Steel Rates in Pakistan Drop amid Strengthen PKR Value

Steel Rates in Pakistan Drop amid Strengthen PKR Value -ahgroup-pk

Islamabad: The steel rates in Pakistan have recently witnessed a significant drop in price amid strengthen PKR Value compared to the costs of other primary construction materials, particularly cement. The decline in rates has positively impacted the country’s construction sector.

According to the details, the price of steel fell to 245,000 per ton from 305,000 per ton. The significant price drop is credited to the recent strengthening of Pakistan’s currency against the USD value recently. According to the steel traders, the branded series of steel prices varies between Two hundred and sixty-three thousand to two hundred and sixty-five thousand per ton. The cost of local steel is around two hundred and forty-five thousand.

On the contrary, the cement prices have increased slightly across Pakistan. Therefore, the cost of cement bags in northern areas of the country has risen slightly to one thousand two hundred and seventy-six rupees. The cement bag price last week was around one thousand two hundred and seventy-one rupees.

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