KP Government Introduces ‘GoBiz Connect’ Web Portal

KP Government introduces 'GoBiz Connect' web Portal - ahgroup-pk

Peshawar: GoBiz Connect is a revolutionary digital platform that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has officially established to improve engagement and communication between government agencies and the business community.

It is anticipated that this program’s execution will greatly boost commerce and economic activity within the province. Caretaker Chief Minister Muhammad Azam Khan attended the GoBiz Connect inaugural ceremony at the Chief Minister’s residence.

GoBiz Connect is anticipated to be a strong platform that promotes better collaboration and coordination between the province’s public and private sectors. Thus, more trade and economic growth will be made possible. It will also serve as a priceless tool for tracking and organizing how the government has responded to questions and concerns brought forth by the business community. Furthermore, it will be crucial in determining how government policies pertaining to businesses are shaped, taking into account the suggestions made by the business community.

The KP IT Board and the donor organizations were greatly appreciated by Muhammad Azam Khan, the Caretaker Chief Minister, for their indispensable assistance in launching the GoBiz Connect platform. He stressed the significance of the platform in fostering enhanced cooperation and alliances between the public and private sectors within the province. This collaboration would play a pivotal role in driving trade and economic growth. Furthermore, he underscored the active involvement of the business community in shaping government policies related to investments and business prospects as a crucial factor.

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