Landlord Responsibilities In Pakistan

One of the best ways to financially stable your future nowadays in Pakistan is to rent out your property. Renting out a property is a complex process where the landlord goes through various steps to find a tenant. A landlord is someone who is the owner of a property, which is rented to an individual or business. A property can be a house, commercial land, or an apartment. Every landlord has expectations from their tenants about their roles and responsibilities. From paying the monthly rent on time, understanding and obeying the rules mentioned in the agreement, maintaining the property with full responsibility, and so on. The landlord should not be perfunctory when it comes to fulfilling the responsibilities. In this blog, we will discuss the landlord’s responsibilities in Pakistan.

The responsibilities of a landlord are not limited to finding a perfect tenant, looking at the tenant’s record to see if there is any criminal record of their tenant, making an agreement, and checking up on the tenants but there are much more. Here are some of the responsibilities of a landlord:


A landlord needs to keep a check on his assets by keeping an account of the payments of the repair, payments of the utilities, maintenance payments of the property monthly in an organized way. Every utility bill should be delivered timely to the tenants and make sure that they are paying on time.


The landlord needs to make sure that the property is in good condition when the agreement is signed. The fans, electricity of the house, gas setting of the property need to be check beforehand so when the tenants are moved in the property, they are welcomed with a safe environment.


It is the responsibility of the landlord to mention all the rules in the agreement after discussing them with the tenant. The tenants need to be aware of the legal matters of your property. If you want to improvise the rent increment in your agreement, let your tenant know beforehand. There should be a proper tenant agreement that mentions the rate of rent, rate of enhancement, due date, and the mode of payment of the rent.


The taxes are named under the landlord’s name of the property. It is the responsibility of the landlord who is the legal homeowner to pay the taxes of their property in Pakistan. The landlords are required to pay the tax that they receive from the tenant’s rent.


One of the significant and important responsibilities of the landlord is to maintain the cleanliness of the property for their tenant. The garbage of the house should be disposed of timely so there is no mess around or inside of the house. If you have a swimming pool it should be cleaned by professionals so it is not unhygienic for the tenants. The landlord is also expected to hire pest control services to remove any types of bugs present at the property.


Maintenance of the property is not just limited to the landlords. The tenants also have some responsibilities where they have to maintain the property by not damaging it but the landlord should respond to the requests of the maintenance made by their tenants. In Pakistan, mostly the tenant is required to repair all the damages that are inside the house such as if the fan is broken or if the furniture of the house is damaged. When it comes to the landlord’s responsibility, if there is an issue with the gas pipeline or any structural issues then it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix it as soon as possible for the tenants.


The landlord is also the supervisor for the tenant. The landlord needs to make sure about every activity that takes place at the property if there is a despicable act going on or not. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the tenants have a safe, secure, and clean environment. If there is any breach of the law done by the tenants then the notice should be given to the tenants about the legal consequences.

In conclusion, the landlords are responsible to provide the tenants with an exceptional habitable environment where their issues are addressed properly. It is very important to maintain a good relationship with your tenant where both parties are equally fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

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