Pakistan Railways initiating strict action against land encroachments

Pakistan Railways Initiating Strict Action against Land Encroachments -ahgroup-pk
Pakistan Railways Initiating Strict Action against Land Encroachments

Islamabad: Pakistan Railways is starting to take strict action against illegal land occupation throughout Pakistan. The railway land valued in billions is illegally occupied in Pakistan.

The Railways Ministry has stated that over 13.9 acres of land is illegally occupied under residential, commercial and agricultural categories. The ministry is already taking action against encroachments by groups, land mafias, businesses and individuals. The land has been exploited for various purposes over the years.

The Pakistan Railway Ministry has now directed the relevant departments, including all Divisional Superintendents, to take land back from the encroachers.

Additionally, the strict operation against encroachments is underway, including issuing notices to the land grabbers under 19the 65 Possession Ordinance. The notice states that any railway land occupied must be vacated within two weeks.

The details of railway land occupied in various provinces are as follows:

·         Punjab: 5,809 acres

·         Sindh: 5,948 acres

·         KPK: 1,181 acres

·         Baluchistan: 1,034 acres

It is pertinent to note that various entities and individuals occupied the lands over decades under different categories. Due to a lack of attention in the past, operations against encroachment have become essential.

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