CPEC Digital Transformation Center Proposed By Sino-Pak Scholars

CPEC Digital Transformation Center Proposed By Sino-Pak Scholars

The establishment of CPEC Digital Transformation was proposed by scholars of China and Pakistan in Islamabad. Researchers from around the world, from the different universities in China and Pakistan, conducted a study and then concluded that a CPEC digitalization and transformation center is needed to be set up at the CPECA office.

Scholars from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, University of Peshawar, Chinese University of Political Science and Law, and Islamia College University, after doing an in-depth study, concluded that in their research how it is essential to digitalize a DTC in the country. The purpose of this step is to attract different businesses and investors.

DTC can benefit from strategic decisions, efficient ways of implementation, advanced system platforms, etc. It is explored in the study that after completing the infrastructure, the second phase of CPEC is attracting investors, and other technology firms, the installation of industrial, and agricultural technology for the development of Pakistan.

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