North Hills “Your Next Tranquil Home”, & Why

Nature can bring out true happiness and can enlighten the heart within a human. ALLAH has created this universe with magical mountains to heal our soul, trees to open our eyes towards kindheartedness, and an enthralling view to rejuvenate ourselves. Do you want to live in a place where you can take a break from the hustle-bustle and connect yourself with nature? If yes, then you have come to the right place. North Hills is located at Murree, the most popular hill station in Pakistan. The project is coming to MIT Murree with a residential apartment building that has unparalleled amenities within the exceptional mountains. In this blog, we will tell you why you should invest in North Hills to change your living experience.

Marvelous Location:

North Hills is the consolation that you were looking for to connect yourself with Nature. As we all know that Murree is the most popular destination in Pakistan known as the Queen of the Hills that attracts a plethora of tourists throughout the year. This becomes a plus point for them to come and visit the serene place. North Hills is designed in an eco-friendly environment to take away all the stress from your hustling life and provide you with a lifestyle that is straight from heaven. 

What Makes It Exceptional?

North Hills has amenities that are accessible and convenient for you and your family. Every apartment at North Hills is spacious enough for you to decorate it with your own creative will. The apartments are luxurious with a separate terrace where you can have a cup of tea while enjoying the majestic view. That is why you need to invest in North Hills to get the comfort of a spacious and luxurious apartment.

24/7 Gas, Water, & Electricity:

Electricity, gas, and water are an essential part of today’s modern life. Every individual wants a desirable location where they have unlimited access to basic necessities. Consistent gas supply is mandatory for a household to execute and so is the supply for water and electricity. Electricity is used for operating appliances, machinery and Murree sometimes does not have access to a water supply which troubles the residents. At North Hills, you can avail unlimited access to these necessities without any stress of them running out. 

24/7 Security:

One of the crucial reasons to invest in North Hills is the 24/7 security. North Hills is the safest and the most secure neighborhood. Many CCTV cameras are installed to provide surveillance and assure your safety all the time.

Communal Library:

Are you a bookworm who loves to dive into the world of the unimaginary to escape from reality? North Hills provides a communal library with diverse books that aim to develop the habit of reading in the new generation and a safe place for all book lovers. One of the core values North Hills provides is to impart education by promoting the importance of libraries.

Spacious Parking Lot

Murree can get very crowded around the end of the year because it is one of the busiest hill stations. It can be tricky to park your car and stressful. North Hills has the most structured parking lot which is not only spacious but also very organized that lets you park your vehicle conveniently. Some parking lots are designed very poorly which causes stress to the individuals which is why North Hills has expertise in designing a systematic parking lot with plenty of space.

Open-Air Cinema

A home is where you can not only live peacefully but also relax yourself with entertainment. At North Hills, you can watch your favorite movie of all time or the latest movie with your family peacefully at the open-air cinema. The open-air cinema makes it more exciting where you not only enjoy the view on the big screen but also appreciate the view of your magnificent scenery around you.

Rooftop Restaurant

Food always becomes the best source of happiness when you eat while enjoying the outdoor environment. North Hills has a rooftop restaurant surrounded by the greenery of Murree. You can enjoy a variety of different dishes at the rooftop restaurant to experience the panoramic view with your friends and family. 

Communal Fireplace 

Murree is covered with beautiful snow in the winter and the need for warmth is desired by everyone. North Hills has a communal fireplace for you to get cozy and comfortable.

North Hills is a complete package where you can release your stress by making nature your friend and enjoy every bit of the majestic view created by Allah Almighty. Not only this but the amenities where you have unlimited access to gas, water electricity, a spacious park, and apartments with attached terraces are a dream. Invest now to change your future.

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