Initiative Launched to Combat Smog in Punjab

Initiative Launched to Combat Smog in Punjab

Lahore: In a meeting, Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, Provincial Senior Minister, issued directives to strategize an action plan to make Punjab smog-free.

The secretaries of environment and wildlife, the DG of fisheries, and other senior officials attended the meeting. The minister stated, “This action plan to combat air pollution and enhance air quality in Punjab, especially Lahore, will be forged through collaboration with the private sector.”

 An ‘Advisory Council for Environment’ was also established to foster synergy between the provincial government and private enterprises. 

“This council will serve as a platform for dialogue, consultation, and active participation of stakeholders in charting a course towards environmental enhancement,” Ms Aurangzeb added.

The council will ensure that stakeholders are at the forefront of environmental decision-making, making it a crucial component of initiative.

Furthermore, key decisions were taken to digitalize and optimize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) processes and fast-track the creation of a comprehensive framework for carbon credits and financing.

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