Pakistan’s Cement Sector Records Sales Boost in March 2024

Pakistan's Cement Sector Records Sales Boost in March 2024 - ahgroup-pk

Lahore: Cement sales in Pakistan went up markedly in March 2024, increasing at a pace of 3.85% compared to March 2023.

In March 2024, 3.941 million tons of cement were despatched, whereas in the same month of 2023, the total was 3.795 million tons. However, despite this reduction, cement dispatches were still 0.62% above the estimated figures, which saw a total of 3.336 million local cement dispatches for March. There was also an increase in exports, with the total being 605,142 tons in March 2024, even 38.02% higher than 438,433 tons in March 2023.

In the northern region, the amount of cement dispensed by north-based mills also increased. In March 2024, 2.866 million tons of cement were disseminated, a 1.6% increase from March 2023.

The Southern mills shipped 1.074 million tonnes, a 10.37% increase from the same period last year.

The data shows that in the first nine months of the current fiscal year, as compared to the same duration the previous year, the dispatches of cement exports and domestic segment increased by 2.68%; that is, during this period, a total of 34.502 million tons of cement were produced. While imports dropped by 3.81%, export values increased by 68.03%.

Mills in the northern region experienced a 3.24% reduction in domestic dispatches, coupled with a notable 33.62% increase in exports.

Contrary to that, mills in the southern region experienced a 6.38% reduction in domestic dispatches, juxtaposed with a substantial 79.9% export surge.

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