FBR Taking Strict Measure against Non-Filers to Increase Tax Base

Action against Non-filers |AH Group- PK

Islamabad: FBR is starting to take strict action against non filers to boost the tax base in Pakistan. The measures will be handled with multiple approaches, such as issuing notices and administrative measures.

The Federal Board of Revenue has disclosed a closed plan to deal with non-filers and bring over a million people under the tax net. Therefore, robust offers will be made to expand these strict measures and reach approximately 1.5 million non-filers by the end of Dec 2023. Later on, reach more people and add approx. 6.5 million in tax payers net by the end of fiscal year 23-24.

The measures against non-filers include notice issuance with strict administrative and legal actions to ensure tax compliance from the individual. Following the plan, the caretaker Prime Minister, Mr. Kakkar, has approved measures. The signature indicates government interest in strengthening the tax base.

It is important to note that FBR will take the step as only 3.5 Lac people filed tax returns in the fiscal year. Therefore, the implementation of the law with strict measures was necessary. An increase in tax collection is important as it improves the country’s economic stability.

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