AH City: A Revolutionary Project in D.I Khan

Real estate development across Pakistan’s vast semi-urban and rural areas has been scarce. Both local and multinational companies prefer to invest in major areas such as i.e., Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar. Albeit it is easier to set up buildings and infrastructure in places where general conditions are favorable to mega development. 

However, AH Group of Companies is one major player that not only invests big in major cities but also looks at strategic areas rooted in a semi-urban environment. The core of AH Group’s business is to revolutize real estate in Pakistan, which has led them to establish a business vertical in construction and marketing. Most recently, AH Group of Companies received two awards under the RCCI taxpayer recognition ceremony, signifying the company’s contribution to being a noteworthy contributor to the country’s development. 

In the same vein, AH City, which is strategically located at the junction of three provinces– Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan– promises to be a game-changer across the real estate industry. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is also connected to this project, which would bring greater prosperity across Pakistan, China, and the global south; AH City stands at the helm of this project. 

AH City’s Importance to D.I Khan 

Situated in D.I. Khan, AH City will bring greater connectivity and prosperity to the region, which hasn’t seen the same level of modernization as other major cities. D.I Khan’s strategic location, sitting at the juncture of CPEC routes, makes it an excellent short-term and long-term investment destination. Furthermore, the community of D.I Khan is highly appreciative of this project for it will bring healthcare, educational, and communal facilities to this region, which hasn’t received its share of due attention from either the government or the rest of the private sector. 

AH City is a housing society like no other. With a total land area of 4000 Kanal, AH City offers a wide variety of housing options such as farmhouses, townhouses, and 5 to 20 marla residential plots. Furthermore, with trained professionals operating community wide services such as schools and hospitals, the services AH City provides are unparalleled, considering the region’s current development. 

How Its Amenities Make AH City Unique

Offering distinct amenities that focus on the environmental and social well-being of the population makes AH City more unique. One of the most prominent features AH City is equipped with is a mega solar panel grid. This is meant to ensure smooth functioning of all business and residential operations. Electric output has been a concern for the nation at large; and renewable energy has become a global necessity. Built with the perspective of maintaining international standards, AH City also goes a step further by also including an underground MEP service, which would alleviate the impact of natural disasters. 

The housing society will also feature a waterfall park, movie theater, shopping mall, and four star hotel. The goal is to revolutionize D.I Khan through providing services that reflect a world-class city. Being the fifth largest city in KPK, D.I Khan would receive a much-needed boost in terms of a rich lifestyle. Residents of D.I. Khan and potential investors are likely to benefit tremendously from AH City. 


AH City is one fantastic venture meant to reshape the landscape of development in Pakistan’s semi-urban area. D.I. Khan, Pakistan’s 37th largest city, should bring a revolution towards a more modernistic future in Pakistan’s semi-urban terrain. D.I Khan will experience a rich, new outlook upon the completion of AH City, which will look indistinguishable from posh areas of any other metropolis in the world. With world-class amenities and strategically sound connectivity, AH City will become a beacon of light for development and growth across KPK and all other provinces as well. 

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