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Do you want to register your phone with PTA? Using non-PTA mobile phones is illegal in Pakistan, and you cannot access all the features of a phone. Therefore, registering it with the PTA (Pakistan Tele Communication Authority) is necessary. But, for registration, you have to pay some tax amount fixed for each phone according to their prices. Here in the blog, you can find a PTA tax calculator to calculate an estimated tax on your mobile phone.

Before registration you should check PTA-approved mobile online, if your phone is approved, you don’t need to pay any tax.

PTA Tax Calculator 2024

You can find and pay PTA tax on your device after calculating it according to the following formula. The amount of tax depends on the price of your phone which you want to register. However, the tax amount is also different for registration via Passport and registration via CNIC. Find the PTA mobile tax list below:

Mobile Phone Prices (USD) Amount of Tax (PKR)(Registration on Passport) Amount of Tax (PKR)(Registration on CNIC)
Up to 30 430 550
Above 30 and up to 100 3200 4323
Above 100 and up to 200 9580 11561
Above 200 and up to 350 12200+17% sales tax ad valorem 14661+17% sales tax ad valorem
Above 350 and up to 500 17800+17% sales tax ad valorem 23420+17% sales tax ad valorem
Above 500 27600+17% sales tax ad valorem 37007+17% sales tax ad valorem

Note: You must apply for registration of the mobile phone within 60 days of bringing it to Pakistan.

PTA Tax on iPhone

Using the tax calculator, you can easily find the tax amount for your mobile device. Here you can see the PTA tax on iPhones using the formula.

PTA Tax on iPhone 14 Pro Max

You can easily find tax on iPhone Pro Max. First, you have to find the price of the phone which is currently PKR 565,999 is equal to 2028 USD. According to the tax calculator, the PTA tax on iPhone 14 pro max will be:

As the price is above 500 USD so, 27600+ 17% of the actual price as sales tax which is PKR 96,200. So the iPhone 14 pro max PTA tax is PKR 123,819.

In addition, the tax is on the registration of your phone on your Passport. If you want to register it using your CNIC, the tax amount will be 37007+17% of the actual price of the phone. The tax amount for registration through CNIC is PKR 133,207.

iPhone 13 Pro Max PTA Tax

iPhone 13 pro max PTA tax amount can be calculated in the same way. The current price of the iPhone 13 pro max is PKR 373,999 which is equal to 1340 USD. Now, you can easily calculate the tax.

  • PTA tax amount for registration via Passport: 27600+63,579 (17% of sales tax) = PKR 91,179
  • PTA tax amount for registration via CNIC: 37007+63,579 (17% of sales tax) = PKR 100, 586

Similarly, you can find PTA tax on any mobile phone using the tax calculator. But, you should know the price of your mobile device.

How to Process PTA Tax on Mobile Phone via code -*8484#

Besides the PTA mobile tax check online procedure, there is another easy way to know the registration tax for your mobile phone. If you want to know the tax and register your phone with PTA, follow these simple steps:

  • Enter SIM in your mobile device
  • Dial code *8484#
  • Enter mobile number
  • Enter CNIC
  • Enter IMEI Number
  • Click OK
  • You will see the PTA tax amount payable for the registration of your device

Now, if you want to register your mobile device, send the amount online to the account number provided by the PTA.


A certain amount of tax is applied on devices that are brought to Pakistan but are not registered with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority.  PTA tax calculator lets you know about the estimated tax amount on registration of your mobile phone. As you can read in the blog, the tax amount varies according to the actual prices of mobile devices. So, calculate the tax amount using simple formula, and register your phone to access its full features.


How do I calculate my PTA tax?

You can calculate PTA tax on your mobile phone using a certain formula. However, the tax is different for mobile phones having different prices.

How do I check my mobile tax?

You check your mobile tax by following these steps:

  • Enter SIM in your mobile device
  • Dial code *8484#
  • Enter mobile number
  • Enter CNIC
  • Enter IMEI Number
  • Click OK
  • You will see the PTA tax amount payable for the registration of your device

What is the PTA tax in Pakistan?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) applies a certain amount of tax on phones brought into Pakistan from abroad.

Is PTA approved without tax?

No, PTA is not approved without tax.

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