Financial Maneuvers To Make During Pakistan’s Current Economy

Financial Maneuvers To Make During Pakistan's Current Economy

The Pakistan economic crisis of 2022-2023 is an ongoing financial crisis in Pakistan. This has caused significant economic difficulties for months, exacerbating food, gas, and oil prices to rise.

With today’s record-high inflationary economy — and, as a consequence, the IMF’s rapid tightening — is a key contributor to even further economic downturn. Recessions have historically occurred after the IMF raised interest rates to counteract rampant inflation.

During an economic crisis, investors must exercise caution while remaining attentive to tracking the market dynamics for opportunities to acquire high-quality assets at bargain prices. These are daunting surroundings, but they also can provide the best opportunities.

In today’s blog we will talk about some things in Pakistan to prioritize during a recession.

Acquire Foreign Currency 

In these tough times, it is quite difficult to acquire any foreign currency. However, if you can acquire for example dollars or euros it would only be beneficial in the long run due to the downward spiral of the devaluating Pakistani Rupee. This would mean that you would hold more purchasing power in contrast to the world at large, which means you would be saving more than you would in Pakistani Rupees. 

This would specifically be tough to come by in the ruining economy as the foreign currency reserves are close to empty and acquiring dollars or euros through other means would be counterproductive after the Rupee stabilizes. However, if you have the chance, take it!

Seek Out Core Sector Investments

During an economic downturn, you could be tempted to liquidate your stocks, but experts advise against doing so. Whenever the economy as a whole is in dire straits, there are typically a few parts which strive to push ahead and provide investments with constant returns.

Consider investing in the health care system, utility companies and the commodity industry if you want to try and protect yourself from a recession with investments. Regardless of the state of the economy, people will continue to spend money on basic healthcare, household products, utilities, and food. As a result, such investments tend to perform well during recessions (and underperform during booms).

Invest In Property

If you’re able to invest in a constructed or off-plan real estate, it’s a big win. Buy a home to lease, start making a down payment on an apartment/shop, or reserve a secured rental property that will provide you with monthly income in addition to definite value appreciation. The value of this kind of asset will increase numerous times over. The cost of building is growing dramatically, and so the price of built estates will increase regardless. Steel prices, for example, have reached an all-time high. Despite lower demand, cement prices are also rising. Property rentals or self-use will increase your wealth. 

Take A Good Look At Your Spending

If you’re currently tight on funds, take into account ways to cut any discretionary costs — that is, expenditures other than necessities such as rent, food, and utilities.

According to a 2021 Chase Bank survey, two-thirds of shoppers have forgotten about at least one repeating payment over the past twelve months, and more than 70% approximate wasting upwards of Rs. 15,000 ($50) per month on recurring billing for stuff they no longer need.

Luckily, these days there’s plenty of technology to make managing your finances easier than ever.

Acquire Precious Metals

Base metals, such as gold and silver, seem to do well during market downturns. However, because demand for these commodities rises during recessions, their prices usually rise as well.

At one point in time, the value of gold backed the largest global currencies. Precious metals had also long been utilized to store wealth. However, there seem to be countless things to think about prior to actually procuring gold. Its worldwide prices vary centered on the dollar’s worth, global buying behaviors, and supply problems. Moreover, gold is exceptionally hard to safeguard and protect.

Consider buying some here and there, yet refrain from overinvesting in it prior to you having a thorough understanding of its global trade.


To conclude, these are some tips and tricks to focus on during a financial crisis, especially as we are going through one right now. With prices skyrocketing, the simple thought of investment terrifies us but it is something we must consider for the betterment of ours and our children’s future. Striving for financial stability is something every single Pakistani should take into serious consideration as this can make or break us. 

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