CDA Approves PKR 2.84 Billion Eco-Friendly Cycling Track

CDA Approves PKR 2.84 Billion Eco-Friendly Cycling Track

Islamabad: CDADWP (Capital Development Authority Development Working Party) has given the green signal to approve PKR 2.84 billion PC-1 to develop a 374-km long cycling track in Islamabad.

The approval was granted during a meeting chaired by Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Captain Retired Anwarul Haq. The approval of the fund is a significant step towards fulfilling a 374-km long track.

Furthermore, the cycling track will cover all sectors of Islamabad and is expected to be completed in three phases over the next three years. Integrating the cycling track with the 13 routes of federal buses and metro bus service adds more accessibility and convenience, and it is expected to be completed next month. In addition, the cycling track will boast 350 parking stations.

Furthermore, according to the approved plan, the CDA will lead the infrastructure development while a private operator will be assigned to provide electric cycles. Moreover, outsourcing parking stations is also part of the operational framework.

While getting inspiration from the Netherlands and the UK models, the cycling track width will range from 6 to 10 feet, encompassing all essential protective measures, including installing traffic signals.

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