The Road to Digital Pakistan

The rapid advancement in technological innovation is transforming the whole landscape of the planet Earth. And digitization is providing the much-needed stimulus to the technological transformation. Digitization is significantly enhancing all the working mechanisms of modern society. The sectors which have integrated Digitization into their structures are enumerated as follows.

Banking and Finance

The transactions are now digital and Mobile Banking Apps have made the time-consuming task of traditional transactions a thing of a bygone era, primarily in the developed world. The developing countries are still struggling to reap maximum benefits from the fruits of Digitization in Post-industrial society.

Marketing and Advertising

The Marketing industry can be divided into two major parts; Online Advertising and Offline Marketing. The tools of online marketing are Social Media Channels and Media. While billboards, Exhibition Expos, Seminars, and Conferences lie in the offline marketing category. And, it will be incorrect to claim that the importance of offline marketing practices has vanished as it still plays a crucial role in brand building. Moreover, Digital Marketing which a few years back was an unknown phenomenon is now an inclusive part of the Marketing and Advertising industry. And it will not be wrong to write that any modern organization if not included Digital Marketing in its marketing strategy will disconnect itself from the huge customer base.

E-Learning and Covid-19

The most important and rapid transformation has occurred in the world of education. The transformation catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic is changing Seminars to Webinars, meetings to virtual meetings, Governance to E-Governance, Sales to lead generation, useless information to useful information (Data Analysis). And in this whole process of technological advancement, digitization acted as the most vital element.


In an Information Age, both the Public and Private Sectors of the country should not only incorporate Digital Policy in their curriculum but also make it a prominent part of it. In the words of Investment Czar Warren Buffet, “digital transformation is the fundamental reality for business today.

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