New Six Hydel Projects To Produce Over 11,000 MW

New Six Hydel Projects To Produce Over 11,000 MW

WAPDA is planning to add over 11000 MV of environment-friendly electricity to the existing 9,443 MW hydel generation in the upcoming years. Currently, there is a total installed capacity of 24 WAPDA Hydel Power stations that are standing at 9,4434 MW. This initiative aims to enhance the overall hydroelectric power capacity.

There are currently some power stations which include Tarbela, Mangla, Neelum, Jhelum, Ghazi Brotha, and Warsak Hydropower Projects. All of these projects are contributing about 25% of the total system capacity which is 36,166 MW.

These hydel power projects will be contributing 4,320 MW with the Dasu Hydropower Project, Tarbela 5th Extention contributing 1,510 MW, Kurram Tangi 83.4 MW, Keyal Khwar Power Project 128 MW, Mohammad DAM 800 MW, Diamer Bhasha Dam 4500 MW to the national grid system.

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