The Hyderabad-Sukkur Highway Promises A New Sindh

The Hyderabad-Sukkur Highway Promises A New Sindh

The federal government’s long-standing reputation of undertaking big development projects strengthens further with the recent ground-breaking ceremony of the Hyderabad-Sukkur Motorway. While political tensions continue to build up with the upcoming elections, it is a moment of collective rejoice, especially since this project weaves together a central transportation hub in the heartland of Sindh, which would mean increase in trade and investment.

On the 13th of December, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif informed news sources on the latest update for this project worth Rs. 307 billion. According to him, we shall expect to see this project completed by June 2025. The funding for this project is part of the federal government’s ‘historic development package’ devoted to the province of Sindh, which is Pakistan’s second most populated province, and, unfortunately, riddled with economic turbulence. The Sukkur-Hyderabad motorway will bring more prosperity to the region through better access for tourists, businesses, and the local population.

PM Shahbaz has also delegated Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal to oversee potential delays and roadblocks that may come. This mutual endeavor between the government of Pakistan and the provincial government must be seen as a steppingstone to further development and growth in Sindh and Balochistan, where most of Pakistan’s residents live in rural setups. Specifically, Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest province, would benefit greatly from this recent development as the region is slowly integrating with the rest of the country in terms of economic growth.

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