FBR Created Body to Assist in Submitting Tax Returns

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Islamabad: FBR is taking strong steps to help taxpayers to submit sales tax returns smoothly by introducing an assisting body.

The Federal Board of Revenue further explained the news by saying that an exclusive specialized body has been formed. The committee is divided into three teams for efficient assistance to the taxpayers.

The first team, among the three, will be focused on implementing and designing a single portal sales tax return filing system for the telecommunication sector. The task will be done by the last date of October 2023.

The second team will lead in the second phase to extend the executed system in all sectors till 31st May 2024. The initiative is taken to facilitate the taxpayers who have missed the first deadline of returning taxes, i.e., 30th September 2023.

The deadline has been extended to 31st October so the taxpayers can fulfill their national obligation and avoid any penalties and legal consequences in the future.

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