CDA and Police Roll Out IMEI Tracking to Boost Security in Parks in Islamabad

CDA and Police Roll Out IMEI Tracking to Boost Security in Parks in Islamabad

Islamabad: In a significant move aimed at enhancing security in the capital city, Islamabad, authorities are implementing a multifaceted strategy. This strategy combines IMEI tracking for stolen or lost mobile phones with a comprehensive revamp of public parks.

The Islamabad Capital Police, in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority (CDA), is leading this initiative. The primary goal is to boost security in public areas, making them safer for residents and visitors.

IMEI tracking, a cutting-edge technology, will be employed to effectively identify stolen or lost mobile phones. Even if criminals attempt to alter IMEI numbers, the original identifier can still be traced, greatly aiding law enforcement efforts.

Simultaneously, public parks in Islamabad are undergoing transformation into modern safe-havens. This involves installing surveillance cameras in parks, market zones, and thoroughfares, all monitored through the advanced Safe City Command and Control Center. Additionally, emergency buttons will be placed in poorly illuminated areas to further enhance security infrastructure.

This innovative approach aims to create a safer environment for all, demonstrating Islamabad’s commitment to prioritizing its residents’ and visitors’ security and well-being. As these measures take effect, residents and tourists can look forward to enjoying these revamped public spaces with increased peace of mind.

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