An Investment Guide to Housing Societies in Islamabad

Investing in any opportunity is a daunting endeavor let alone a housing society.  Most of us prefer to use the comfort and convenience of consulting real estate agents. However, before flocking in the direction of an experienced professional, we must have a foundational understanding of the housing market. In this blog, you will find a brief investment guide for housing societies, in Pakistan’s Capital Islamabad. 

Islamabad  has witnessed significant growth in the housing market. Both commercial and housing sectors have entered the market and Islamabad has stretched beyond its urbanized sectors. With rise in supply, we must assess all the options available with metrics such as location, price, and infrastructural development. 

Generally, the closer a housing society exists near to commercial city centers, it makes more sense for buyers to pursue it. For example, we must consider similar developments in the surrounding area to help us make an informed decision. Islamabad offers multiple housing societies that are not only close to urban centers but also are connected to nearby rural areas, which provides them with agricultural infrastructure and a regular supply of blue collar workers. 

One of the unique aspects of housing societies in Islamabad is that most of their locations are either connected to the main GT road or to the srinagar highway, making travel accessible to the prime city area as well. 

Prioritizing Community Building Facilities 

Since prices are generally high in Islamabad, it is necessary for most housing societies to provide community building facilities and services. Mosques, parks, shops, and entertainment centers are a common feature in most housing societies. Furthermore, depending on your budget, you’ll also be open to availing premium services such as golf courses, swimming pools, and a wide variety of leisure activities. Choosing a housing society that focuses on having a consumer driven environment is likely to be a choice that would bring high returns. 

Sewage and drainage conditions in the Capital are generally more decent compared to other big cities. But, choosing a housing society that adds value to the externally sound environment with facilities like a stormwater reservoir is a key element in hoping for a higher return on investment. Maintenance and repair often take a significant toll on the cost of property, denting the capital value of your investment. To mitigate risk, one must consider the risk management services offered by the particular housing society. 

Geographical Specifications of Islamabad

Having outlined some of the key factors one must take into consideration, let us turn toward examining the geographical specifications of Islamabad. Over the past decade, Islamabad has grown more connected to nearby suburban areas. From Bhara Kahu to B-17, Islamabad has seen its map expand to facilitate more and more housing societies. The key aspect one must consider, apart from proximity to schools and commercial areas, is the projected rise in value each particular sector expects. Although Islamabad in general is a great area to invest in, one must be cognizant of the infrastructural connection most housing societies have to key commercial areas such as Blue area, Jinnah Super etc. It is also crucial to note the amenities offered by each society. Some societies in the Capital have specific focus on amenities such as including waterfall parks and mini zoos, while others are centered more deeply on property development. 


In conclusion, housing societies are a great investment scheme. Price often remains stable and opportunities for growth are likely to present themselves. Islamabad, being Pakistan’s Capital, is a prime example of rapid suburban growth, and hence choosing a housing society here means taking relevant factors such as location to city center, community building facilities, and future prospects for development into account to maximize one’s returns. 

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