Construction of Daducha Dam’s Likely to Start Again with Revised Budget

construction of Daducha Dam| AHGroup-Pk

Rawalpindi: The Government of Punjab is ready to resume the construction of Daducha Dam with an increased budget of 10 billion PKR.

According to the details, the Small Dam Organization of the Irrigation Department has submitted the revised plan copy – Project Concept -1 for approval to the concerned department. Mr. Liaqat Ali Chatha, the Rawalpindi Commissioner, is positive to get approval for PC-1. Once the plan gets approved, the work on the project will be started soon.

The popular under-construction Daducha Dam is located at Soan River upstream on Kahuta Road near Sihala. It will collect rainwater from Kahuta hills and Murree, creating a lake in the village of Daducha.

The completion time of Daducha Dam is over two years, and it aims to resolve the issue of water shortage in Rawalpindi. The dam will provide an estimated 35 million gallons of water to the city’s residents. The project work was started and stopped as the construction price increased from 6.4 billion due to increased construction material prices.

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