Punjab CM Launches “Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal” Project

Punjab CM Launches Sarkein Bahaal Punjab Khushhal Project - ahgroup-pk

Lahore: During a special meeting to boost the socio-economic development of Punjab, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz launched the “Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal” project.

CM Punjab has issued a directive that all roads in the province should be repaired within the next six months. The repair and rehabilitation work will include inter- and intra-district highways and will be carried out with a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards throughout the process.

To significantly enhance connectivity, the directive mandates the immediate repair and rehabilitation of over 153 roads in Punjab and the establishment of expressways on link roads, such as Multan-Vihari and Chiniot-Faisalabad, to be facilitated exclusively through public-private partnerships.

It has been revealed that a comprehensive survey was carried out to evaluate road conditions covering a total of 7,948 kilometers using Road Right media. In addition, another 2,000 kilometers were surveyed using profilometer analysis. The assessment of road conditions was based on a rigorous evaluation encompassing 100 distinct parameters.

CM Maryam has mandated the installation of electric weighing machines along roads to implement an efficient axle load management system.

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