How to Check Voter Registration in Pakistan

How to Check Voter Registration in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

The General Election 2024 is scheduled to happen on February 8, 2024. So, you need to know the status of your vote to poll it on time. According to the instructions issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), you can check your voter ID online.

There are two ways to check voter ID in Pakistan

Check Voter ID by SMS to 8300

check voter registration in Pakistan - SMS to 8300 - ahgroup-pk
  • In the SMS text box, write your CNIC without Hyphen (-)
  • Send that to 8300
  • You can send the message from any of your registered SIM cards
  • Charges for sending an SMS to 8300 is PKR 2
  • After sending your CNIC number, it will take 30 seconds to get the results
  • The ECP will send you an updated vote record

Check Voter ID by Visiting DEC’s Office

You can check your vote registration status by visiting the District Election Commissioner’s Office. The office addresses are available on the official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Visit the office located in your district

  • Provide your CNIC
  • The representative will provide you with all the details related to your vote registration, i.e., vote number, polling booth number, village council, etc.

Both methods are effective for checking your vote registration. However, if you do not receive any information regarding your vote registration. It may be for two reasons:

  • The portal is busy as too many people are checking their vote registration
  • Your vote is not registered

You should wait for a few minutes to receive the results. However, in the latter case, the ECP will inform you that your vote is not registered. So, you can easily register your vote following the simple steps.

How to Register with ECP

Register your vote as soon as possible. Here are the steps:

  • The prescribed Form for voter registration is available online at the ECP website
  • Get it free of cost from the office of the DEC
  • Submit your application along with a copy of CNIC to the District Election Commissioner of the district where you want to get your name enrolled

Voter Registration Form

voter registration form - ECP - ahgroup-pk


Check your voter registration easily by following the steps mentioned above. However, if you face any trouble, visit the official website or the nearest election commission office.

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