Here is an easy way to check the results of the election of 2024.

After the completion of polling on the 8th of February at 5:00 pm, now it is time to know the results. Almost all the presiding officers have issued form-45 to the agents of candidates, but the government results by the ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) are yet to be announced.

Here are the steps to check the results of General Elections 2024.

Steps to Check Pakistan Election Results 2024

Check the election results 2024 live updates by following these simple steps:

  • In Google search bar, write “election result 2024” and click on the official website of Election commission of Pakistan, or click this link
  • After clicking on the link, you can find elections result of National Assembly, Punjab Assembly, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, Sind Assembly, and Balochistan Assembly.
  • You can also see parties position in the election results 2024.

The ECP issues live results of the election 2024. The results of the national assembly are being declared from NA-1 to NA-266. The boxes filled with a green color show the complete results of that constituency. Below the box, you can find the party of the winning candidate, or IND (independent candidate).

The boxes filled with white color are results awaiting, and the boxes with red color show that the election in that constituency will be rescheduled as in NA-8. The boxes of yellow color show that results are withheld However, after an hour you can find the complete results of all the constituencies.


The final result of the election 2024 will be announced soon. Keep visiting the page. Rely on authentic news sources and official announcements from the Election Commission of Pakistan for the latest updates on the General Elections 2024 results in Pakistan.


What is this code 8300?

8300 is a code which show your voter registration in Pakistan after sending your CNIC to 8300.

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