Funds Approved for Feasibility Study of Nullah Leh Expressway

Funds Approved for Feasibility Study of Nullah Leh Expressway - ahgroup-pk

Rawalpindi: The P&D (Punjab Planning and Development Department approved funds of PKR 48 million for getting consultant services for the feasibility study of Nullah Leh Expressway. The project aimed at redirecting rainwater from Rawalpindi city and cantonment areas to the Soan River.

The project has high cost therefore it will be implemented in three phases.

In the first phase, sewer lines will be constructed on either side of Nullah Leh from New Katarian Bridge to the Soan River which will cover an almost 16 km stretch.

Nullah Leh will be widened from the middle to increase the flow of rainwater in the second phase.

In the third phase, roads will be constructed on both sides.

Moreover, the P&D tasked RDA to oversee the project, and appointed an executing agency for the Nullah Leh project.

Moreover, the RDA is directed to utilize the funds approved for the project to get consultant services for a thorough feasibility study. The study will include the construction of large sewerage trunk lines on both sides of Nullah Leh. The project will contribute to better management of rainy and wastewater in the area.

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