How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online - ahgroup-pk

In Pakistan, property disputes are rapidly growing due to the buying and selling of properties using illegal documents. According to a report published by US-AID around 50 to 75 % of cases in courts of Pakistan are related to property disputes. Therefore it is crucial to check the ownership of a property before selling or buying it to avoid any kind of unpleasant concerns in the future. Because, if you get involved in a disputed property, it may take 5 to 15 years to resolve.

However, the property ownership checking procedure may take a long time and loss of money. But, with advanced technologies, you can easily perform such tasks online while sitting in your home. Here in this blog, we will guide you on how to check your property ownership in Pakistan.

You can easily check property ownership online in Pakistan using various methods. However, currently, you can only check the property registration located in districts and tehsils of Punjab Province.

How to Check Property Ownership in Punjab Pakistan Online

Follow these steps to know the ownership of a property online.

  • Visit the official website of Punjab Urban Land System Enhancement or click on this link (
  • You can view the page in both Urdu and Languages
  • Enter your details carefully as a slight error in providing information can affect the results
  • First of all, enter the district name where the property is located
  • Enter the tehsil name lying under that specific district
  • Enter the CNIC number of the buyer or seller who claims to be the owner of the property
  • Enter the Name of the buyer or seller who claims to be the owner of the property
  • Enter registry number
  • Click on search
  • View details about Mouza, date of registration, and further details
Check Property Ownership in Punjab Pakistan Online - ahgroup-pk

You can view the following details after clicking on further details

  • Name
  • CNIC Number
  • Party type like Seller of Buyer

Benefits of Checking Property Ownership

Checking property ownership before making any transaction can provide you with many benefits. That are:

  • Letting you know whether the property is legal or illegal
  • Helping you to prevent scams and frauds
  • Knowing the exact value of land and due taxes

Benefits of Digitalization of Land Records

The digitalization of land records brings undeniable benefits to landowners as they can easily monitor their properties online by keeping checks and balances with time. Furthermore, with the growing population and extensive transactions in land buying and selling, it is problematic to keep all the land records physically. Also, the physical land records are less secure as compared to the digital records.

Similarly, the digitalization of land records also enabled investors to invest in real estate projects without any fear. Because, before the digitalization of property records, they were afraid of investing in properties because of scams, fraud, and disputed lands. But, now they can easily check the complete details about a specific piece of land before investment.

Furthermore, with the facility of property ownership checking online, now the government has also introduced portals where citizens can easily register their properties.

In addition, the digitalization of land records provides citizens with saving lots of money as they can check property ownership free of cost. However, checking property records physically may cause them to pay high fees, and waste of time.

Moreover, online verification also assists in closing property deals in no time. Because, before buying and selling the property, if the parties verify properties physically, it will take lots of time.


You can easily check your property ownership online in Pakistan as the government particularly the Punjab government has introduced facilities for citizens to keep their land records digitally. The citizens can easily access that information for verification. By following the comprehensive process you can check property ownership before buying and selling. However, we have also mentioned how the digitalization of land records is advantageous.

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