Tenants Responsibilities In Pakistan

Tenants are those individuals who occupy land or property rent from a landlord. The individual rents out a property from someone who is the original owner of the property. There is a process in which both parties sign an agreement that is made by the tenants and the landlord. 

As the landlord has to perform his duties in order to maintain a good relationship between the parties, there are some responsibilities for the tenants too. A landlord must provide a safe, comfortable place for their tenants as the renter is also expected to do their role to maintain the habitability of the property. In this blog, you will learn about the responsibilities of a tenant in Pakistan.

Contractual Responsibilities

Tenants have an agreement with their landlord in which some rules are specified which need to be followed without any negligence. Other rules are not included in the contract, such as:

Whether the tenant can paint the walls or not in the rental unit.

Whether the tenant can have pets inside the house or not.

Whether the tenant can smoke or not.

As a tenant, you need to make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations described in your contract. 

Maintenance of the Home

Tenants are expected to keep the whole house in a good condition. They are expected to clean every room and replace the light bulbs or fans whenever they are damaged. Sometimes the tenants are required to maintain the pest control if their landlords demand them in their agreement. If you have a swimming pool in your home, you as a tenant should keep it clean or maybe ask your landlord to get it professionally cleaned.

Paying Rent on Time

One of the most important responsibilities of a tenant is to pay the rent on time without missing the deadline. In an agreement, the landlord will set the date on which you have to pay the rent beforehand. The amount of the rent is always outlined in the terms of the lease. The amount is set by the fair market value of the property at the time. In some agreements in Pakistan, after a year the amount is increased to a certain percentage keeping the rent.

Pay Utility Bills on Time

Keep a check with your landlords whenever they receive the bills. Pay all the bills of gas, water, and electricity on time without causing any trouble for your landlords.

Giving Access To Your Landlord

If any repairs need to be done in the house, then you need to allow your landlord into your property to do an inspection. Sometimes the landlords need to give at least 24 hours’ notice before the inspection to their tenants.

Reporting To Your Landlord About Repairments

Moreover, if there is any technical problem in the house or any other issue such as, if there is a problem with the electricity or something that is not working properly, then you need to report it to your landlord to let him/her know about the damages.

Don’t Destroy The Property

It is your responsibility as a tenant that you need to take care of the property and make sure you don’t damage the property permanently. A tenant has a huge responsibility to make ordinary repairs of the issues, so the property is maintained in the same condition it was in when the tenant first occupied it. If you damage the walls, inbuilt furniture, you might have to pay the price when you move out if it’s in your agreement. However, if there is a natural disaster, the tenant is not obligated to make substantial repairs for the rental property.

Don’t Cause Inconvience

A tenant in Pakistan must not create any inconvenience for their landlords. If you live with other tenants, then you need to define your own restrictions that don’t let you cause disturbances to the other tenants. Make sure you are not harassing other tenants with your waste, not making noise at the wrong hour. 

Tenants need to be careful whenever they sign the agreements. Be aware of all the terms and conditions mentioned in your agreement and make sure that you abide by all the rules defined by your landlord. If there is anything that you are not agreeing to, discuss it with your landlord. 

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