Important Points To Consider Before Buying A Commercial Property

The real estate world is a sea of opportunities where everyone is making an investment for a secure future. It is a very risky and big decision to buy a commercial property because you never know what the future it has. Commercial properties are those properties where the property is used solely for business purposes. Commercial properties are known as a recommended investment as compare to the residential property because it has more financial stability where you will have higher capital gains. 

Buying a commercial property is not all fun and games, investors are advised to prepare themselves for any kind of risk. Everyone included the buyers, sellers are liable to or exposed to the risk of demand & price movements but if the prices fluctuate, all the individuals involved reap the benefits that come from commercial properties.

Here are the commercial properties categories available in Pakistan that you can invest in:

Retail: These properties include malls, community centers, individual stores, or shopping malls.

Industrial: These properties include manufacturing warehouses where heavy machines are accommodated.

Offices: These properties include skyscrapers or single offices. 

Hotels: These properties include full-service hotels sometimes very big and sometimes small.

Buying a commercial property includes in-depth analysis and comparison with other options that could also be beneficial for you. We are here to present to you some important points that you should consider before buying a commercial property.


One of the important points that you should consider before buying a commercial property is that you cannot start this business alone all by yourself. You need experts to give you the best assistance. You on your own may not be able to get down to the crux of real estate so you need to have a professional team who are experts in their field to guide you throughout the process. Hire a commercial real estate expert so they can guide you on how much profit will you make from the investment and where you should invest. Hiring a lawyer could also let you know about the legalities of your property. Taxation for your property may need a tax expert to deal with the legal regulations. Sometimes the real estate investors check the commercial property beforehand to see if there are any contaminants on the property and for that an environment expert is needed.


Choose a lucrative location that will be the best for your kind of business at your commercial property.  Some areas are affected as soon as there is an economic downturn and commercial properties are known to provide returns through avenues which come from the rent and capital growth that is extremely dependent on the location. The more foot traffic you have, the more financial stability you will achieve. Consider the distance from end uses and suppliers to your property. It should be accessible and convenient so the business in your area has a lot of revenue. It should not be in some deserted area where there is no access to water or transport for the users. You also need to ensure that there is enough spacious parking for everyone to access. If you are investing an industrial area you might not need public transportation but if you will be renting out your property for office use then you need a location that has accessible transportation for the residents. 


If you want to invest in commercial property purchases you need to plan out your budget first. Budget planning is the foremost step you need to take. It is difficult for the investor to lay down all the budget allocation towards the commercial property cost amongst all different business-related transactions. The budget planning will help you select the commercial property you want among the other available options. 


As an investor, you need to ensure a property’s lease term to check if it is long enough so that investment can be recovered and a lot of profit is generated. On the other hand, on the expiry of a lease, a landlord will make no-obligation pressure to renew the lease. If something like this happens, you may lose a lot of money that has already been cultivated on the property. Well-established real estate businessmen opt for the longer lease terms such as 2 years, 3 years, and sometimes 6 years terms.


One of the most crucial points before purchasing a commercial property is to find a tenant for your property. Visit the local estate agent who is familiar with the property market and find a trustworthy tenant for your business. Finding a reliable tenant can be time taking and very exhausting. To save yourself from the hurdles, look for the tenants online who are looking for property for their business.

Before concluding the deal, make sure you go through all the points carefully and visit the site physically to identify any issues in advance to fix them beforehand. 

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