CDA Mulls By-Law Revisions to Boost High-Rise Development

CDA Mulls By-Law Revisions to Boost High-Rise Development - Ahgroup-pk

ISLAMABAD: In a significant move, the committee convened a meeting to revise the by-laws of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), with a clear objective of boosting high-rise buildings in the city.

Dr. Muhammad Khalid Hafiz, CDA Member Engineering, presided over the meeting. The Director Generals of Planning, Building and Housing Control, along with Finance and Estate Wings officials, were in attendance. The meeting thoroughly discussed various proposals, concluding that a new policy must be formulated soon. The policy will be presented before the CDA board for approval.

A committee led by the member engineering will review and suggest amendments to the existing parameters of commercial buildings. The meeting in the federal capital discussed the existing by-law of FAR, which is 1:10 for plots over 5000 sq. yards. The participants suggested that FAR should be increased in selective areas of the federal capital. To attract investors, the payment plan for commercial plots was recommended to increase from one to three years. A source stated that the proposals will likely be finalized in the next sitting. 

The CDA management had decided to bring major policy changes to promote development, business activity, and high-rise buildings. The committee headed by the member engineering is tasked with reviewing and proposing amendments to the existing parameters and FAR (floor area ratio) for commercial buildings if deemed appropriate, reviewing existing payment plans and procedures for auctioned plots, and suggesting business-friendly measures in line with the policies adopted by other cities, such as Karachi and Lahore.

Government to Boost up Work on Thar to Port Qasim Railway Project

Islamabad: The Government of Pakistan is set to boost construction work on a 105 km-long railway project from Thar to Port Qasim. 

According to the details, the project aims to enhance connectivity while transporting coal from Thar’s fields to Power plants nationwide. 

The ambitious project, set to be finalized by December 2024, boasts an estimated cost of Rs58 billion. However, it is a joint project funded by the federal and Sindh governments, but it will be managed by the federal authorities to ensure completion on time. Furthermore, the project will enhance the contribution of coal-based energy to the country’s energy sources. 

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