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Ramzan Sasta Bazaar 2024 - ahgroup-pk

In the holy month of Ramzan, Muslim countries, as well as Non-Muslim countries, facilitate their citizens with substantial offers throughout the month. They establish markets to provide them with food and other products available at discounted prices. Similarly, the government of Pakistan also has established markets known as Ramzan Sasta Bazars.

Ramzan Sasta Bazar is a market where essential commodities are available at low and affordable prices in the market. It is subsidized by the government to facilitate folks having low incomes to buy everyday needs at cheaper prices. In the Ramadan Sasta Bazar, customers can buy food items including fruit and vegetables, pulses, dates, rice, meat, kitchen accessories, clothes, and other products.

Allah SWT has gifted Muslims with the holy month of Ramadan full of blessings. Muslims around the world keep fasting during this month. However, the month of Ramadan is not only for fasting to avoid drinking or eating but also to develop a sense of compassion, patience, and support for each other. During fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims can feel the suffering of being hungry so they can assist their poor Muslim brothers and sisters. Therefore, establishing Ramadan Sasta Bazar will allow poor and people with low income to satisfy their basic needs in the month of Ramadan.

Where is Ramzan Sasta Bazar?

The Government of Pakistan is set to establish more than 32 Sasta Bazar in Ramadan 2024 like the previous year. Furthermore, the Ramadan Bazars will be open for consumers from 25 Shaban to 29 Ramadan. Also, there will be Eid Bazars to facilitate citizens with Chandraat and Eid shopping.

Ramzan Sasta Bazar in Rawalpindi

A total of 16 Sasta Bazar are approved for the Rawalpindi. These Bazar will be established at:

  • Haidari Chowk
  • Allama Iqbal Park’s parking area
  • Committee Chowk
  • Chungi no 22. Dhok Hasu
  • Gulzar-e-Quaid
  • Khayaban-e-Sir Syed Chakri Road
  • Morgaham, Chauhar Chowk
  • Adiala Road

Ramzan Sasta Bazar in Islamabad

In Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is set to establish Ramzan Sasta Bazar in various sectors including

  • G-6
  • G-7
  • G-10

Benefits of Ramzan Sasta Bazar

The Ramzan Sasta Bazar will benefit the people to buy essential commodities available at approximately 20 to 30% cheaper as compared to the open market. The shopkeepers in the sasta bazaars are provided with stalls free of any cost so they can make the price lower to control inflation. Furthermore, the agriculture department will be given Agricultural Fair Price Counters to ensure the availability of pulses and vegetables at discounted prices.

All tehsildars, naib tehsildars, senior patwaris, and heads of various public departments will be assigned tasks to monitor prices. They will check the prices and quality of products daily. However, these price magistrates can also fine shopkeepers and send them behind bars for 72 hours if they neglect market rules or sell low-quality products.

Moreover, the Ramzan Sasta Bazar is equally beneficial for both consumers and shopkeepers. The consumers can buy everyday needs at lower prices, and the shopkeepers have a large amount of customers. So, establishing Ramzan Sasta Markets also promotes local businesses.

For security purposes, entry gates are installed at the entrance of Ramadan Sasta Bazars. Moreover, to avoid any kind of unpleasant incident, female police will be deployed in the markets. The installation of security cameras in the bazaar will add more to the security of Ramadan Sasta Bazars. 


The month of Ramadan is a blessing from Allah. Therefore, it is necessary to act as Allah demands us without the tension of anything. The government is set to establish Ramzan Sasta Bazar in various districts providing citizens with everyday groceries at extremely affordable and low prices. You can know the timings and duration of these bazars in the paragraph above, as well as the facilities that you can find while buying products in Ramzan Sasta Bazars.


What are the opening and Closing timings of Ramzan Sasta Bazar?

The opening and closing timings of Ramzan Sasta Bazar are from 8 a.m. to before Iftari.

Where is Ramzan Sasta Bazar in Islamabad?

Ramzan Sasta Bazar is in various sectors in Islamabad including G-6, G-7, and G-10.

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