The CDA has introduced an automated system for property transfers

The CDA has introduced an automated system for property transfers.

The Estate Wing of the Capital Development Authority in Islamabad has implemented an automated system to streamline the transfer process for high-value residential and commercial properties. Previously, the system operated in a semi-automated manner, involving multiple directorates, which complicated property transfers for citizens.

Under the previous system, citizens had to personally visit the civic authority’s one-window directorate to obtain a transfer form and appointment date. However, the new system enables property owners to conveniently schedule transfer appointments online from their homes.

Previously, obtaining the necessary No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant directorates often took several days, and files were frequently neglected due to the absence of a tracking system. In contrast, the new system assigns a unique number to each case, which is communicated to citizens for efficient record-keeping and tracking purposes.

According to a senior officer from the estate wing, under the previous system, applications submitted at the one-window directorate were forwarded to various directorates, including estate, planning, revenue, and sometimes the law wing for legal opinions. However, the new system eliminates the need for citizens to personally visit each directorate, as they can now remotely track the progress of their applications.

Furthermore, the new system allows authorized users to input specific property details during the transfer process, creating a backup that can be utilized in the future. It is also integrated with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to verify the identities of the parties involved in the transfer. Through electronic means, the admitting officer can capture photos and thumb impressions, which can be instantly verified with NADRA.

In the past, citizens had to endure long waiting periods even after completing the transfer process to receive their allotment letter. However, the new system reduces waiting time significantly, providing the allotment letter with just a single click.

Member Estate CDA Afnan Alam Khan has confirmed the launch of the new system and expressed the authority’s dedication to modernize outdated mechanisms, introducing efficiency and accountability. The civic authority is also working on introducing new transfer letters with enhanced security features to prevent the issuance of counterfeit letters.

It is important to note that the civic authority had previously encountered several scams involving fake files, backdating, and fraudulent allotments, which enabled the issuance of fake allotment letters and multiple transfers of plots through CDA’s one-window directorate.

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