CDWP approved projects worth RS.47b for the youth of the country

CDWP approved projects worth RS.47b for the youth of the country

A meeting of the CDWP was conducted in Islamabad which included Minister for Planning Development Special Initiatives, Professor Ahsan Iqbal. The projects that are included in this program include the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme of Phase-III which cost 0.146162 billion rupees, along with the Overseas Scholarships Program for MS/M. Phil which leads to a Ph.D. in some specific fields of Phase-III which cost 22.214578 billion rupees with the aim to provide opportunities to every student.

The planning minister stated, “Our approach is grounded in the provision of mentorship and upskilling opportunities to youth which we believe are critical for their employment prospects.” Moreover, under the programme, 75 scholarships would be granted under the 75th National Independence Scholarships to the students and HEC will be responsible for sponsoring the agency for this project.

“The goal of the youth internship programme is to increase the marketability, employability, and work-readiness of educated youth; break down their barriers for entry into the labor market and accelerate their school-to-work transition,” stated Syed Zafar Ali Shah, secretary of the planning ministry.

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