Rawalpindi Ring Road Likely to have 5 Interchanges

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Rawalpindi: Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chattha has stated that the Rawalpindi Ring Road project – RRR will have 5 interchanges to facilitate smooth traffic flow. He briefed on the project during his site visit to Khasaleha Khurd and monitored the work speed and progress.

According to the details, the five interchanges will be constructed at Thalian, Adyala Road, Chakri Road, Bath, and Chak Beli Khan. Apart from these interchanges, the project will have railway bridges, 21 small underpasses, and 5 flyovers. These constructions will boost the infrastructure of transportation and connectivity in the region.

The commissioner, while visiting the site, expressed their views on the progress of the project and said that it would be completed within its deadline. The development of the project also includes the building of an industrial zone along RRR. Mr. Liaquat Chattha said that the industrial area would help in the development of the economy of Pakistan and increase employment opportunities.

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