Top 9 Best Courier Companies in Pakistan

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In ancient times, it took days, months, and even years to transport goods from one place to another. However, today, in the ever-changing era of technology and communication, transportation has become easier and can be done within 24 hours or less. These facilitations of transit solutions are because of the expanded services of courier companies in Pakistan.

Various national and multinational companies are operating in Pakistan to provide customers with reliable, fast, and secure courier services. Here we have enlisted some of the top courier companies in Pakistan.

Top Courier Companies in Pakistan

1. TCS

TCS - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

TCS is one of the top 10 courier companies in Pakistan facilitating customers with easy transportation of goods, documents, and other items. It is a renowned courier company facilitating its customers for 25 years. The courier company has extended its services to 3500 destinations in 220 countries including Pakistan.

The TCS is known for its fastest and most reliable services.  It has introduced an online tracking system which enables users to track their parcels at any time. In addition, TCS has launched express delivery solutions for individuals and businesses with the facility of same-day delivery. There are 800 plus express centers in Pakistan. Some of the services of TCS that it provides to local and international customers are:


  • Overnight Express
  • Delivery on choice
  • Express Flyer
  • Students Express
  • Ticketing Services
  • Redbox
  • International Freight
  • Financial Services
  • Solutions
  • Fleet & Transportation

2. Leopards

leopards - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Leopards has a distinguished name on the list of best courier services in Pakistan. Their on-time delivery, package integration, and reliable services have earned client trust in their services. Furthermore, the Leopard is one of the successful courier companies using technology in their shipping services. The courier company has launched an advanced tracking system allowing the customer to track their order booking, transit, and delivery. In addition, the Leopards courier services are expanded in Pakistan and across the globe. It facilitates customers with almost 1500 points in Pakistan and 2200 across the world.

The courier company in Pakistan provides customers with many services including:


  • Overnight Delivery
  • Flyer Express
  • Student Express
  • Maira Time Delivery
  • E-commerce
  • International Delivery

3. DHL

DHL - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

DHL is another from the list of top courier companies in Pakistan. It provides global courier services and is known for its rapid international deliveries. The company was founded in 1969 in the United States. Furthermore, the courier company has a large amount of fleet and aircraft to facilitate its customers with delivery services across the world

In addition, the company has the resources to use all mediums of transformation including air, sea, rail, and road to provide services to big companies, large corporations, import and exporters, and eCommerce giants. Some of its notable services are:


  • Warehousing
  • Mail deliveries
  • Packaging and repairs
  • Customized logistics

4. SpeedeX

SpeedeX - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

SpeedEx is one of the famous courier companies in Pakistan powered by Pakistan International Airlines. It facilitates its users with the fastest delivery network. Currently, the courier services are operating in Pakistan in 70 cities providing people to easily send and receive packages. However, it was started in 2003 with a small coverage area. In addition, the company also allows users to transfer packages to their friends and families living outside of the country.

Also, the company offers multiple delivery options to its users including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and standard delivery. Furthermore, the services of the SpeedeX are affordable as compared to other international delivery services.


  • Shipping solutions
  • Pay on delivery
  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Stock and ship your products
  • Pick and Pack

5. Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Pakistan Post is the best option for those customers who are in search of reliable and affordable shipping services for national and international couriers. However, it may not match the speed and fast delivery services of other private courier services but it has historical importance as it is an official post of the state founded at the time of independence, 1947. Furthermore, Pakistan Post is also a trusted source of shipment for government official documents, government communication, and registered mail. It is a government institution facilitating citizens with almost 13,419 post offices in the country available in all the provinces of Pakistan.


  • Ordinary Letters
  • Post Card
  • Printed Papers
  • Literature for Blind
  • Urgent Money Order
  • Fax Mail
  • International Parcel
  • Custom Inspection

6. FedEx Express

FedEx Express - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

When it comes to entrusting private and confidential records for dispatch, look no further than FedEx, renowned as the fastest courier company in Pakistan. With an immense global reputation, FedEx is widely acknowledged as a leader in managing international courier services, operating in over 220 countries. Boasting an impressive annual turnover of approximately $94 billion and a massive workforce of 550,000, FedEx has established itself as a powerhouse in the industry.

In addition, their remarkable growth can be attributed to their unmatched speed and reliability in delivering quality shipping services. FedEx maintains the same high standards of service for their valued clients and customers in Pakistan. Additionally, FedEx offers a range of services including:


  • Express delivery
  • Freight shipping
  • Logistics solutions

7. M&P

M&P - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

M&P is one of the oldest courier companies in Pakistan established in 1986. First, it was only famous for shipping medical products and equipment. But now it has expanded its services to facilitate users with full delivery services known for safe, trustable, and innovative logistics solutions.

Furthermore, it has marked itself on the list of top 10 courier companies in Pakistan. The company is committed to providing reliable shipment services without depending upon other third-party recourse. It has its own vehicles, bikes, and aircraft. The company has an extended network of delivery destinations expanded over 1600 plus domestic points including deliveries to northern areas of Pakistan, and 200 plus international delivery destinations.


  • Same Day Delivery Services
  • Express delivery
  • International Parcel
  • Door-to-door delivery

8. DCS

DCS courier - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

People always tend to find a reliable and speedy delivery service to transport their shipments instantly. DCS is another trusted name from the list of the best courier services. It was established in 1992, and since then it has been one of the top courier companies in Pakistan. Furthermore, the DCS also has affiliation with international courier companies which allows it to easily transport among the countries, and also has helped it to adopt quality and standard shipment services. In addition, the DCS has an air-charter facility to ensure the fastest delivery services across the seas.

Some of the services of the DCS are mentioned here:


  • Overnight Delivery Services
  • Same Day Delivery Services
  • Special Handling Service
  • Bulk Shipment

9. Trax

TRAX - courier companies in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Trax is one of the top reliable and cost-effective courier services with over 300 locations across Pakistan. It provides both domestic and international shipment services. The Trax courier services are known for the best security, speedy delivery, and superior customer experience.

The Trax courier services are customers’ priority as they facilitate them with 24/7 support service via phone, email, and online chat. Furthermore, it also has introduced a mobile app and online tracking system to timely update its customers on their packages. The Trax has also partnered with international courier services i.e. FedEx and UPS to expand their services and provide customers with standard delivery solutions.


  • Domestic deliveries
  • International shipments
  • Express parcel delivery
  • Freight services


We have discussed the best courier companies in Pakistan facilitating folks with easy and affordable delivery services. With the facilitation of these courier companies, transportation of goods and essential documents has become much easier. Furthermore, customers can also use the courier services for transporting heavy items including solar panels. We have mentioned national, international, and local courier companies in the list. Customers can choose services according to their budget and priorities.


Which courier service is best in Pakistan?

The courier services we have enlisted are among the top services in Pakistan. However, TCS is considered one of the best in Pakistan due to its reliable, secure, and speedy courier services in Pakistan.

Which is the cheapest courier to Pakistan?

Pakistan Post is a government courier service facilitating customers with delivery services at the cheapest prices.

Is Leopard Courier a Pakistani company?

Yes, Leopard Courier is a Pakistan courier company established in 1983.

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